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Military Stores

We're BOYCOTTING Soulja Boy

9/6/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A system of stores run by the United States Department of Defense will NOT be stocking Soulja Boy's upcoming album -- so long as it contains the rapper's army-bashing song lyrics.

LTC Thomas Shrader from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service -- an agency run by the USDOD -- tells TMZ, Soulja's "Respect My Hustle" will have no place on the shelves of its 3,100 facilities ... whose MILLIONS in profits go to benefit armed services programs every year.

As we previously reported, the outrage is all over the rapper's new song "Let's Be Real" -- in which Soulja raps, "F**k the FBI and the army troops." Soulja has since apologized.

Shrader tells TMZ, Soulja's lyrics "are unacceptable and not the kind of thing we would want to market.”

But there's still hope for SB -- if the song ultimately gets cut from the album ... we're told the Exchange will reevaluate the ban.


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Hannah Smith    

I like SB more now after these lyrics!

1111 days ago


Hey there RWP, please remember that this is a free country and if you feel SO let down by our government your free TO MOVE THE **** OUT!! God bless our soldiers that fight for us and our liberties and **** you, you ignorant little prick!!

1111 days ago


People need to quit yelling about his freedom of speech being taken away!! Nobody said he CAN'T say it, but when he does CONSUMERS have the RIGHT to not buy his ****!! Freedom of speech means you are free to say what you want, not that there is no consequence for it!!!!

1111 days ago


Mmm PR Stunt?

1111 days ago


Americans really need to stop with the pathetic "OMG THE TROOPS R FIGHTING 4 OUR FREEEEDOM" bull****. If the troops pulled out of Afghanistan right now you would not lose ANY of your freedoms. They're fighting for MONEY and POWER. Get over yourselves!

1111 days ago


His has a right to speak and we have a right to respond. The brave men and women in the armed forces are fighting to ensure that we can continue to have that right. If you don't believe that - then look at the poor people living in Iraq, etc. Did you ever see them in the streets lifing their veils to say what they really think? So I say to this "music artist in his own mind", to be prepared for the fall-out and hopefully it will be a very large boycott of his work.

1111 days ago


Military stores should NEVER sell his "so called" music. He wrote it, he meant it, can't say if he sings it. The only reason for the apology is because of the negative comments & would cost his sales to suffer. This guy is an unpatriotic, talentless idiot. Thank God our Soldiers are TRUE AMERICANS !!

1111 days ago


Its funny i've hated Soulja Boy ever since he came out, but after reading the comments on this site and seeing how this story has spiraled into a giant hatefest, and seeing this young man being viciously berated and drug through the mud, im actually starting to feel bad for the kid. It's one thing to be genuinely upset about the dumb comment he made, but when you start getting personal and wishing death and bodily harm on him, that's when i start to get uncomfortable.

1111 days ago


People with IQ's below 50 - that forgive people for beating pitt-bulls -pushing teen country singers around at award shows- beating up rap star gal pals - will buy the cd.Everyone else will leave it collect dust on the shelf...

1111 days ago


Of course he is apologizing now, he just wants more money.

1111 days ago

Frank Castle    

Just before 9/11?? Soulja, that was a really dumb move on your part. Your music sucks anyways, I long for the days of Tupac, Biggie, Dre and Ice Cube. Soulja Boy is nothing compared to them!!

1111 days ago

Your Mom    

Good ! His music isn't really that good anyways. I can admit that he can make some beats, but his lyrics.... ? Come on now... He should really read what he writes before he spits and never do freestyle.

1111 days ago


Soulja B*tch is a mush-mouthed, talentless, no-flow piece of crap in search o*****ood pimp-slapping. "Apology" my ass. "Desperate salvage attempt by record label PR exec" is more like it. God willing, his punk ass will get in a beef with another rapper and he'll get capped at a stoplight some night. The sooner the better.

1111 days ago

earl hopkins    

Ryan!!!! F##k your mom. If that was said to millions you wouldbe mad to. We are just using our free speech to tell him what we think.

1111 days ago

earl hopkins    

Ryan!!!!! F##k your mom. If that was said to millions you wouldbe mad to. We are just using our free speech to tell him what we think.

1111 days ago
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