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Prison Claims TV and Book Talk

Put Rapper Back In Prison

9/8/2011 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

was hauled back to prison because prison officials believed he had people from his reality show on the bus that took him to his halfway house ... this according to official documents obtained by TMZ.

According to the incident report, when T.I. was released from prison on August 31, he was under specific instructions to be transported to his halfway house -- where he would serve the remaining 30 days of his sentence -- but he could ONLY travel with his wife ... and he wasn't allowed to conduct business on the bus.

0902_ti_tour_bus_AP_subBut prison officials say T.I. also had his manager, along with 2 VH1 producers on board.  Prison officials believe T.I. and his crew were yakking about his reality show as well as a book -- a violation of the rules.

The VH1 producers and T.I.'s manager have submitted letters claiming they were not conducting business, but prison officials didn't buy it.


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Regardless pf whether or not business was conducted on the bus, if only his wife was permitted to accompany him, he broke the rules.

Now if the manager and producers can prove they are also TI's wife, there is a case for . . . something...

1104 days ago


I think that's pretty dam ****ty! He goes back to prison over some bull dookie like who's on the bus? Let the guy get the ball rolling buy making money, I'm sure he has fees/fines. much more time does he have to stay? Too bad the courts didn't try being hard on Lindz a long time ago instead of wasting so much money on that messy biotch - tax payers.

1104 days ago


wow! now you get thrown in jail for 'discussing business' trying to stay out of trouble?? Amerikkka

1104 days ago


He goes back to prison for discussing business in a big shiny bus on the way to the half way house and on the flip side ... Lindsey Lohan continued to violate every probation rule she had and still got a free pass. Interesting how things work differently for some.

1104 days ago


HAHAHAHA I guess it's true once you go to prison, it's just a matter of time before you're back...Sucks to be him.

1104 days ago


Big shiny bus drives up to the prison and the staff taking pictures with TI and these goobers do not know who is on the bus. By the time he gets to half way house, prison staff have heard the conversations while bus is driving back to Atlanta. Maybe they have hearing like superman. The prison folks are the ones looking like morons and vindictive. And to the rest of the haters on here, in spite of all he still will be famous and making plenty of money. So hate on folks because it means nothing to TI or to anyone else for that matter.

1104 days ago


I can't believe he wasn't nailing his wife. He would rather 'do business' than get some nookie? I would be offended if I was her.

1104 days ago


I think T.I should not have been released early. He should have done his complete time, so that when he was realsed, he would be a completely free man and not be subjected to the whims of a public servant on a power trip. Probation, early release or anything other than your full time in jail is a way for them to run your life and keep you forever in the system.

1104 days ago


If you are just riding with your wife, why do you need a tour bus anyway?

1104 days ago


He was only pounding malt liquor and smoking crack and chronic on that bus. How's that "conducting business"?

1104 days ago


I really don't care for TI's music, but can you imagine if they re-arrested a white musician for "discussing business"? There would be 500 comments on TMZ about the Gov't wasting tax payers money, and violating said musician's american rights!!!!!

1104 days ago


Is it really worth putting him back in prison and having the tax payers pay for another month of incarceration? Meals and room cost more in prison than they do outside.

1104 days ago


The attorneys are just milking this for income and that dumb T.I. is too young and dumb to know he's being punked. The court cut a deal with them, he should have been locked up for at least 5yrs of which he would serve one. Nonetheless, while they're filing court papers he could be serving the rest of his time [three weeks] and he's out. It hasn't registered with him that if he didn't have the cash, his ass would be in the big house for awhile.

1104 days ago


Quite a few years ago, our elected officials decided to put this into words:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Not only that, they made it the cornerstone of our Republic. So, why again is TI in prison? Because he talked to someone about whatever the **** he wanted to talk about, as guaranteed by "law"?

And I am NOT a TI or rap fan, just someone calling out the BS

1104 days ago


I want this guy employeed ...let him do business...seriously or he'll be poppin a cap in yo azz while ya sleep to get yer wifes jewlery.

1104 days ago
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