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'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom

The Hooker Costume Was Cute!

9/7/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


 "Toddlers and Tiaras" mom Wendy Dickey called in to defend her decision to dress her 3-year-old daughter up like a hooker -- the Julia Roberts hooker from "Pretty Woman" -- and she thinks it was "incredibly hilarious."

Just as funny -- why Harvey now thinks Pebbles from "The Fintsones" was a ho!

Plus, amazing insight into the Al Michaels/Al Davis feud -- does it all start with NFL Hall of Famer Marcus Allen? And, Bill Cosby disses the deliciousness of Jell-O pudding?!!


(0:00) The great Brian McDaniel makes it three.
(4:45) Radishes? Not this time.
(3:22) Wendy Dickey -- the "Toddlers" mom who dressed her daughter up like a prostitute -- calls in to defend the outfit.
(7:30) Wendy calls her daughter's routine "incredibly hilarious."
(14:40) Pebbles was a ho???
(27:00) Al Michaels says the Raiders won't win a Super Bowl while Al Davis is still alive. Ouch.
(30:50) A Raiders insider calls in to explain the origin of the Michaels/Davis rivaly ... which eventually leads back to O.J.!
(35:20) Charles' horrible Bill Cosby impression ... and a clip of Cosby totally dissing pudding pops.
(40:30) Why do TMZ employees have suicide clauses?
(45:01) Celine Dion's Goldilocks-like intruder.
(47:30) Rachel Uchitel to sue over incendiary 9/11 story.


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Granny Linda    

The child molesters can sit at home and watch these little kids in their homes and don't have to worry about getting caught! It's legal kiddie porn. But those little kids are cute.

1140 days ago


When a three year old does her "sexy hooker strut" for a pedophile because she doesn't know any better and the pedophile molests or rapes her because "she invited it" then it shows what the harm is.

1140 days ago


pure disgrace!!!!As parents we try every way to protect our kids....showing them up on tv like this is NOT protecting them!!!!!! Who's watching them, have they ever thought of this

1140 days ago


whats up with dudes capri shorts

1140 days ago


it's gross. stop living through your daughters you sad women.

1140 days ago


This may be the strangest episode of TMZ Live ever...ha ha ha!

1140 days ago


AFLAC pays Half of your life insurance policy if it is a suicide

1140 days ago


That show is nothing but a meat market for pedophiles. These parents are training their children to be narcissistic post children for eating disorders and birth control. They are exploiting children and it's disgusting. It's very disheartening that these parents, especially this one, is contributing to a pedos spank bank. They are going to be needy brats. Any Guesses on who is going to end up on Teen Mom next? Cir****tances like these are why kids do not practice abstinence.....pining to be accepted or the need of feeling loved for 5 minutes. All because their parents are selfish! Poor kids. I pray for them and their safety!

You are bat S*** crazy woman! By no means is it funny or cute.

1140 days ago


Raised by an attention whore who dresses her up like an actual whore. Gee, I wonder how this will turn out.

1140 days ago


Can Brian PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!! replace Charles PLS!!!! Charles is like the joke killer. Hes tries to make jokes but he doesn't realize you need a personality for that. He a witless yes-man!!! PLS for the salvation of TMZ "live". Replace him!!! nobody likes a dull wet blanket.

1140 days ago


Truly disgusting, obviously Harvey you don't get it. While the child may not know who she was dressed as, it is still a hooker and what do hookers do? That's right. I guess we're going to see 3 year old drug dealers next? Or what if she dressed her child with fake needles or holding rolled dollar bills with white powder or fake joints would that still be funny? Surely the child wouldn't know what that's all about right? I swear you guys are morons.

1140 days ago


what makes me laugh is how 80% of "Toddlers and Tiara" moms are either homely, fat, or both. And the uglier they are, the more they talk about these pageants as if THEY are the ones in them. "Best pageant of MY life", "this is everything I'VE been working for", "This would be a big win for ME". it's ridiculous.

Toddlers and Tiaras has done more to harm little girls than even Kate Gosselin has done exploiting her own kids.

1140 days ago


Think about it: When the little girls don't win, they're eventually going to grow up thinking they lose because they're not pretty enough. How is that good for a child's psyche? If they get cut from the football team, it could be because they're not good at football. At least they have a chance to find another sport or something else they're good at, like music or something. You only have one body, and it's more painful when you destroy your self image than it is to break a bone playing soccer.

It also can't be good to teach a 3 year old how to be sexual. How is that responsible parenting? Load your kid with fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake teeth, fake tan, enough makeup that Tammy Faye Baker would be shocked, and skirts short enough to make hookers blush... teaching them to do the pump and grind and booty shakes for national TV?

how is dressing them up as a character who WAS A PROSTITUTE cute? Dressing your THREE year old as a PROSTITUTE is cute? It's sick and disgusting. There are millions of people who watch this show... how many of them do you know personally? How many have you screened to make sure they're not pedophiles looking at your glammed up, sexualized toddler?

I'm not against pageants... but I am definitely against Pageant moms who push the envelope to further THEMSELVES. Dressing your baby in fake boobs and butt padding, dressing your baby as a prostitute, claiming you give your child botox... it's all about them not about the child. There are a few rare exceptions to the rule... but only a few.

1140 days ago


where is CPS when you need them? that's awful to dress your 3 year old as a hooker.

1140 days ago


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1140 days ago
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