TMZ Live Reese Witherspoon Too Soon for Booze

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Reese Witherspoon's post-DUI PR campaign ignited a war in the newsroom -- because her husband's glass of wine at the lunch was either the dumbest move ever ... or totally cool.

Plus, Wade Robson backs up his molestation allegation with a new legal shot at Michael Jackson -- filing a lawsuit against MJ's production company and the executors of his Estate. Is he merely targeting deep pockets?

Also ... Connie Chung joins us to talk about jumping out of a cake stripper-style! Hey, it was for a good cause -- her husband Maury Povich's 2,500th episode. Maury, Maury, Maury ...

(0:00) Reese Witherspoon's husband has one glass of wine at lunch -- and the whole newsroom loses it. Who's side you on?
(7:00) Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller is using her kids in a play for money ... and it's sad situation.
(10:00) Wade Robson is going for Michael Jackson's jugular ... the money he left behind.
(14:00) Taylor Swift has a crazy fan arrested after he braved a cold death for an encounter with her.
(18:00) Connie Chung joins the show to talk about jumping out of cake for her husband ... once again proving she one of the funniest ladies in the biz.
(23:00) Do presidents have to be cool these days? If so, we'll tell you why Senator Marco Rubio is a frontrunner for the White House.
(28:00) O.J. Simpson testifies in court ... we'll tell you his plan on getting the heck out of prison.
(31:00) The always stunning Dita Von Teese joins us to talk about the brilliant campaign to sell an amazing vintage sedan on eBay ... which involves sexy pictures of herself.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Jennifer Lopez's ridiculous new home.

TMZ Live Junior Seau ... The Suicide Mystery

Junior Seau's death investigation could have a major impact on the NFL -- wait till you hear about a dark trend among former football players. Plus, the emotional reaction of Junior's family members outside his home.

Also, Kate Upton busting out her 'cat daddy' -- too sexy for the Internet? We'll tell you about the backlash ... and the ridiculously OVER-tanned mom who got busted for sunburning her kid. What's wrong with people???

(0:00) The Hudson family murder trial just got nasty -- the defense claims Jen's brother was a drug dealer.
(7:10) A bunch more names were dropped into the hat to be "X Factor" judges ... and they're all young.
(10:30) NFL legend Junior Seau was found dead of a bullet wound to the chest ... we'll tell you how it's connected to the devastating head drama suffered by footballers.
(18:10) Kristin Cavallari's cat is out of the bag.
(23:45) The "Shark Tank" judge that wrecked a Ferarri calls in ... you won't believe who gave him another sets of keys to a Ferrari right after he ruined the last.
(27:56) Kate Upton's bikini dancing video was taken off YouTube ... and we can't figure out why.
(30:52) Would Evan change places with L.A.'s most hated man ... Frank McCourt?
(34:12) You won't believe what washed up.
(38:43) The most heinous tan you'll ever see in your life.

TMZ Live Jessica Simpson Birthing Ain't Cheap, Baby!

Jessica Simpson finally popped out her baby ... right on schedule -- the schedule we predicted!! Meet TMZ's Nostradumbass. Plus, why Jessica's FOUR GRAND a night suite won't put the slightest dent in her pockets.

Also, Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias say they're co-headlining their tour -- but let's get real ... someone has to be the opening act. Who should it be? And '90210' star Trevor Donovan's icebreaker ... with the Dalai Lama! Trevor drops by to tell us how he ended up chillin' with Nobel laureates.

(0:00) It's a miracle! Jessica Simpson finally gave birth ... but the conspiracy theories are still in full effect.
(7:10) A real touching story about Octomom -- she's willing to do masterbation porn to make a buck.
(10:30) Harvey's favorite debate of the day -- who headlines their tour ... Jennifer Lopez or Enrique Iglesias.
(18:10) Trevor Donovan drops by the office to talk about schmoozing with some of the most influential people on the planet ... and how he got to do it.
(23:45) Kim Kardashian gives props to a radio station for ripping Kris Humphries. You won't believe what Mike has to say about the power of her famous behind.
(27:56) Bobby Brown wants everyone to know -- he didn't get Whitney hooked on drugs.
(30:52) One of the craziest stories EVER.
(34:12) A private investigator says a "Gossip Girl" star paid him to spy on her ex.

TMZ Live OctoMom -- I'm Broke ... But I'll NEVER Give Up My Kids

Octomom is flat busted -- bankrupt -- but still believes she can pull out of it and insulate her 14 kids from disaster. Octo calls in to tell us what she'll do for a buck ... and you gotta hear her answer when Evan asks if she'd better off giving away the kids.

