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Scarlett Johansson

Exposed by a Hacker

9/14/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Scarlett Johansson is the latest star to have self-shot nude pics stolen and released by a hacker -- and Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake could be next. What will it take for celebs to STOP TAKING NUDE PHOTOS of themselves?

Plus, Tareq Salahi believed his wife Michaele was ABDUCTED -- but we found out the TRUTH during TMZ Live ... and it's bad news for Tareq in a completely different way.

And, The Situation screws over an old man with a cane by parking his Ferrari in a handicapped spot -- why do people with expensive cars think they're above the law?


(5:30) Nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson were stolen and leaked -- and now the FBI is involved.
(7:00) Racy pictures of Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are now being shopped around ... and we've seen them.
(12:00) The FBI has a handful of hackers on their hands.
(15:10) Paul Michael Glaser and his ex-wife are battling over money -- so how much child/spousal support is enough?
(18:30) When parents fight over money -- it really hurts the kids.
(21:05) Mike and Gary defend Glaser's golf expenses.
(36:05) Breaking news! Michaele Salahi was NOT abducted -- and we know who she ran off with! Meanwhile ... her husband is still in denial.
(40:01) The Situation parks in a handicapped spot ... and it screws with an old man with a cane.
(44:05) MJ's estate is booming ... and Katherine is reaping the benefits.


No Avatar


Abducted by who, aliens?

1134 days ago


what happened to the bradley cooper lookalike producer for TMZ live? I liked him

1134 days ago


Harvey, why did you change your mind about roasting Charlie Sheen?

1134 days ago


She probably needed to get away from him ... no abduction.

1134 days ago


I know it doesn't excuse his parking partly in the handicapped space, but did anyone else notice the empty handicapped space on the other side of the diagonal blue crosswalk lines at the end of the video? I think that is why the video is shot so close to the car... so you don't see that the other space is empty.

1134 days ago


my opinion is the Salahi's are media whores and i think this is just another excuse to get tv time.

1134 days ago


Hi handsome men!! :)

1134 days ago


Did the hackers hack into Dax's phone, are there nude photos of him and is he hung like a field mouse? He sure has aged a lot in the past 3 years, he looks like he's Harvey's younger brother, by a couple of years.

1134 days ago


Is he a deadbeat dad? How much is he paying? If he is paying a lot, maybe the tuition should come from that. Also, who says a child HAS to go to public school?

1134 days ago


Can't you stop this call in crap. I don't care what the general public thinks, I tune it to see what the "entertainmnet news" people have to say. It is so annoying all these people on the phone or skype.

1134 days ago


Do you have any new info on Matt Hardys arrest earlier today?

1134 days ago


It sucks that someone thinks it's funny to hack peoples phones & release their pics. However, what are the celebrities thinking? These dumbasses are carrying around electronic devices with nude pics of themselves; what morons.

ATTN, CELEBRITIES: Follow the advice your parents gave you: don't do anything that you will be embarrassed for later on...

1134 days ago

nee nee    

Read Alec Baldwins book about his divorce and child custody does seem to be unfair to men with $...(the lawyers milking it for evry buck they can get) for yrs

1134 days ago


Scarlett J. is not even close to being beautiful; how in hell did she get to be a movie star!?! Yes, she's got a great body, but so do 90% of the starlets in Hollywood.

1134 days ago


Ms. Salahi ran away from home to get away from her creepy husband. That is a FACT!

1134 days ago
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