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Chaz Bono

Rhythmically Challenged

9/8/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono
will make a splash on "Dancing with the Stars," but people who have known her and him well tell TMZ ... it may be more like a belly flop.

Our sources say ... as a woman Chaz had NO rhythm, and there's no evidence any of Chaz' recent changes improved the situation.

The people we spoke with were very surprised Chaz agreed to the DWTS gig, but say it's more about making a statement than the dancing itself.

On the bright side, our DWTS spies tell us Chaz is well-liked among the professional dancers and contestants -- "a very cool dude," one source says.



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I don't think that anyone actually believes that Chaz Bono has been selected to dance this year based on her rhythmic abilities. Come the f*ck on.

1140 days ago

American Mom    

And there you's all being done to push an agenda. ABC bring back the good ol days when entertainers had talent!

1140 days ago


I don't think it's as much to push an agenda as it is to simply create controversy and thus generate viewership. It seems to be working so far. I guess we'll see once the ratings come in.

1140 days ago

Professor Chaos    

She is nothing more than a ratings stunt and everybody knows it. Putting the insane daughter of Sonny Bono and Cher that thinks she was born with a male inside her and the only way she'll ever be happy is to surgically alter her sex is definitely nothing more than a quest for ratings and controversy. The show should be ashamed of themselves. They're glorifying mentally unhealthy people. It's NOT a gay or lesbian issue. It's all about mental health. If you think you have another sex trapped in your body you're insane. Period.

1140 days ago


Ya know WHAT? I dont give a rats ass about ANY of this. I dont give a flying **** about Chaz. He is some singers KID. He has done nothing except get a sex change. He isnt talented and is NOT a Star or even a celebrity.
Gumby would more interesting for Christs sake! yeeeeeesh...

1140 days ago


I saw Chaz on some Celebrity "boot camp/weight loss" show and he/she had no athletic ability whatsoever. Barely edged out Bruce Valanch which is like edging out Jabba the Hutt.

I doubt adding steroids is going to change that. Chaz did not get the good genes.

1140 days ago


you would be too if you were 100lbs Overweight!

1140 days ago


On the bright side, even if he only lasts a week or two he'll have dropped a few pounds. That's a plus.

1140 days ago

American Mom    

We should all watch once the jokes are over and the real dancing begins. This show use to be fun and it has now become so politically correct so as to create a circus to get people to tune in. Real dancers on the show should be insulted.

1140 days ago


Maybe Chaz is doing this to come up with the money for the sex change operation because her mother won't come through for her. I fear for her in this competition. I hope she can pull off a couple of rounds at least.

I hope that ham known as Clooney's Ex and Rob Kardooshian get voted off before her. I mean him.

1140 days ago


Oh, she's *challenged* in more ways that one, my friend....

I sincerely hope that poor woman gets the mental health treatment she truly needs. I can't believe we as society are expected to sit back and applaud this type of behavior as if it's totally normal and acceptable to refuse reality and instead embrace mutilating your body and assuming a different identity. That's total insanity and I'm supposed to accept that as normal and be ok with exposing my children to it? Shaking my head...I'm all for freedom but this is going to far. We're calling mental illness a 'lifestyle' and are encouraged to be tolerant of it...What is this world coming to?

1140 days ago


"The people we spoke with were very surprised Chaz agreed to the DWTS gig, but say it's more about making a statement than the dancing itself." it's not REALLY about her/him going on there to have a good time it's REALLY about her/him USING DWTS for her/his own agenda.

On that alone she/he should be kicked off the show. If Chaz want people to see and accepted his as a man he needs to go on CNN or some other news talk show and talk about his expectations on there, not use an entertainment show to parade his "made over" body in front of millions of people. She/he is selfish and a manipulator.

1140 days ago

There's a problem here    

Come on people. Chaz thinks he's doing a community service ad for transgendered folk. In actuality, he's the latest freak show by ABC under the guise of "acceptance." They're accepting only for ratings. Chaz, you taken buddy.

1140 days ago


Well, you can only try! ;)

The more I hear about Chaz, the more I admire him. He is overweight in an age and time (and country) where that is seen as a mortal sin, he is open about his sex change in a country where there is a LOT of viciousness and hatred against anyone deviating from the "mainstream" when it comes to sex and gender, as mirrored by dozens of truly evil-minded posts on earlier boards, and now he's dancing without rhythm!

All of the above takes COURAGE! Chaz has guts in more than one sense, and I for one like him more and more. Obviously, he is not only courageous, but also a nice person. Here's to you, Chaz!

1140 days ago

two cents    

Please report when she had died of heart failure. Lugging all that fat can't be healthy. Can't wait to read her autopsy report on here.

1140 days ago
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