TMZ Live Simon Cowell How I Got Jacked by Club Chick

4/17/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Simon Cowell -- How I Got Jacked by Club Chick

Simon Cowell called in to confess he would "love" to have Britney Spears as a new judge on "X Factor." You also gotta see what Simon says about the one night stand chick who stole his computer -- and his prediction about Howard Stern on his other show ... "America's Got Talent."

Also, vindication for Milli Vanilli?? Fab Morvan dropped by to explain why he's no worse than today's lip-synching, auto-tuned pop stars. Plus, an age-defying celeb ass ... and the hysterical question that's been dubbed our "best ever."

(1:00) Breaking news -- Miley Cyrus' bloody mess.
(2:05) Black "Bachelor" contestant Marshana Richie calls in to talk about the show being sued for discrimination.
(7:32) Video of Charlie Sheen ... totally sober. Plus the first photo of Kathy Bates as Charlie's ghost on "Men."
(11:01) Fab Morvan from Milli Vanilli joins Harvey and Charles to say this generations crop of lip-syncers totally vindicates him.
(17:20) The inside scoop on the musical chairs going on between "GMA" and "Today."
(22:35) We asked the director of the Secret Service quite possibly the best question in our history.
(25:50) The guy who tried out to be a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos calls in.
(36:09) Simon Cowell is on the phone -- he answers all Harvey's questions about the hookup that stole his computer, what Howard Stern is really like, Britney Spears' chance of joining "The X Factor," and that sick house he bought his ex.