Plus, now that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have pulled the plug on their show ... what's next for both of 'em? Also, Justin Timberlake goes undercover -- and Dateline NBC's sting operation on middle school kids pisses off Charles, Harvey, and ... pretty much everyone.

(0:00) The 911 call made by Jennifer Hudson's sister was released ... and it's heartbreaking.
(4:10) Barack Obama's comedy routine at the Correspondents' Dinner -- awesome ... or flop?
(10:30) Khloe and Lamar's reality spin-off show is done after this season -- will he be able to get his NBA career back on track?
(14:23) Underage "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson buys booze with a fake ID.
(19:45) Octomom is bankrupt -- she calls in to explain how she plans on digging herself out of the hole.
(23:56) Harvey and Charles rip Dateline's new show -- in which parents allow their kids to be humiliated on national TV.
(27:52) Harvey sang with Paul Anka again this weekend!
(33:12) Justin Timberlake's cheap ride.
(38:43) Mel Gibson talks about his latest recorded rant ... and come off looking better.
(43:23) The weirdest story of the day is...

TMZ Live George Clooney ... Come Party with Me & the Prez

George Clooney is planning a party for President Obama, and you're invited ... to enter a raffle to maybe, possibly get into the party. A TMZ staffer tells us how she got on the list.

Plus, why Kim Kardashian decided to bury the hatchet with Jon Hamm -- and Shanna Moakler joins us to share the amazing, but sad story of her missing dog ... snatched by a hawk! Also, Lindsay Lohan ... M.I.A ... again!

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan has a date with the POTUS ... but she missed her flight. Anyone surprised?
(6:10) Your move Octomom ... and woman in Mexico claims to be pregnant with NINE babies.
(10:30) Kim Kardashian settles her beef with Jon Hamm ... and it's all thanks to Tina /> (14:20) Justin Bieber talks about marriage ... and probably ticks off his GF Selena Gomez.
(20:38) Shanna Moakler calls in to tell the saddest story ever -- her tiny dog got swooped up by an eagle ... never to be seen again.
(24:34) Obama's campaign strategy -- who wants to party at George Clooney's house?
(29:45) Joe Biden's latest gaffe is so funny ... we had to play it twice.
(34:23) Warren G joins us over webcam to talk about shedding weight ... and then putting on muscle.
(39:45) Gabourey Sidibe met her idol Joan Cusack ... and you won't believe what Joan said to her.
(44:43) We take your calls!

TMZ Live Octomom Gets a Facelift ... For Her House

Octomom called in to say she was double-crossed by her hairdresser -- and says she's overhauled her house. Are a new paint job AND working toilets enough to keep her kids?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian's weekend plans with President Obama! How did it all come together ... and more importantly will LiLo and Kim meet the Prez?? We'll explain why there's still a slim chance it could happen.

(0:00) Octomom is on the offensive -- she calls in to set the record straight about the true living conditions in her house.
(7:43) Rosie backtracks on her harsh criticism of Lindsay Lohan ... but compare her to Whitney.
(10:30) Lindsay Lohan and Kim K. are going to have dinner together ... at THE WHITE HOUSE.
(15:10) Britney Spears has a new conservator watching over her -- her fiance Jason Trawick.
(19:34) A website that sets up traveling women with business dinners ... some think it's dirtier than it appears.
(23:10) Donald Trump's hair-raising moment.
(29:34) Ryan Seacrest -- the most infectious person on "Idol" last night.
(33:10) Lane Garrison is in deep you-know-what -- he was charged for allegedly hitting his ex. (37:45) More trouble for the pregnant man.
(42:55) Mila Kunis denies dating Kutcher.
(43:10) We take your calls!

TMZ Live Beyonce Most Beautiful Or Most Bankable?

Beyonce just got tagged the new Most Beautiful Woman in the World -- but does the title have more to do with beauty or money?? Guest co-host Omarosa Stallworth thinks B deserves it, while Charles says ... well, let's just say Jay-Z ain't gonna be happy.

Plus, Octomom's in danger of losing her kids -- partially because she chose to pay her hair stylist $520, instead of paying a plumber to fix her toilet! We'll show you Octo's 11th hour attempt to make it all better. Also, Kris Jenner's cooked up a new way to cash in on her kids!

