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Mel Gibson

Why I Want to Make A

Jewish Hero Movie

9/10/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has a passion for the story of Judah Maccabee, one of the greatest Jewish heroes of all time, but is not doing the movie as an act of contrition.

Sources very close to Mel tell TMZ ... Gibson does not feel the need to bridge a gap between himself and the Jewish community, because he doesn't believe a gap exists.  They say Mel is adamant -- he does not hate Jews, noting that his lawyers are Jewish, his publicist is Jewish, and he has many Jewish friends and employees.

As for Mel's anti-Semitic rant during his 2006 DUI arrest, Mel has written two public letters of apology and also met with numerous leaders in the Jewish community to discuss where he went wrong.

As for the movie, Mel has wanted to produce it for a decade, telling our sources it's actually a statement against corruption in the church.  Mel believes Maccabee's story parallels the modern church, and he thinks the movie will help force change.


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You know, I have always felt that Mel screwed up on that drunken rant, and certainly felt he should apologize to the jewish community. HOW-FRIGGIN-EVER, this is becoming so out of control, that in my opinion, the jews that are still out for blood, OVER A DRUNKEN COMMENT, are totally losing any sympathy I had.
I wouldn't mind knowing WHO THE HELL ANYONE THINKS THEY ARE to justify the attempt to ruin a mans livlihood OVER A DRUNKEN COMMENT THAT HE'S BENT OVER BACKWARD TO MAKE UP FOR.
I would also like to add that this superiority that we are witnessing from the jewish community in terms of THEIR TREATMENT OF MEL, is disgusting.
Where is it written that if you say something diparaging about the jewish community, no matter the cir****tances, you will have them chasing and beating you for the rest of your life?
Just WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? In my opinion, what they are doing, is totally defamatory. Why are they allowed to go after his ability to make a living? If they don't want to watch the movie, then don'*****ch. And, I would be willing to bet that Mel may very well know more about religion than many of those, with this "pack mentality", know.
Does the jewish faith teach anything about forgiveness at all? Or does that only apply to forgiving themselves and not any other faith? I totally see them with different eyes now. They seem to have some huge superiority complex going on.
Mel, when you have finally had enough of this begging forgiveness and being villified and targeted, MAN UP AND SUE THESE BASTARDS!!

1137 days ago

some guy    

IDK... think I might like watching a movie about someone whose name might mean the Sledgehammer.

1137 days ago


They will be complaining about this for DECADES...woe is me.

1137 days ago


The making o*****ood film by a flawed and talented filmmaker is a good thing. All people are flawed. Perhaps it is not an act of contrition, but maybe it should be. For many people, one act reveals all and a lifetime of penance will not assuage. I hope the film is worthy of the investment and, like The Passion, moves people to consider a piece of religious history as fresh, real, and human.

1137 days ago


fraus are still pulling out their blue hair over this non-story.

The Flopper made it clear just how much America wants to pay to see a beater-boy movie.

1137 days ago


Ya know, ever since Mel had that drunken night that got his ass in a sling, the jews have been after him. They have tried to bury him ever since. So, I guess my point is, it wouldn't matter what he was filming, they would VOCALLY boycott him. They are using the content of this movie to justify their own hate.

1137 days ago


People still wanting to take revenge on a what a drunken guy said FIVE years ago must be carrying so much hatred and bitterness, it´s a typical sign of martures - people that want maximum power with a minimum of responsibility.

They are always looking for persons to blame and to use for achieving their victim/power status. Mel is doing the right thing: apologize, talk to those in charge - then drop it!

Go ahead, Mel, make your film! Martures get attention for a limited time but will soon be ignored when their strategy doesn´t work. You have never played your victim-card, you´ve always owned your problems, facing them and solving them. In all this - YOU carry honesty and transparancy. Wish you all the luck in the world!

1137 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

The ADL and Rabbi Hier need to HEAR what kind of opinions are being formed of THEM by THEIR OWN whiny, prejudicial, hate-filled actions:

Online forms:


1137 days ago


I'll watch it....I love Mel's movies and I think he needs this more than I do....I believe in the notion that people can be forgiven and make admends for their past behaviour....Lord knows I have and will again.

1137 days ago


Poor Mel!Being stalked like this!

1137 days ago



There you go again. Attacking a movie that is way over your head and comprehension. Why attack the fraus (your name for Mel supporters). Is that your game to attack the person when you nothing better to say? It didn't do as well as it should have because it wasn't distributed out, publicized and displayed in movie houses like most movies. It was because of intolerant unforgiving Jews in power that did this. I forgive all the ones that cannot forgive Mel for they know not what they are doing.

1137 days ago


I read the letters, I listened to TMZ live and Mel owes these people nothing more. He has apologized in written word, vocally, and spoken to their leaders, there is no more he can do, or should be called on to do. All it sounds like to me is that they are using Mel's status to give themselves some free publicity, but at this point I think they are digging their own graves and turning people off more than they already were.

The part about the Passion protraying Jews in a poor light is ridiculous, they were protrayed any special way. Sounds to me that they just don't like the story in the Bible and that the only way they would be happy is if there were no Jewish people in the film at all.

I am also extremely disappointed over Jason. To boycott something based on someone else's words, insanity. You missed a good film, Jason, and sorry for your ignorance, but I understand that sometimes it is easier to hide from the truth than face it.

These Jewish leaders have turned into the defamers at this point. They are stalking, attacking and discrediting Mel for no reason, and all that they are accomplishing is magnifying the stereotypes people already have of them. Cutting off their own noses to spite their face.

1137 days ago


go for it Mel, were 100 % behind you

1137 days ago


I believe healready made a movie about a Jewish hero. It was about Jesus.

1137 days ago

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1137 days ago
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