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Soulja Boy

The Right to Blast the Military?

9/6/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Soulja Boy apologizes for ripping the U.S Military -- the same military fighting to protect his right to free speech. So, was the apology necessary ... and will it save Soulja's bacon with the troops?

Plus, Taylor and Russell Armstrong were in couple's therapy before his suicide -- do YOU think therapy can save a marriage?

And, Charles and Jason call "radishes" on Harvey -- if you don't know what that means ... it's DEFINITELY worth finding out.


(4:15) Soulja Boy rips the military in a dumb new rap song -- then apologizes for the blunder.
(6:00) The terrible song in question.
(7:20) A veteran's opinion of Soulja's song and apology.
(17:30) A group calls for a boycott of "Dancing" because of Chaz Bono -- so Gloria Allred, naturally, has his back.
(26:10) We put up NINE polls on the Chaz situation ... so what did you think?
(33:00) "Housewives" new season premiered last night -- and Charles was forced to watch it, you know, for news reasons. 
(38:00) Does couple's therapy work?
(42:20) The tree Tiger Woods crashed into -- exposing his cheating scandal ... is as dead as Tiger's golf game.
(46:00) The "radishes" explanation.
(48:02) Harvey's latest crazy story. Radishes?


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Ask Dax why he only gave a $3 tip to a waitress at Hooters on a $30 bill this weekend.

1145 days ago


He has the right to say whatever he wants, just like we have the right not to but his cd's. Glad he apologized, but is it because he saw that it would hurt sales, or because he genuinly means it? Stupid is as stupid does.

1145 days ago


Whats the deal with crazy Anthony Michael Hall? Is he high on something?? I seem to remember he was of those child actors that was into drugs. True???

1145 days ago


I would like one of those McDonald french fries please.

1145 days ago


How long were the Taylor's married to each other? And do you think Shannon Tweed will go on Beverly Hills Housewives in the future after she marries Gene Simmons? I think she will.

1145 days ago


Kurt doesn't matter if your BAC is .06 and under the .08 limit. These DA's created the laws regardless of the BAC. It is called OWI, which is different from DUI. They can still cite you, but it'll be reckless driving with community service and probation. Another means of making money!!!!

1145 days ago


Soulja boys apology is so fake! Did you see his twitters? His apology certainly isn't heartfelt at all. He's just trying to save his sorry butt now!

1145 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I would rather see Chaz Bono dance with his twin, TMZ Mike.

1145 days ago

some guy    

I think he's just doing it b/c he has no talent.

1145 days ago

some guy    

Gary, how's that bush league fantasy football league going?

1145 days ago


It sucks, and here you are advertising the song. Non story.

1145 days ago


It's now official. Gloria Allred is now America's #1 media whore, topping any individual Kardashian or even all of them put together!

1145 days ago

some guy    

He's a punk. Plain and simple.

1145 days ago


"Soulja BOY" is one of the biggest COWARDS I have ever seen. If he had even a shred of guts he would join the military and help protect the right to free speech, not abuse it. COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1145 days ago

some guy    

I thought this guy was in the military. Had a feeling. I'm guessing Navy.

1145 days ago
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