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Charlie Sheen

I'd RETURN to 'Men'

... If They'd Have Me Back

9/16/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the WORST TV breakup of all time, Charlie Sheen says he LOVES the idea of returning to "Two and a Half Men" ... even though his character is supposedly DEAD.

Sheen appeared on the "Today" show this morning ... where he told Matt Lauer that Ashton Kutcher is "going to do great" as the NEW star when the show comes back next week.

But when Lauer suggested Sheen could return to his old stomping grounds for a cameo -- Sheen LIT UP ... saying, "If they thought it was a good idea ... I'm completely on board for that."

Even though Charlie Harper "died" after Sheen went off the deep end a while back ... Sheen insists, "There was no body at the funeral ... there was no urn."

Don't hold your breath.


No Avatar

Charlie you're starting to sound as desperate and pathetic as Tareq Salahi

1136 days ago

There's a problem here    

That's too bad Charlie. This is why people can be committed for X amount of hours for their own protection and to get their meds straightened out. If someone would have caged you for 72 hours and got your meds back in you, your manic crisis would have resolved and it would have looked just like another one of your routine fkups. To top it off THEY KILLED CHARLIE on "MEN" so you're out, son. Hopefully next time someone will save you from yourself.

1136 days ago

The Real JJ    

Charlie get off your knees, its over. Find something better.

1136 days ago


Sorry Charlie, you screwed the pooch on that one! There would be no way in hell they'd hire your warlock ass back.

1136 days ago


Please TMZ...hire me as your proofreader already. Geez..
"Even thought Charlie Harper "died""

1136 days ago


Charlie Sheen is saying in so many works that he's sorry for what he did and said. But it's to late, CBS put up with all of Charlie's stunts. They told him to stop and he didn't. Then CBS lowered the hammer on Charlie and fired him. So now he wants to come back. Charlie has finally figured it out that now he's no longer making a million dollars a show. Charlie needs money because he has to pay 2 ex-wifes plus child support. Charlie should of thought about this while he was acting stupid. Now Charlie is on the out side looking in. Don't count on CBS bring Charlie Sheen back it's not going to happen no matter how many time he apologizes to Chuck Lorie it's not going to happen. Chuck Lorie could care less what happend to Charlie. He's dead, dead, dead.

1136 days ago


Charlie blew it big time and he will not be missed!!

1136 days ago


If Charlie Sheen thinks Chuck Lorre will have Anything to do with him I'd say:

1. He's returned to drugs; or
2. He's clean but has a slim grasp on reality.

1136 days ago


He just said yesterday that he was finally over 2 1/2 men, & today he wants back on the show. ya right, this guy must be back on the crack pipe. Get over it Charlie, your've LOST.

1136 days ago


i feel bad for him.. i think instead people tying to help him.. they got rid of him.. then again hes a grown ass man whatever.. aslong as he can stay sober.. hes got enough millions to live off..

1136 days ago


Guess the guy finally woke up from his drug-induced stupor and realized what a well paying and cozy gig he threw away

1136 days ago


Well, if they don't get on board with Charlie the two and a half men series is going to die, Aston isn't funny, and he don't have the chrisma that Sheen does. I think it's time for Lorrie to give a bit and save his show. Cause, Ill be watch sheen where ever he is.

1136 days ago

steven katona    

hey charlie? WTF? you get your ass off of coke! 420 4 life buddy! you hear me charlie? clean up your act!

1136 days ago


I hope Chuck Lorre, in his Talmud, finds something about forgiveness. I really want Charlie back. I would be happy to see Ashton on the show as well. Charlie - I don't know if you will ever read this. I don't know you but I'm one of those people who prayed for your recovery and so believe in prayer. I'm thrilled to see you appear healthier and wish you well. I will miss you so much on Men - I watch all the reruns. I hope Chuck finds forgiveness in his heart. Make it all a big old dream sequence. Worked for the show Dallas. Ashton can be a long lost son Mom gave up for adoption years ago.

1136 days ago


He didn't say he wanted his old job back, he just said he would be open to a cameo. As with all of Hollywood, Charlie also has a short memory. He was given an opportunity by Lauer and decided to extend or pretend to extend an olive branch. No one is ever really finished in Hollywood if they think you can make them a buck, and Charlie will always be bankable.

1136 days ago
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