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'Real Housewives'


For Russell's Suicide

9/6/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090611_housewives_videoThree "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are VERY UPSET with people who blame the show for "playing a major part" in Russell Armstrong's suicide -- saying the finger-pointing is simply "not fair."

Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, and Kyle Richards all appeared on "Today" this morning -- where they spoke out against the criticism ... and claim they're taking the "high road" in the tragedy.

Maloof says they are working with Bravo in an effort to do something "positive" together -- by getting the message out about suicide prevention.


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As leaders of the Crap Culture this country is mired in, the only high road is to quit the show, and that ain't gonna happen. Once you're crap, you never go back.

1107 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

Its funny how a person who has scammed millions & has beaten his wife and business partner to the point where they both needed reconstructive surgery is being painted as a victim. Hilarious.

1107 days ago


High Road ? These bottom dwellers don't know what the high road is. They are just media whore who care about nothing else but exposure.

1107 days ago


Why does adrienne hate her husband so much? Seems like a good guy?

1107 days ago


who cares about these ugly-botox-silicon infested creatures? My GOD, is this what our country has come to? They aren't even remotely attractive-gross

1107 days ago


Wow. I just saw the premiere party pix. They all looking like they're happy as can be. These chicks really know when to turn it on and off.

By the way, Lisa is seen in the restaurant photos - with her dog in her lap. Doesn't Lisa and her hub own a bunch of restaurants? Surely she knows that it's disgusting to have a dog out in an eatery, right?

Money can buy a lot of things, but one thing it won't buy is CLASS.

1107 days ago

Shane Sheibani    

How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours. Shane Sheibani

1107 days ago


Ladies of RHOBH you disappoint me. The "high road" is keeping your mouth shut and letting your actions speak. It does not include going on every talk show to discuss said "high road". I didn'*****ch the show yesterday because as Richard Lawson pointed out, I don't want to watch "..sad and grim, dark and black and tragic"

1107 days ago


No what they're doing is making a buck off a man's suicide. Someone please explain the difference to them! Did they go on the Today show for free? I highly doubt it!

1107 days ago


Why are these women taking the heat for trashy grifter Shana/Taylor?

1107 days ago


The only one of the bunch that seems to have any sense or class is Adrian.

1107 days ago


These women don't give a 2 dollar **** about anyone but themselves. They don't want their limelight to go away. What really and truly disgusts me about this show is that they don't know the first thing of what a REAL Housewife (or House Husband) is. REAL housewives take care of their own kids and don't leave them with full time nannies. Real housewives do their own grocery shopping ALL THE TIME. Reall housewives clean their house THEMSELVES and DO THEIR families Laundry THEMSELVES. REAL Houswives don't have the time to go out to lunch and gossip all the freaking time. GET A CLUE!!!! I think the title of the show should be FAKE WEALTHY BITCHES of Beverly Hills, New York, Orange County, yadda yadda yadda..................

1107 days ago


Stupid fame whores. None of that reality **** should be on tv. Go drink your wine for breakfast and get oxy addicted. Just GO AWAY.

1107 days ago


The Today show, and especially Hoe-da, milk anything they can like this. Hoe-da doesn't have the good sense to do high brow journalism and enjoys capitalizing on Russell's death as much as those of accused. You should have seen her kiss Maya Angelou's ass. It was SOOOO OVERDONE! Even Maya Angelou was like: "Get this media hoe off me!" Press LIKE if you think that Hoe-da is a media HOE!

1107 days ago


Clearly he had problems that the show had nothing to do with BUT being on the show magnified them for the whole country to see. I realize he signed up for it but apparently he did so to please his estranged wife who insisted on fame and fortune. When it became clear he had no fortune, she dumped him. He made a mistake in signing up for a reality show but probably a bigger one getting involved with Taylor (or whatever her true name is).

1107 days ago
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