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Presidents Bush and Obama

Observe Moment of Silence

At 9/11 Memorial

9/11/2011 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former President George W. Bush, with his wife Laura, and President Barack Obama, with his wife Michelle, observed a moment of silence at the north pool at the National September 11 Memorial for a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the attacks at World Trade Center.



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Seriously, why do peope envy America so much? Don't you have any problems in your own country? Just wondering. Also we bring you the best movies... come ooooon!!!

1102 days ago


To see Nobama up there with country idiot Bushie is disgusting, repugnant. War criminals.

1102 days ago

Stewie Griffin    

It's pathetic that people bash their own President and former President. Show some god damn respect for both of these men, they did and continue to do a job which you could never do you jerk-offs. In case you have forgotten, these men were chosen by the people, for the people, and whether you like one or the other, they both fought and continue to fight like hell for the freedoms which you enjoy every day, don't be such pricks. God Bless America and her LEGAL citizens.

1102 days ago


It's sad that we cant even remember the people who lost their lives on this day w/o being racist. Thats the issue now, we dont know how to come together. We dont need enemies when we have each other.

1102 days ago


Ouote:if Obama was an actual christian he would not stand with satanist Bush. of course he wouldn't be running the satanic wars either which he claimed to oppose and promised to end...

if you naively think I'm being too hard on Bush listen to these firemen talk about massive explosions inside WTC

and the controlled demolition of WTC7

9/11 was an inside job people. yet most of you have been so well trained to masturbate with the flag that you don't dare question USA

Are you really that stupid? No wonder we now have this idiot in the White House.

1101 days ago


Bush shouldn't have been there. 9/11 happened on his watch. He is the one who dismantled the protective shield Clinton had built because Bush didn't take the threat seriously. Even the Rice knew, and tried to tell Bush, who wouldn't listen. Bush took credit instead of the blame. Only in Crazy Republican Ville.

1101 days ago


TMZ commenting on anything with substance is like watch Comedy Central and expecting to be informed.

1101 days ago


Qoute: the protective shield Clinton had built

LOL! Are you serious? Another village idiot.

1101 days ago


Why is everyone looking at the shrine in this "moment of silence" except the president???? FOCUS DUDE!!!

1101 days ago


The douche who created Osama (Bush) standing with the guy who killed Osama. Interesting how republiKlans can't do anything right and that the minorities they hate end up cleaning after them.

1097 days ago
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