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The Game

Women Have the Right to Know If Their Man Is Secretly Gay

9/8/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908_the_game_explains_tmz_liveThe Game just went on TMZ Live to clarify his point that closeted gay men spread AIDS by tricking women into bed -- telling us, gay men are predisposed to spreading HIV ... and keeping their sexuality a secret puts women at risk as well.

Check out the interview ... it raises an interesting question -- should a slight reduction in HIV risk come at the expense of someone's right to privacy?


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This once again proves the disconnect of the races. What Game was trying to articulate is that there is an epidemic on the Black and Hispanic community (Judge Mathis even talked about it recently) of men hiding their homosexual lifestyles (and this is a big issue in the Black church). They hide their lifestyle, have unprotected sex and then go home and to their wives & girlfriends. Also, since our men are incarcerated at a higher number those men come home after what is known as "gay for the stay" and infect their wives and girlfriends. This is what Game was talking about he nerver once said gays cause the Aids epidemic. Me personally, I respect an openly gay man but I despise a down low gay man. They are are a threat and should be criminally charged for infecting their spouses

1050 days ago


It is a shame that African Americans have the highest percentage of people living with HIV and AIDS. However, that is due to lack of education! Clearly, this D-bag falls right into that same ignorant category.

1050 days ago


The main thing that really ticks me off is everyone using the words "closeted gay". If a man sleeps with both sexes, he is NOT a gay man! He is bisexual. PERIOD. People have no problem with calling a woman bisexual, but when it comes to a man, he's either straight or gay. So please, stop being so arrogant to think if that if a man sleeps with a woman AND a man, he is automatically classified as GAY because what you're really saying is that sleeping with a woman is insignificant.

1050 days ago


One other thing, while it may be a turn on for a man to find out a woman is bisexual, it is NOT a turn on for a woman if he is bisexual, and it has NOTHING to do with AIDs. The majority of women wants a straight man ONLY, and the idea that the man has had sex with another man is ... well, I won't say what they think. Ask any straight woman and she can fill in the blank for you.

1050 days ago


I guess TMZ doesn't want to face the facts since they deleted my original
post.  Essentially what I said is The Game is probably right.  The
homos want to try and make this a race issue when it isn't, it's a homo issue. 
When the CDC says that 78.4% of the new cases of HIV are due to homos it should
get someone's attention.  See for yourself in the stats reported by
transmission category in the latest data available (for 2009):

The numbers speak for themselves.  And considering the fact that a vast
number of homos are technically bi-sexual it would seem The Game actually has
his facts straight.

So why is it that groups like the SFAF want to distort the facts and try and
make this a race issue?  It's simple, they want to garner support for a
cause that is mostly created by a group of people who

Refuse to control their behavior and
Refuse to participate in regular testing and
Do not communicate the risks of their lifestyle or past partners with
their current partner and
Will not use appropriate protection measures when engaged in sexual

1050 days ago

barry worthen    

religion is an overblown scared straight story forced down the throat of ancien people to pass down through genertions. GOD would have found a betterway to pass his message other than a Hebrew ona mountain with a rock. u create the universe ud think ub have the power to write the 10 commandments on the moon or sumthin so there would be no question. further more there were NO BLACK CHRISTIANS BEFORE THE SLAVE TRADE. TAKE UR SHACKLES OFF. religion is fake and divisive.

1050 days ago


To dumb ass "Game" the men that are down-low and sleep with women is less than 1%. So get your facts together. That Down low issue has been debuked by the CDC. The topic is dead and so small, that its does not need "that much" attention you are giving it. A simple visit to the doctor will handle that small percentage by giving them good advice to wrap it up.

1050 days ago


Some people shouldn't be allowed to speak in public

1050 days ago


African American women are greater risk for many STDs period because black men behave as if they are still breeding on the plantation. They rarely will marry, just look at black men left hand compared to the left hand of white men. Black men blame everyone for their problems and behaviors, black women are the blame, white men are the blame, slavery is the blame, and the list goes on. Black men will make kids all over town and spread his diseases with him. One infected black man will infect about 20 black women because he is too lazy to be faithful and seek marriage. Guess it takes more work to bend on one knee than to lay down and make babies he wont care for all the time. But thanks to interracial dating, now white women STD statistics are going up, share the infections. Many white women assume the black guy is clean but women and unaware of his diseased reputation in the black community. Downlow men, especially black men are cowards, and blame everyone else for why they hide out and use innocent women and children to hide. Another excuse to escape personal responsibility. Its societies fault he is gay and speads hi diseases, and lie, and cheat, and sneak around, nothing to do with his character at all. BS!

1050 days ago


The right to life trumps the right to privacy every time.

1050 days ago


He knows from experience. Game's needs to come out already. Gangsta with a tongue ring.

1050 days ago


The Game is a ******* tool. He just got used like a mindless drone. He couldn't even clarify his own comment. Harvey had to clarify it for him. lol

1050 days ago


O.K. Game, you convinced me, I now believe you are truly an idiot!

1050 days ago

Big Smooth    

He right , everybody can criticize him , but what if it happened to your mother , daughter , sister and you , think about it . Thanks to the game .

1050 days ago


Is he is practicing what he is preaching with his wife?

1050 days ago
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