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Nancy Grace

RUMPSHAKIN' in the TMZ Ballroom!!

9/16/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace ... IS A FRICKIN' DANCE MACHINE!!!!!!!

The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant just hit the TMZ newsroom with her partner Tristan MacManus ... and gave us a little preview of what's to come on the show ... AND IT WAS PRETTY DAMN GOOD!!!


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i guess if pigs can fly then cows can dance

1135 days ago


Hey, I too was surprised. Good for her, I'm glad she's spreading her wings and getting out of her "show persona." I guess she can thank ol' Casey for this. ha ha

1135 days ago


You can't take someone as crass and big mouthed and NG and change her into a ballroom babe. It's just not going to happen. Her mouth and personality make her ugly, there's no fixing it! How can one possibly look at her dancing and think she's good? Her dancing matches her personality, disgusting!

1135 days ago

how lame    

LoL I think she is so funny.

1135 days ago


Like the comment before, I liked Nancy until she kept going on and on about the fiance. Wonder how her hubby likes it. Plus THE TWINS. Other t.v. hosts do not go on and on about their kids as if they were the only kids on earth. We all love our own children. My question is how she can keep promote herself with her show, to the point of nausea, while other contestant do not have shows to do that. Makes me furuious.

1135 days ago


Where do we start with Nancy Grace. She is a loud mouth willing to sell her self out for attention. Worse, I don't think she even believes half of what she says. She takes a position and just argues it for ratings. How much do you make to sell out Nancy? I figure that in reality you may not be a bad person, but your TV persona... pure sell out.

1135 days ago


I just don't see how the station can get away with an hour long show about her wonderful self on DWTS. The other contestants must be livid, even though it is promoting the s show. She wants to win all in the name of Charity-----Oh please!! She may be bright, but she really has sold herself out. Notice she seldom mentions the hubby..Just the murdered fiance. Sob. She started out with a good show, but now it is as revolting as Dr. Phil with his wife there every day, another show I will not longer watch.

1135 days ago


Thinking of Dr. Phil and his wife made me think of another one that I have not heard anyone mention. I don't know how to spell Guilliano (Rudy) but did anyone else wonder why his wife was the only wife standing there when he gave his 911 speach the other day? Bush, the President, alone. JUdy just had to be there, hanging on.

1135 days ago


Hey Nancy! I'm working on my 6th beer here, so I'll be as professional and eloquent as well, physical capabilities allow. Well, bad news, the video won't play. It looks like you can dance, but from the pic, not only are your shoulders not square and straight like your partners, but foot position and hand gestures are way off. It looks like from the pic, regarding hip position that he did more than just 'lead' the dance. Looks like he danced you around there. From that position, he would have to swing long and work harder. Your pose is elegant, but hardly experienced. Sorry. lol.

1135 days ago


The guys a homo, right? No man should EVER move like that. That is in the nastiest of fruit territories.

1135 days ago


come on AMERICA! why are you all slamming Nancy Grace..when she stands up for children, women,.. well, NANCY you are the reason along with CHAZZ BOBO why I am watching DWTS this us you can do this dancing,,Hugs<3

1135 days ago


I didn't know she was so heavy.

1134 days ago


Though my husband and I have never missed a season and barely a show in all these years of DWTS, we will NO*****CH until that miscreant is voted off. Nancy Grace is a TROLL!! When she's back under her rock, we'll tune in.

1134 days ago


Holy heck, I never knew Nancy was that humongous! Sitting behind a desk and holding criminals guilty until proven innocent gave no indication of her fatness!

1134 days ago

Bobby Miker    

I have a boner right now watching this video (lol)

1134 days ago
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