(0:00) Octomom investigated for child neglect -- you won't believe the photos of what the inside her house is like.
(8:50) LiLo will never learn -- she went out last night ... and ended up being late this morning for her gig on "Glee."
(12:10) An incredible makeup artist makes herself look like celebs ... you gotta see these pics.
(14:50) Obama's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show was awesome ... and took focus completely off Romney's victory.
(18:18) Breaking news involving the FBI, Joe Francis, a politician, a super hot chick, and an alleged imposter.
(20:10) Is Beyonce really the most beautiful woman in the world? Some beg to differ.
(22:11) Tareq Salahi calls in ... he's serious about running for governor.
(27:08) The Kardashians prep the next generation.
(33:02) Why did Jennifer Hudson have to leave the courtroom today?
(38:30) Harvey calls BS on the carmageddon baby boom.

TMZ Live Deion & Pilar ... Waging Brutal "War of the Sanders"

Deion Sanders' and his estranged wife are in a real life "War of the Roses" -- living together while they're divorcing -- and now that Pilar Sanders has been arrested ... it's escalating out of control .But the biggest mistake they're making ... involves their kids.

Plus, Lindsay Lohan fires back at Rosie O'Donnell for that tirade over the Elizabeth Taylor movie -- and Brian McKnight's x-rated song! Fans are pissed, but Brian joined us to say he's not toning down the dirty tune.

(0:00) Breaking news -- The Kardashians just signed a $40 million deal to renew "Keeping Up."
(3:15) Rosie rips Lindsay a new one.
(9:45) Deion Sanders' wife arrested for allegedly beating him up -- and you won't believe what he Tweeted after the incident.
(15:01) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis -- keeping it in the "70s Show" family.
(17:00) Crazy turn in Lane Garrison's domestic case -- does the surveillance video actually prove his innocence?
(20:05) Rodney King spoke to us on the 20th anniversary of the L.A. riots -- he says the beating still haunts him.
(24:30) Brian McKnight -- who just penned one of the weirdest songs ever -- explains why he did it ... and how a broken foot put it all in motion.
(29:34) Chris Brown sells puppies now?
(39:43) New details on Don Cornelius' death.
(43:10) LiLo ex-bf says he got screwed over a pink taco.

TMZ Live Jennifer Hudson Testimony Power Move in Murder Trial

Jennifer Hudson's emotional testimony could be the prosecution's trump card -- so why play it on day one of the murder trial? We explain how the surprise move could sway the jury ... for good ... against the man accused of killing Jennifer's family.

Plus, former Playmate Ashley Mattingly joined us to talk about her ex-bf, Lane Garrison's arrest for domestic violence -- and to break down the surveillance video that could land him back in prison.

Also, photo proof George Clooney's totally settling down with Stacy Keibler ... for now.

(0:00) Lane Garrison is in big trouble -- security cameras caught him roughing up his ex-girlfriend.
(5:02) Lane's ex is on the phone -- she tells us what the cameras didn't catch ... and shocks everyone by saying Lane STILL drinks and drives.
(10:15) Jennifer Hudson took the stand today against the guy who alleged killed her family members.
(15:18) Kanye and Kim -- adorkable or adouchey?
(18:55) Katy Perry -- caught smooching a new man.
(21:30) George Clooney went grocery shopping with Stacey ... sort of. Has he finally been domesticated?
(24:51) Great news -- Giuliana Rancic is having a kid!
(27:43) Cesar Millan's divorce taught us one major thing ... dog whispering is where the money's at.
(32:30) Dick Clark's cause of death.
(35:10) Jen Aniston's wedding mystery.
(37:29) The real estate age divide in Hollywood.

TMZ Live 'American Idol' Contestants Welcome to the Big Leagues

The final six "American Idol" contestants joined us in the newsroom to get tips on how to handle the spotlight -- now that they're famous -- and they're off to a great start. You gotta see the hilarious shot one of 'em takes at Harv.

Plus, Justin Bieber drops $20k on a motorcycle ... that he can't even drive yet! Is he throwing away all his money? Also, Tyra Banks cleaned house at "America's Next Top Model" -- so ousted judge Nigel Barker called in ... to vent about getting axed.

