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The Game

Closeted Gays Spread AIDS

9/8/2011 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090811_thegame_video2Rapper The Game believes closeted gay men are spreading AIDS by "fooling" women into having sex with them.

Game just gave an interview to VLADTV -- saying he doesn't have a problem with most gay people -- just the ones who are "pretending" not to be gay and sleeping with women.

Game says, "The #1 issue with that is you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die ... and that s**t spreads because that girl you might be fooling might leave you and go find another dude who ain't gay and give him the disease."

Game seems to be saying that all closeted gay men have AIDS ... and he wants them to come out of the closet in a Scarlet Letter sort of a way -- so people know to avoid them unless they want to get AIDS.


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There's a problem here    

Thank you so much Mr The Game for clearing that one up. Why do I keep thinking of the Shakespeare writing that can translate into "Methinks the lady dost protest too much." So why not just come out girlfriend?

1140 days ago


Did I somehow go through some kind of time vortex and end up back in the 1980s?

1140 days ago


The Game spreads crappy music by tricking people into thinking that they like it. Idiot. - Abaddon

Follow me -

1140 days ago


I totally believe it...just like listening/singing rap makes you an ignorant Tootsie Roll.

1140 days ago


Come on The Game, why don't you just come out of the closet already and admit you got the AIDS?

1140 days ago


Free speech at it's finest! Let him keep talking, the more he talks the less people will put $$ in his pocket!

1140 days ago


waaaaaaait...48% voted "Makes sense"???

1140 days ago


Unbelievable ignorant people!!! Stop sticking your woohas' in anything that moves and have a serious relationship and people would stop contracting AIDS!!! Gay or not AIDS is spread by anyone that has it!! If these musicians would think of anything other then sex then maybe they would be more educated in the way AIDS is spread!!

1140 days ago


So what if The Game has a problem with bisexuals?! He can have a problem withy anyone he damn well chooses!! It's his right. I'm sick of these gay/transgender stories on TMZ!!

1140 days ago


What an ignorant fool. Him and Kanye must share the same blood.

1140 days ago


How ignorant! AIDS is not a gay disease! I know people who got AIDS in the 90's from sharing a needle. They never had sex with men. Stop being ignorant. Why not lend your voice and the $$$$ you were blessed with to find a CURE instead of ignorantly bashing people who don't deserve to be singled out.

1140 days ago


Spoken like the true uneducated _____ that he is.!!!

1140 days ago


So I guess that would make Easy E a closet gay.. Or I guess one of the thousands of girls he was sleeping with was also sleeping with a closet gay and he got it from there. But if he spread it to other girls, can you technically classify him as a closet gay even tho he wasn't a closet gay? I think you should open your mind and get it out of the closet!

1140 days ago


I completely agree with The Game. closeted gay men are wrong in my opinion. It's not fair. You jump sleep with men and later you sleep with women. I find it selfish and malicious. It's a perfect way to spread STDs STIs. The best thing is to be yourself and be truthful.

1140 days ago


You guys talk tough but how would you feel if your girlfriend was having unprotected sex with a f*g?

1140 days ago
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