TMZ Live Beyonce Most Beautiful Or Most Bankable?

4/25/2012 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Beyonce -- Most Beautiful or Most Bankable?

Beyonce just got tagged the new Most Beautiful Woman in the World -- but does the title have more to do with beauty or money?? Guest co-host Omarosa Stallworth thinks B deserves it, while Charles says ... well, let's just say Jay-Z ain't gonna be happy.

Plus, Octomom's in danger of losing her kids -- partially because she chose to pay her hair stylist $520, instead of paying a plumber to fix her toilet! We'll show you Octo's 11th hour attempt to make it all better. Also, Kris Jenner's cooked up a new way to cash in on her kids!

(0:00) Octomom investigated for child neglect -- you won't believe the photos of what the inside her house is like.
(8:50) LiLo will never learn -- she went out last night ... and ended up being late this morning for her gig on "Glee."
(12:10) An incredible makeup artist makes herself look like celebs ... you gotta see these pics.
(14:50) Obama's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show was awesome ... and took focus completely off Romney's victory.
(18:18) Breaking news involving the FBI, Joe Francis, a politician, a super hot chick, and an alleged imposter.
(20:10) Is Beyonce really the most beautiful woman in the world? Some beg to differ.
(22:11) Tareq Salahi calls in ... he's serious about running for governor.
(27:08) The Kardashians prep the next generation.
(33:02) Why did Jennifer Hudson have to leave the courtroom today?
(38:30) Harvey calls BS on the carmageddon baby boom.