(0:00) Prepare to be NOT shocked -- an eyewitness claims LiLo caused the altercation at The Standard.
(7:02) Nigel Barker -- who just got fired from "Top Model" -- calls in to tell us how Tyra gave him the ax.
(10:10) The gnarliest reality show fight you'll ever see ... thanks for "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.
(15:22) Justin Bieber just dropped $20k on a motorcycle ... that he can't even drive yet.
(19:50) It's about to get serious -- Harvey and The Game are about to settle their beef once and for all.
(30:10) Does Suge Knight really think Tupac is alive?
(33:20) It's been 20 years since the L.A. riots ... Harvey reminisces about being in the middle of it all.
(36:10) The final six contestants from "American Idol" join us to a little training on how to deal with the media.
(42:10) We take your calls!

TMZ Live Mel Gibson's Latest Recorded Rant ... What's Missing?

No doubt, Mel Gibson sounds like a raving crazy man on that Joe Eszterhas' secret recording ... but what's NOT recorded is almost as interesting -- and it could affect the lawsuit Mel is threatening to file against Eszterhas.

Plus, Lindsay Lohan's father tells us how LiLo got into yet ANOTHER nightclub fight -- and explains why he can't keep her out of bars! Also, Michael Clarke Duncan and Omarosa drop by for a heated debate about ... Kim Kardashian for Mayor! You gotta see Michael's hysterical stripper theory.

(0:45) Mel Gibson's latest recorded rant -- frightening ... yet hilarious ... at the same time.
(6:20) It's time ... to put a fork in Mel's career.
(12:01) Michael Lohan joins us live to talk about Lindsay's latest club fight ... which he saw first-hand.
(19:10) Casey Anthony's attorney admits he was paid $200k by ABC for pics of Casey ... is any party involved in the wrong?
(23:09) Loretta Devine makes an excuse for Chris Brown's attack on Rihanna ... Harvey has an interesting theory why she thinks that way.
(27:45) A brawl on "Basketball Wives" ignites a lawsuit.
(32:14) The Game wasted $1,400 in five seconds.
(37:52) Michael Clark Duncan and Omarosa join Harvey and Charles to argue about Kim K.'s alleged run for Mayor of Glendale ... YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS.
(42:10) Michael and Omarosa kiss and make up. Then argue some more.
(45:34) We take your calls.

TMZ Live Dick Clark Remembering the Legend

Dick Clark changed music, television ... and American pop culture in general -- and today the people who knew him best joined us with stories about his life and career. From "American Bandstand" to "New Year's Rockin' Eve" ... see how Dick influenced huge acts like Madonna, Prince, Janet Jackson, Chuck Berry and Stevie Wonder.

Plus, Kim Kardashian wants to be mayor of Glendale, CA -- but a former mayor says she's no shoe-in for the gig ... and for some reason Harvey insists on comparing Kim to Ronald Reagan!

(0:00) We broke the story -- legendary television and music icon Dick Clark today ... we have all the latest details.
(2:01) Another legend -- Wink Martindale -- calls in to talk about his experiences with Dick, and attempts to explain Dick's massive influence.
(9:01) Music icon Paul Anka -- who rocketed to fame after appearing on "American Bandstand" -- also calls in to talk about his experience with Dick.
(14:01) "American Bandstand" director Barry Glazer calls in.
(24:01) Britney Spears is nearing a massive $15 million deal to be a judge on "X Factor."
(30:01) Try not to laugh -- Kim Kardashian is actually thinking about running for the mayor of Glendale. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.
(38:01) Rick Dees calls in to talk about his appearance on "Bandstand" -- when he performed "Disco Duck!"
(44:00) We take your calls about Dick Clark.

TMZ Live Simon Cowell How I Got Jacked by Club Chick

Simon Cowell called in to confess he would "love" to have Britney Spears as a new judge on "X Factor." You also gotta see what Simon says about the one night stand chick who stole his computer -- and his prediction about Howard Stern on his other show ... "America's Got Talent."

Also, vindication for Milli Vanilli?? Fab Morvan dropped by to explain why he's no worse than today's lip-synching, auto-tuned pop stars. Plus, an age-defying celeb ass ... and the hysterical question that's been dubbed our "best ever."

(1:00) Breaking news -- Miley Cyrus' bloody mess.
(2:05) Black "Bachelor" contestant Marshana Richie calls in to talk about the show being sued for discrimination.
(7:32) Video of Charlie Sheen ... totally sober. Plus the first photo of Kathy Bates as Charlie's ghost on "Men."
(11:01) Fab Morvan from Milli Vanilli joins Harvey and Charles to say this generations crop of lip-syncers totally vindicates him.
(17:20) The inside scoop on the musical chairs going on between "GMA" and "Today."
(22:35) We asked the director of the Secret Service quite possibly the best question in our history.
(25:50) The guy who tried out to be a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos calls in.
(36:09) Simon Cowell is on the phone -- he answers all Harvey's questions about the hookup that stole his computer, what Howard Stern is really like, Britney Spears' chance of joining "The X Factor," and that sick house he bought his ex.

