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Chaz Bono to "Dancing" Staff

Cut the Crap!

9/5/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chaz Bono
has already lost 5 pounds rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars," but he's upset because he feels all the crappy junk food -- courtesy of producers -- is thwarting his diet.

As for the food that's pissing off the freshly-minted man ... chips, candy, granola and protein bars. 

We're told Chaz has already made very specific food demands to producers.

God help Chaz if he ever comes to the TMZ office.


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This breastless she-rhino should learn some self control. Just because there is food within a 20 foot radius doesn't mean you have to cram it into your gullet.

1108 days ago


Ughhhh ! look at her 5 chins is gross ,I can't believe it ,she is bitching about the food ,she came to DWTS ,FAT is not the show problem she should be grateful that they call her (well ,we know) to become a FREAK show anyway! Who she thinks she is? fat ugly,not smart transgender is all ,she is just bringing the subject o the air we know not one wants to talk about transgender issue ,she is th eonly one who brings up! she lost 5 pounds? well she need to loose 300 it least !

1107 days ago


Ok, Enuf...Our society has gone too far and one day soon we are going to pay dearly for our lack of God and morals.
This Chaz thing is a perfect example of Satan taking over the world. Everyone is so accepting of indecent and bizarre behavior that it's now become normal..Ummmmm! American's take back your rights. Stop allowing networks to thwart your thinking. This is perverse and wrong. First Casey Anthony, now this! Cut off ABC and any network that condones illicit and immoral ideals!

1107 days ago


Good for you....

1107 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

She should have been eating those foods a long time ago. Now it's crunch time? Sure sign the weight will come back after the show ends.

1107 days ago


They may provide junk food, but no one forces him to eat it. If you're not resisting junk food, it's because you don't want to.

1107 days ago


Why did Bono have to wait until being on DWTS to decide that a healthy diet was important? That should have started years ago!

1107 days ago

good as gold    

I happened to catch one of Oprah's final shows when she has Chaz on who was promoting his book. Just for the record, he admitted to having his breasts removed but told Oprah he had no intention to having his vagina turned into a penis. I'm not sure that makes him a man physically but mentally he claims he is a man.

Anyway part of the contract dwts has with its participants has dwts bringing in meals because they are rehearsing so much [like a 9 to 5 job]. Chaz just needs to realize that most people can eat whatever they want and not worry about it because they exercise regularly. Chaz didn't get heavy overnight.

I dont wish bad luck on anyone but I dont think Chaz will lose enough weight in time to be very competitive. Chaz should have signed up for the next season that starts in January. In my opinion Chaz needs to drop around 50 lbs to get very far. I just dont think Chaz has that kind of time.

1107 days ago


He/She did not reach present weight by eating healthy.

1107 days ago


ask anyone who takes testosterone shots for whatever reason, you have to watch your diet or you do pack on the pounds.

1107 days ago


Who in their "right mind" would actually mutilate their own body as this freak did! I'd be concerned about Karma.

1107 days ago


Allright, I'll say it! Why's that? Harvey would be glad to give him a B.J.

1107 days ago


This is just sick. #1 no matter why kind of surgery you get you are still a woman!!! Do a DNA test and it will say female.
for "Chaz" to be on this show not that she is pretending to be a he is sick.
If you want to dress like a man and get surgery to look like one fine, but don't have everyone start calling you him, when you are and always will be a woman.

1107 days ago


I first want to apologize to this women that thinks she is a man,it appears she has some serious mental problems and the doctors that have treated her only exploited her and she is lacking reality. The delusional perception that someone is feeding this person is very tragic, the homosexual agenda has only shown just how abnormal this behavior really is rather then showing it as normal behavior.She means well but need professional help rather then looking for attention.

1107 days ago


I can still remember when Chaz's parents, Sonny and Cher had their comedy/singing/dancing variety show in the mid-1970's. Cher was- well Cher- with all of her shimmering, flashy Caberet outfits. And once in a while, Chaz (who was Chasity at the time) and is about the same age as me, would appear towards the end of the show. Chasity was an adorable little girl and I just hope he hasn't caused Cher too much grief for wanting to be something which he/she was not born being. Chaz/Chasity was afterall, Cher's only daughter.

1107 days ago
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