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Cher to Chaz

I Got You Babe!

9/7/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Cher will make a surprise appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" to support her son, Chaz Bono ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with both Cher and Chaz tell TMZ ... the criticism over a transgender contestant has given Cher even more resolve to stand behind Chaz.

Cher is not saying which day she'll show up, but has made it clear she will be in the audience for at least one show.

And, we're told, Cher's motive is NOT to drive votes for her son -- rather to make a statement of support and a statement against what she considers to be bigotry.



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"If you have a vagina, you're a woman". Well, usually that applies, but once in a great while, it does not. Transgender people feel, often very early on, that they are actually not the gender they look like. It has nothing to do with molestation or anything else that has happened to them. A little boy of four can tell his mother: "Mom, I'm not a boy, Iäm a girl." The best she can do in that situation is to go along with what he feels, let him dress the way he likes, and give him the toys he wants. Same with little girls feeling they are really boys.

When puberty comes, it may turn out that for some it was temporarily, but for the genuinely transgender person, it's a big crisis. Imagine body parts growing on you that you feel have nothing to do with who you are. It must be a real trauma.

Those who go on to a sex change, do so after a long time of struggle, and it's not an easy thing to do. They deserve support and respect. To call them bad names, as some have done on this board, is cruel and insensitive. In the end, what really counts is who you are as a person, if you are nice and kind and generous.

1151 days ago


Cher: STAY home. Tell your kid to stay home too. Quit attention whoring. There are all kinds of transgender people who just want to be treated normally. Your kid is NOT helping the cause.

1151 days ago


This is funny, Cher is trying to give us morals. This from the chick who dry humped a cannon on a battle ship while her son played guitar in the background.

1151 days ago


Chastity, Chaz, whatever, he's still a human being.

1151 days ago


Feel bad for Cher. It's her kid and of course she wants to be supportive, but we do not have to accept it nor watch it.

1151 days ago


That is great..Weather CHER agrees with Chaz's decisions or not, she is going to stand by her child.
These comments i am reading here are evil and discusting. Who are ANY of you to judge someone else's choices. It may not be something you would do but why judge others?

I think all you people just HATE and sprew hatread everyday over something or another..What difference is it if Chaz is a girl or a boy does it affect your life at all..I DOUBT IT.

1151 days ago


FOR THE MANY YEARS Cher has been in the public eye, unless I missed it, I have never known Cher to inject herself into another person's business, or, life. She has always conducted herself with utmost pride and dignity regardless of the cir****tances. Some comments against her are beyond my knowledge. God has instilled the most precious kind of love to parents for their children, no matter, what! As parents, that is what we are! WE, the public, have no right to throw rocks and insults at anyone since we are unaware of the inner turmoil they may be experiencing. Many of us are extremely private people and struggle to keep it that way. Why rock the boat when it is none of our business.

1151 days ago


Oh, so she was against it for so long, but now it's fine? More like Cher needs all the publicity she can get.

1151 days ago


Define "surprise".

1151 days ago


What a sleazy pair.

Chaz trying to be a man (ain't never gonna happen. She's ugly but she's still a she.)

Cher trying to be young enough again to be his/her child with the use of plastic surgeons (ain't never gonna happen.")

ABC smirking at what the ratings will be (hope this ain't gonna happen.)

1151 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Now if Chaz gets eliminated in the first round will Cher still do the show? Man TMZ is posting daily about this whole thing. I wonder how many people really care?

1151 days ago


Butterfly: 4 minutes ago

Why is it okay for Cher to give her negative opinions about someone else's daughter but not okay for others to give theirs about Cher? In spite of how every one thinks and feel about Nadya Suleman. What right does Cher of all people has to judge someone lifestyle and the way they choose to live their lives if she doesn't want others to do the same to her daughter, Chaz? It's not fair and IMHO that's total hypocrite! People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Now that Cher daughter is in the spot light getting negative attention, she's all bent out of shape and calling people bigots when she herself at one point couldn't accept her daughter way of life.

1151 days ago


Chaz is a drag king nothing more. Mentally ill and confused being exploited by ABC for ratings in exchange for much needed income. Chaz is "transgendered" by profession. She still has a vagina, and no amount of testosterone will make her a man. ABC is promoting their pro-homosexual agenda and as a result, has alienated the DWTS fan base. There aren't enough Chers, transgendered, or confused viewers to make up for what they've lost. Personally, I'll be boycotting this show and maybe the entire network.

1151 days ago


What a great idea ! Have your Stuporstar mom make a guest appearance , we didn't see that one comin a mile away.....then if/when Chaztable gets injured (let's face it this one has never had to do a day's work in he/r life) , guess who can fill in for he/r ?

S/he isn't complicated or anything i'm just sayin'

1151 days ago


I'm not a bigot. I do not hate. With that out of the way: She is not a male. This continual effort to blur the lines between which biological reproductive capacity we possess is truly pathetic, and it is especially aimed at young people so as to inject this garbage into their minds before they learn a little about biology. I have no problem with her life choices...fine go live your life, and shut up. I remember a gay guy going on a rant at school about judgemental and ignorant people who dont understand. Understand what? That an anus is not a sexual organ? Or that attempting to make it one DOESN'T make it one? Most people have some belief or habit that someone else would critique for whatever reason. You don't see people marching or protesting about anti tobacco bigots. The truth is that with issues like this the people who play the victim often don't simply want to be left alone. They want others to abandon their own analysis of an issue in favor of whatever twisted concoction of ideas that they have attempted to convince themselves to believe. LEAVE the limelight if you don't like the attention or quit injecting male hormones. If you were a male then you might have the proper glands to produce them naturally.

And for the record I've never watched this dancing with the 'stars', 'bread and circus garbage', and probably watch less than 20 minutes of TV per week (and that's generally while sitting with friends/family for a minute). Just wasted 5 minutes talking about it so I guess I lose.

1151 days ago
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