TMZ Live Secret Service Hooker Scandal ... WILD in Colombia!!

The men who protect President Obama are under the microscope after the Colombian hooker scandal -- and it might be the biggest Secret Service controversy ever! An insider explains how one unbelievably STUPID move blew the lid off this story.

Plus, Kelsey Grammer's hip tattoo gets everyone fired up! Is it ever cool to tatt your spouses name on your body? Especially your FOURTH time around?? Also, Demi Moore's return to Twitter -- and Harvey's new info on Kobe Bryant's possible reunion with Vanessa!

(1:00) Hillary Clinton didn't party at Coachella, but she did party in Columbia!
(7:00) Lindsay Lohan did go to Coachella and other parites, but stayed sober! (as far as we know)
(12:00) Kelsey Grammer gets a tattoo ... of his wife's name ... on his hip ... could this be any more lame?
(16:00) Tupac performs at Coachella from beyond the grave. OOOOOOO ... SPPPOOOOKY!
(19:00) Who would have thought Jennifer Lopez was really in love with Casper Smart? We didn't and Marc Anthony didn't either.
(24:00) BREAKING NEWS! First photo posted by Demi Moore since rehab.
(26:00) Simon Cowell gives out the best parting gifts when he breaks up with someone.
(32:00) Shanna Moakler calls in to TMZ LIVE to talk about a new TV series that might be shot in her neighborhood.

TMZ Live One Direction PUNKED by The Wanted Badasses

Turns out One Direction's biggest fear is an ass-whuuping from The Wanted! Do boy bands really get down like that? We have details on their showdown ... plus, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell reveals how Justin Timberlake talked smack the first time BB met *N Sync!

Plus, the controversial American Idol "save" of Jessica Sanchez -- everyone's wondering if it was all set up before the show ... so, we're going right to the source. 'Idol' honcho Nigel Lythgoe! Also, why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally giving in and tying the knot.

(1:00) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally get engaged! Didn't Brad say he was going to wait to tie the knot until EVERYONE who wanted to get married, could?
(4:00) Were producers encouraging the judges on American Idol to save Jessica Sanchez? Nigel Lythgoe, the brain child behind American Idol, calls in to clear things up!
(12:00) Amanda Bynes gets behind the wheel again and goes to a night club. Some in the office think she is doing this because it brings attention to her fading career.
(14:00) Boy band wars! One direction is scared of The Wanted.
(24:00) Mel Gibson scares a 15-year-old boy so badly he slept with a butcher's knife under his pillow, but Mickey Rourke has his back!
(29:00) Diddy has an unwanted houseguest and we compare it to an infamous character from the 90's sitcom 'Martin'.
(36:00) 'The Office' cuts John Stamos from their new promo for an upcoming episode -- but why?

TMZ Live Mel Gibson Can He Recover ... Again?

How many times can Mel Gibson spew racist slurs, burst into violent tantrums ... and still be forgiven? That's what everyone's wondering after reading Joe Eszterhas' outrageous accusations. Plus, why Gibson's gonna need a plan B if he really wants to make that 'Maccabees' movie.

Also, LiLo's attorney Shawn Holley knows all about juries -- she worked on O.J. Simpson's murder defense team -- and she's breaking down the Trayvon Martin case. Don't kid yourself ... RACE will be the biggest factor in George Zimmerman's trial.

(0:30) Mel Gibson is accused yet again of violent, anti-Semitic tirades ... and it shocks no one.
(10:39) The Trayvon Martin murder case ... Shawn Holley -- one of O.J.'s lawyers -- joins in to talk about how race affects cases.
(17:10) BS called on Lindsay Lohan over the battery accusations ... and she could be in deep you-know-what.
(23:37) Marc Anthony says sayonara to J.Lo.
(20:10) Kim and Khloe's roadside vigilante justice ... caught on tape.
(24:50) Axl Rose hates Slash so much ... he won't even show up to his own induction to the Rock N Roll hall of fame.
(27:30) Breaking news -- Morgan Freeman on the attack.
(34:10) Nate Dogg ... back from the dead.
(37:40) Charlie Sheen is having the last laugh -- mocking "Men" in a promo for his new show ... as his old one tanks in the ratings.
(44:23) We take your calls!