TMZ Live Jennifer Hudson Testimony Power Move in Murder Trial

4/23/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Jennifer Hudson Testimony -- Prosecutor's Power Move in Murder Trial

Jennifer Hudson's emotional testimony could be the prosecution's trump card -- so why play it on day one of the murder trial? We explain how the surprise move could sway the jury ... for good ... against the man accused of killing Jennifer's family.

Plus, former Playmate Ashley Mattingly joined us to talk about her ex-bf, Lane Garrison's arrest for domestic violence -- and to break down the surveillance video that could land him back in prison.

Also, photo proof George Clooney's totally settling down with Stacy Keibler ... for now. 

(0:00) Lane Garrison is in big trouble -- security cameras caught him roughing up his ex-girlfriend.
(5:02) Lane's ex is on the phone -- she tells us what the cameras didn't catch ... and shocks everyone by saying Lane STILL drinks and drives.
(10:15) Jennifer Hudson took the stand today against the guy who alleged killed her family members.
(15:18) Kanye and Kim -- adorkable or adouchey?
(18:55) Katy Perry -- caught smooching a new man.
(21:30) George Clooney went grocery shopping with Stacey ... sort of. Has he finally been domesticated?
(24:51) Great news -- Giuliana Rancic is having a kid!
(27:43) Cesar Millan's divorce taught us one major thing ... dog whispering is where the money's at.
(32:30) Dick Clark's cause of death.
(35:10) Jen Aniston's wedding mystery.
(37:29) The real estate age divide in Hollywood.