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'Real Housewives'


For Russell's Suicide

9/6/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090611_housewives_videoThree "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are VERY UPSET with people who blame the show for "playing a major part" in Russell Armstrong's suicide -- saying the finger-pointing is simply "not fair."

Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, and Kyle Richards all appeared on "Today" this morning -- where they spoke out against the criticism ... and claim they're taking the "high road" in the tragedy.

Maloof says they are working with Bravo in an effort to do something "positive" together -- by getting the message out about suicide prevention.


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Lisa, Kyle, and Adrienne look so sad and nice to see their support for their friendships on the show and Ms. Taylor. But as they said this is about 6 women and the show will go on! Viva BH !

1145 days ago


He didn't need to be on the show. No one forced him to be on the show. He could have walked out. He had mental problems. He had finacial problems and marrige problems. Most of those problems were due to his own behavior and own choices. To blame anyone or anything but him is a mistake.

I can't believe it, but I'm actually defending this usless show with these horrific women. BUt they aren't part of THIS problem.

1145 days ago


I saw this episode. Adrienne came off as a total dumba$$. She knows nothing about suicide!

1145 days ago


I am a fan of the show. I did watch last night, but I must say I agree and disagree with the women. The major focus of the show are the "housewives", not the husbands, children or additional family members. What comes out of the housewives mouths may unintentionally drag another family into the limelight. That person is then judged by the public either negatively or positively based on the comments that are said about them from the cast member. Taylor was very critical at times of Russell on the show. To say it had no impact on his decision to commit suicide is sugar coating over the fact that the show definitley shares some of the responsibility in his death. Taylor was open about Russell and some of his shortcomings on the show, but now, everyone all of a sudden wants to be "respectful" AFTER his death. Where was the respect of others BEFORE his death. The guy (on paper) did not seem like a saint, however, he was never given a chance to turn the page to a better life since a reality show exposed, exploited and judged him out of any ounce of hope in doing so.

1145 days ago


I feel sorry for Adrienne's husband. She treats him like Vicki Gunvalsen on OCHW treated her husband Donn.

1145 days ago


Sorry it got to the point where the man took his life, very sad, but he chose to be on the show, he chose to live an extravagant life that he couldn't keep up with and it caught up to him. It's not the network's fault or the other people on the show. There are so many every day people who want to "keep up with the Joneses" and they just get deeper and deeper in debt with no way out, and he was one of those people, but on tv for all who watch the show to see. It's easy to blame someone else. Let's not forget he was physically abusive, and I have no respect for anyone who is physically, emotionally or verbally abusive.

1145 days ago


Here's something to ponder, was Russell's suicide inevitable or would there have been a different outcome if he weren't under the microscope of a reality show?

1145 days ago


It is not their or anyone's fault that someone involved in the media decided to take their own life - it was selfish, and no one's fault. There was no force in putting him or his problems on the show - he SIGNED UP for this. All the rest of these people can do is try to make some sense of the nonsense and move on.

1145 days ago


Are you sure that they really said that? Even Daffy and Donald Duck were hard to understand, until you got used to it. Those lips and botox injections are disgusting!

1145 days ago


No, you aren't responsible in total. You and Andy Cohen nudged Russell Armstrong into taking his own life. It was clearly evident last seaon that Russell Armstrong was psychologically depressed and Andy Cohen was focusing on him for his classic "take down" he uses to set up "the fall guy."
Cohen is the QUEEN of Opportunists, preying on the mentally troubled to generate ratings. Go SUCK another Big One, Andy.

1145 days ago

Chun LI    

Who cares about these botoxed golddigging famewhores and their crappy show

1145 days ago


This gathering of Hollywood trash was to deflect attention from the actual reason for Russell Armstrong's death.
Andy Chen and Bravo publicly humiliated and emasculated Russell Armstrong last season.
And you bitches helped him.
But the show must go on.

1145 days ago


Yeah don't blame them because they decided to single out someone and make him the villian of the show while constantly beating him down to make him snap

1145 days ago


It is obvious to me that none of these folks from Bravo have any direct knowledge of suicide. Personally I believe they could have taken even the higher road and did more to convey about suicide prevention other than putting the hotline number at the end. As someone who was directly effected by my husbands suicide three years ago, you do not go on national tv to defend yourself, if you want to do anything, you educate yourself on suicide prevention then open your mouth to help educate others to the warning signs. That is how you save even one life. Shame on all of you and shame of Bravo. RIP Richard

1145 days ago


These ladies are correct, it's not their fault that the guy took a noose nap, nor is it Bravo's. He did it to get away from the people he scammed out of millions and the lips on the dreadful wife! On another point, why is Adrianne Maloof married???? they CLEARLY do not get along or even like each other. Why are you married??? He's the next candidate for a dirt nap.

1145 days ago
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