TMZ Live Deion & Pilar ... Waging Brutal "War of the Sanders"

4/24/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Deion Sanders & Pilar ... Waging Brutal 'War of the Sanders'

Deion Sanders' and his estranged wife are in a real life "War of the Roses" -- living together while they're divorcing -- and now that Pilar Sanders has been arrested ... it's escalating out of control .But the biggest mistake they're making ... involves their kids. 

Plus, Lindsay Lohan fires back at Rosie O'Donnell for that tirade over the Elizabeth Taylor movie -- and Brian McKnight's x-rated song! Fans are pissed, but Brian joined us to say he's not toning down the dirty tune.

(0:00) Breaking news -- The Kardashians just signed a $40 million deal to renew "Keeping Up."
(3:15) Rosie rips Lindsay a new one.
(9:45) Deion Sanders' wife arrested for allegedly beating him up -- and you won't believe what he Tweeted after the incident.
(15:01) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis -- keeping it in the "70s Show" family.
(17:00) Crazy turn in Lane Garrison's domestic case -- does the surveillance video actually prove his innocence?
(20:05) Rodney King spoke to us on the 20th anniversary of the L.A. riots -- he says the beating still haunts him.
(24:30) Brian McKnight -- who just penned one of the weirdest songs ever -- explains why he did it ... and how a broken foot put it all in motion.
(29:34) Chris Brown sells puppies now?
(39:43) New details on Don Cornelius' death.
(43:10) LiLo ex-bf says he got screwed over a pink taco.