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Charlie Sheen

I'd RETURN to 'Men'

... If They'd Have Me Back

9/16/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the WORST TV breakup of all time, Charlie Sheen says he LOVES the idea of returning to "Two and a Half Men" ... even though his character is supposedly DEAD.

Sheen appeared on the "Today" show this morning ... where he told Matt Lauer that Ashton Kutcher is "going to do great" as the NEW star when the show comes back next week.

But when Lauer suggested Sheen could return to his old stomping grounds for a cameo -- Sheen LIT UP ... saying, "If they thought it was a good idea ... I'm completely on board for that."

Even though Charlie Harper "died" after Sheen went off the deep end a while back ... Sheen insists, "There was no body at the funeral ... there was no urn."

Don't hold your breath.


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I'm NOT at all a fan of Charlie and his Wacko Factory, but I gotta say, I think Ashton's gonna tank and the show goes down with him. The show had such a funny premise, gettin worn out, but at least it kept me laughing with the interaction between ALL the cast.
Ashton was funny/amusing as the goofy handsome guy in "That 70's Show", but, after seeing him in movies and interviews, funny is one thing he ain't...sorry.
God, I wish Lorre would swallow his pride and get Charlie back....he's a wacktard, and I hate to admit it, but his "fit" with the other characters won't be there with Ashton, I just can feel it.

1097 days ago


Two stories in a row with typos. You guys hire Mario's staff?

1097 days ago

your not all that    

Too late ******* burned that bridge a looooooong time ago. You CANT fix the fact the the whole world knows your a meth-head loose cannon. I stopped watching men years ago. Ill be giving it another chance WITHOUT YOU!!! Just go get another porn star and some dope and do what you do best.....HUMILIATE YOURSELF AND FAMILY SOME MORE...IDIOT

1097 days ago


OMFG! Someone FINALLY came down from their manic episode and now realizes how bad he really screwed up. There is no going back on some things. That is why bipolar people need medication. Winning NOT, How's that tiger blood now?? More house cat than tiger? Yes I love the show with him, because it is so true to his life but I think Ashton on the retooled show will be good, I am anxious to see how he comes in on Monday...Lesson of the Day: You can not insult everyone REPEATEDLY and expect them to accept your apology.....hey hey hey goodbye Charlie Harper......

1097 days ago


I can't wait until your new show tanks. Maybe Dr Conrad can help you sleep.

1097 days ago


Hey Charlie boy... how's that crow tasting?

1097 days ago


The Warlock is casting yet another spell! Look out, peanut gallery!!

Big Poppa

1097 days ago


I know he was in a drug induced stupor when he ranted about Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros like a dog but Charlie has no class whatsoever.

Now he has the nerve to say he would return to his job if they would have him back. Can you believe this?

Charlie it's over for you and you have no one to blame for that but yourself. You are not coming back, not in even flashbacks.

I thought he was going to develop this money making show for himself on cable called Anger Management. If he's going to make so much money as he claimed why would you want to come back to a show that fired you.

1097 days ago


If you guys actually saw the interview, you would see that he's sober, looks good and is not bitter at all. He owned his behavior and said it was time to move on. He admitted he was out of control, made no bones about it, but he never apologized to Lorre. He makes 180k an episode in reruns. In L.A., that's 14 episodes every seven days alone. Add up the rest of residuals he recieves from a 20 year career. That dude has a brinks truck backing up to his house dumping tons of cash.

1097 days ago


Charlie looks desperate and pathetic. He should just move on and not look back at the wreckage of the past. Every addict/alcoholic has regrets about what they've done under the influence. Learn from past mistakes, stay sober and move on.

1097 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Of course he'd go back. His money train is drying up, & he still has tons of overhead. Smells like desperation.

1097 days ago


You had your chance Charlie Dikhead. You blew it after she blew you, buddy!

1097 days ago


LOL.... Desperate enough winning!...ha ha

1097 days ago


Quit dreaming, man. No one wants you back.

1097 days ago


This image rehabilitation reeks so strongly of desperation you can practically taste it.

1097 days ago
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