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Taylor Armstrong

"So Much Therapy" With Russell

9/6/2011 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090611_real_housewives_videoTaylor Armstrong confessed on the season premiere of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... that she and Russell Armstrong were engaged in intense couples therapy before his suicide last month.

During a dinner convo about the therapy sessions Taylor blurts out, "We're knee-deep into so much psycho-therapy that I'm sick of myself."

Things got really heated when Lisa Vanderpump's husband said, "If I had to go to see a therapist to make my marriage better, I would feel weak."

So, we gotta ask ...

Bravo aired a 4-minute segment prior to the episode ... where the entire cast -- minus Taylor -- talked about how Russell's death has affected them (video below).



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My heart was broken as Taylor cried this season. I know there are 6 women on this show but how can anyone think of anything else but this sad story.

1110 days ago


Taylor is a scam artist and a liar. Boo hoo. She just wants to come out of this smelling like a rose.
She's a grifter and so was her husband.
I don't feel sorry for her-just Russell's 3 kids.

1110 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

100% of the couples that I know who went to marraige counselling wound up divorced therefore I don't believe it works. As for this couple, he was beating the crap out of her. Screw counselling she should have divorced him long ago. And I don't know why the cast is expected to tip toe around him being a total sleeze just because he committed the ultimate sleezing weakling act of killing himself.

1110 days ago


BRAVO! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This was never about being sensitive...this was about ratings. These shows are now just ridiculous!

1110 days ago


OMG girl Stop being so sensitive about everything..just because someone else has an opinion that is different from yours there is NO need to cry like a whiny baby!! Lisa's husband basically got attacked for stating his opinion..last I heard this was America and we can believe what we want. She is a big baby looking for sympathy, suck it up, grow up and get it together.

1110 days ago


Doesn't matter if she did want a divorce; his death has to be devastating. I feel bad for Taylor. However, in most instances marriage therapy is a wonderful tool to use. Too bad it was too little too late here. Sounds like the guy could have used some psychiatric intervention instead of marital counseling.

1110 days ago


she is so going to milk her hubby's death. watch the fake tears flow. all for the ratings... and to extend her 15 minutes. so sad.

1110 days ago


Marriage therapy is good for two things; a fast track to divorce, or a slow tortuous path to divorce. That industry has been long hijacked by "New Age' bozos who do nothing but damage with their mumbo jumbo. There are exceptions, but their hard to find.

The other joke is the couple themselves. One spouse gets caught banging a chicken and right away promises to get "therapy". Really? You actually need therapy to not cheat?

Here's the therapy nimrods: You know that thing your doing and trying to get away with that's destructive and hurtful to you and/or someone you supposedly care about? STOP DOING IT. NOW. Pretty complex stuff, ain't it? Now send me your money.

1110 days ago


Taylor/Shanna is a conartist. Who would change their name to FORD and then say they were related to FORD motor car company when she was swindling invester$.
Let's see when she does the first interview for big money. Then let's watch Russell's family sue her.

1110 days ago


I have always loved Lisa Vanderpump and thought she was so elegant. I for one found her husband's comment offensive and her attitude when Kyle said Taylor was upset "she said what, why"? I never realized she was so callous and insensitive.

1110 days ago


Two things predict how likely it is that a marriage will fall apart - 1) How committed each partner is (or is not) to staying married and 2) Perceived alternatives (i.e., How easy do I think it will be for me to get another partner asap). If 2 people are committed and not in some sort of location or job that gives them access to potential alternatives, then marriage therapy can help. Unless of course your British and don't believe in talking about your feelings.

1110 days ago


Therapy itself won't save anything. It all comes down to each person's willingness to change after the problems have been identified. Unfortunately when you're dealing with someone who's likely a selfish b-i-t-c-h such as Taylor odds are nothing will change. What is one of the first symptoms of a selfish b-i-t-c-h you ask? The first sign is when they appear on a show like the housewives series.

1110 days ago


lisa has said from the beginning that taylor likes drama and to stir up trouble. that is why lisa had the attitude she had last night,don't blame her and don't think her husband said anything offensive. taylor signed on to a show pretending to be wealthy and happily married, lisa knew she was a phoney and the marriage too. why would taylor sign on a show knowing this and also knowing how savvy the media is and would find out all the dirt on her and russell. she did it for her 15 minutes and to make a name for herself to hell with russell or the children or what would happen to them once the publicity hit. my guess is she talked russell into appearing on the show promising him she would stay with him if he did the show. i donot feel sorry for taylor at all only the children left behind. taylor and bravo will cash in on the publicity that their financial and marriage problems and his suicide generate. i also thought at first kyles tears were genuine when talking about russells suicide until the end when kyle said life goes on and she looked over at lisa and the others and tears stopped and she looked like the script was over and she was done with her scripted speech. the only ones on that show who are real and have the money to live that kind of lifestyle is lisa,adrienne,and kelsey grammars ex.

1110 days ago


That was weird! Watching a bunch of women crying and trying to show emotions but their botox faces won't let them. Only one had a face that moved and it wasn't much. I don'*****ch the show so I don't know her name. Usually when you are upset it shows in between the brows. With this bunch the only way you knew they were upset is when one tried to wipe away tears on a frozen face.

1110 days ago


Um, how is she milking her husband's death? The above scene was filmed PRIOR to his suicide. Just because the marriage was not working does not mean she did not love him.

1110 days ago
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