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Dr. Conrad Murray

You Be the Judge

9/11/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A jury is about to be selected in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. Two years have passed since Michael Jackson's death, and we now know a lot -- but not everything -- about what happened on June 25, 2009. So, on the eve of the trial, we gotta ask:


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I don't understand why propofol in and of itself is getting a bad rap. My husband had a procedure at the hospital recently, and although he has had a bad time in the past with anesthesia, (nausia, vomiting etc.) this time the Dr gave him propofol, and what a difference it made. No bad reactions, felt great when he was coming to, it truly was a good experience for us. I would highly recommend propofol, if you have had bad experiences with anesthesia. Too bad it didn't work out so well with MJ, however, he took his destiny in his own hands, when he made the command to administer propofol, outside of a hospital setting.

1108 days ago

What I Think    

I think Katherine was there and administered the fatal dose. I think her money was running low and, as she realized her son was worth more dead than alive, there you go.

1108 days ago


I am amazed at the comments here. When a doctor screws up in the OR or in the ER do you blame the patient.
As a nurse let me clear up a few facts.
Propofol by federal law must be administered in a medical facility with patient on cardiac and respiratory monitors, and respiratory support near by (ventilator). Dr. Murray broke the law.
Next in administering the drug the Dr. took full responsibility for all outcomes. If I give a drug to a patient my license is the one on the line not the Dr. who ordered it. Dr. Murray is also required to know about all potential side effects of any drug he gave, HE KNEW this drug can suppress the patients respiratory system and stop the patient from breathing. Just one dose is enough to shut down the respiratory drive. As a Dr. , Mr. Murray is required to know how to do CPR correctly and must prove he is proficient in doing so by getting certified every 2 years. All Medical personal are required to do this.
He did not perform CPR correctly. Dr. Murray showed great negligence in caring for his patient. If he treated your family member this way not only would he be tried for negligent homicide, but you would be suing for malpractice.
Finally Propofol is a fast acting, short lasting drug. This drug works in seconds Mr. Jackson could not administer the drug to himself because he would be unconscious before he could administer a lethal dose.
Dr. Murray with his negligence is guilty of murder.

1108 days ago


Some questions in this poll are badly formulated. For example, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter are two very different things. My answer would be "no" to the former and "yes" to the latter. I think, based on what I've read about the case, Dr. Murray committed criminally negligent manslaughter, a form of involuntary manslaughter.

Another example, the Propofol question is just silly. Most people would let a doctor administer Propofol to them for anaesthesia in a normal medical situation, e.g. for a surgical procedure. It's a tried and tested substance that's approved for use all over the world. But most people also would never ask a doctor to administer it to them to abuse it as a sleep-inducing drug on a daily basis and in the way Michael Jackson did, in the environment of a private home.

This poll is just shoddy work.

1108 days ago


I am disheartened by lack of ethics,lack of morals and lack of sense shown by so many people in the world today.
Murray did kill Michael Jackson;it is because of his actions that Michael died that June.As a doctor,Murray had the duty to do what was best for the patient.Murray had the duty to say "No," and he failed.There are medical protocols to follow,information and directions on propofol use to follow.Murray failed to do those things.
Michael does bear some culpability in his death because he asked for the medication;he hired an unscrupulous doctor in order to get the drug,but the majority of blame falls to Murray.Murray is not a scapegoat because he DID administer a drug that he had no training to use and his actions ended up in the death of a patient.
It was impossible for Michael to self-dose.The set up of the IV,the nature of the medication(IV use only and loss of consciousness as soon as it enters the bloodstream) all are reasons the coroner stated that someone else had to give Jackson that fatal dose.That someone else is Murray.Murray should have known about Michael Jackson's medical history.He should have known about the past addiction,the high tolerance to medication syndrome,the over-all medical history of his patient.He really didn't need all of this information to turn down the request to use an anesthetic as a sedative,a use that is not approved by the medical community.

1108 days ago


TMZ,your poll is poorly formulated;it is set up for some emotional,knee-jerk reactions from those who really are not knowledgeable about all aspects of the case.It seems that your wish is to continue to spread ignorance.Your question about whether or not one would let their doctor administer propofol highlights ignorance.
People who are educated,who take the time to research and get facts know that propofol is a safe drug when administered by trained anesthesiologists and anesthesia-trained medical personnel. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta did a story about propofol that explained everything. Perhaps your staff needs to start looking at news sources that really do report factual information?
I also am having trouble with the numbers of people who seem to be confused: Murray didn't kill Michael yet he is guilty of manslaughter? Murray did kill Michael.It is because of Murray's actions and Murray's actions alone that Jackson died that June.If Murray had said that he wasn't going to give Michael Jackson propofol and took all the medications out of the house after quitting the job that he should have never agreed to take on in the first place,he,Murray, wouldn't be in trouble today.

1108 days ago

What I Think    

I'm not being sarcastic about this because I would really like to know. We can all agree that it was improper to use Propofol to deal with insomnia. What I am curious to learn is what drugs, if any, would have been suitable and effective to deal with MJ's sleep issues. Does anyone know?

1108 days ago


Murray is guilty of manslaughter, not murder. Anyone who thinks MJ isn't also to blame has their head jammed up their bum. HE WAS A DRUG ADDICT AND A CELEBRITY AND HE KNEW THE DANGERS OF TAKING PROPOFAL. He was wealthy and was able to find a doctor greedy enough and stupid enough to dope him every day.

Bottom line, Murray should go to jail. Any medical professional stupid enough to administer propofal privately should go to jail. Any doctor that prescribes any mind altering medication to someone they know is an addict should also do jail time.

1108 days ago


To date, there is no tangible evidence or proof that Michael Jackson ever asked Conrad Murray for Propofol. There is a great deal of speculation based on Murray's report to the police when they finally found him but that is all hearsay. He did not keep written medical records the whole time he was Michael's doctor so all of this is based on nothing more than Murray's account of what happened that night. And based on the number of lies he has told so far; not so sure his account of what he really gave Michael that evening is even close to being the truth.

So for anyone to say that Michael was to blame for his death because he asked for this is simply untrue. Only two people were there that evening (as far as we know anyway) and one is dead and the other is a compulsive liar who gave sub-standard medical care to his patient through his recklessness and negligence.

1108 days ago


This is about as clear cut of a case of manslaughter as you can get. It's not murder, because he didn't purposefully kill him, but it most definitely is manslaughter. Propofol CAN NOT be administered outside a hospital. It is used to put people under for surgery. It is administered by an anesthesiologist, in a hospital, and your vitals have to be monitored while you are under it. It is NUTS that Dr Murray was giving Michael this at home. Just plain stupid and GROSSLY NEGLIGENT. Yes, he most certainly should be convicted of manslaughter.

1108 days ago

What I Think    

I wonder if it ever occured to MJ to ask the following questions? Why are you using drugs to help me get to sleep? Is this standard procedure? What are the dangers involved? Assuming that no drugs have been developed yet to treat sleep disorders, it still leaves the following questions. Why did MJ need a doctor (a cardiologist at that) to help him get sleep when no medical treatment to help existed? Could it have been just help him score the drugs he really wanted in the first place just to get high on?

1108 days ago

What I Think    

One more thing comes to mind. Some MJ fans have claimed that MJ suffered from insomnia for years. How were all of those previous cases of it treated?

1108 days ago


I am a family physician. There are alot of cases where docto's are wrongfully blamed for bad outcomes for a patient - this is not one of them. Dr Murray accepted $150k/mo salary to be legalized drug dealer. He should not be allowed to practice medicine at a minimum.

1108 days ago
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