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"Big Brother" Star Shelly

Jeff and I Are BFFs Now

9/17/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916_shelley_video_launch"Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore says she's now best buds with former housemate Jeff Schroeder -- despite last month's feud that led some crazed fans to threaten to kill Shelly and her family.

In case you forgot, Shelly voted to evict the fan-favorite Jeff last month -- and a handful of psychotic viewers REVOLTED ... calling Shelly's house and issuing death threats.

But last night in L.A., Shelly said it's all in the past -- the threats have since died down ... and she's now on great terms with Jeff.

Shelly tells us, "This is a game ... Some fans get really excited, some get really crazy. It is what it is. We are fine. We are wonderful ... Jeff and Jordan and all of us, we're all buddies ... LIFE IS GOOD!"


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Shelly....If you had just played the game no one who feel as they do. It was not the Jeff and Jordan thing that outraged America, though it did make it worse. Shelly you really need to watch the recordings of the live feeds. You were cruel beyond belief, threatening to choke Rachel, having dark thoughts about Rachel. Stirring the house up so that they also would hate Rachel, and hoping to cause Rachel to be so much more hated when she leaves the house. When you thought Rachel was pregnant your statements,along with two other housemates, concerning causing Rachel to loose the baby to further the game was sickening. Does this bring back any of your memories?? You played a dirty, spiteful game that was not enjoyable to watch. Then you would go on your rants about how others HG's were acting that would affect your daughter?? I am writing this because you seem to think it is all a joke, and that all of this was part of the game. You went far beyond the game, and it is all recorded in the Big Brother vault. I hope this was a lesson for you, like you would say to other people!

1132 days ago


LOL. The crazy cat ladies and their hillbilly husbands are obsessed with Jeff and Jordan. I don't really care - it's football season!

1132 days ago


Shelly is a mean,cruel and lying BITCH.I doubt if she even knows how to tell the truth.Any body who thinks she is telling the truth is a FOOL.

1132 days ago

go home!    

I still think Shelly is a closet lesbian, but she is forgiven after being the swing deciding vote for Rachel's victory! Who'dda thought?! Thanks Shelly!

1132 days ago


Wow, to the person who said Shelly should lose her job and husband, you have issues and might need to seek some counseling. Big Brother is a game and Jeff knows that. He has let it go. Why can't you? It does not effect you personally in any way, shape, or form. If you think it does, you have lost all perception of what reality is. Shelly played a great game. She did get too personal with some of her game play, but she redeemed herself in the end by voting strategically. I wish her and her family nothing, but the best and would love to see her back for an All Star season. Losers need to grab their medication and turn off the TV. Just to clarify, for the thinking impaired, IT IS A GAME!!!!!!

1132 days ago


Something is seriously wrong when a person watches a TV show and becomes so bitter about it. Jeez even Jeff said he still liked Shelly.

1132 days ago


Point yes it is a game, when game play is involved. But when it is taken to the extreme where it affects the viewers it needs to be addressed. If you had taken time to read my post you would see that this has nothing to do with Jeff or Jordan. This was to let Shelly know what the American public were upset about, so she can rethink her speeches. She went to far, where are the boundaries now a days? There are laws against some of the threats she had made, why should that be considered part of the game? Hopefully Big Brother 14 will step up to get control on how far a player can go in the so called game. Yes, in the end Shelly did vote for the best player, but that was a last minute decision. How does one vote redeem a person, who had done so many horrific things?

1132 days ago


I'm with you Donna. If I were Shelly's employer, I would fire her. She was able to lie constantly without even thinking about it. The "fake" ring ploy (and she had to have decided to wear a copy of her ring far before she arrived at the house) was despicable - who would think of such a ruse? She is a horrible person who pretends to be a lovely one. People can't mask their true personalities for very long.

1132 days ago


STOP Blaming just the JeJO Fans 99% would NEVER threat a another person. And All the people saying it's just a game right Lying part of the game but Shelly stole other people's stuff and was a saying how honest she was, she was a hypocrite in the game in real life who knows

1132 days ago


Do people not want others to get along? That's pretty discouraging as a society. Big Brother is just a game, i'd guess most of the players get over it, so should the viewers

1132 days ago


The whole purpose of the game is to destroy somebody else's game..You sure are full of hate and you call Shelly names, LOL.

1132 days ago


I would not be her friend. I doubt that Jeff and Jordan are either.

1132 days ago


Benji aka Shelly...This is what is wrong with society today, people go out of their way to attempt to hurt or destroy a person for what ever twisted reason. But then when they are called out on it, they try to turn it around to reflect their actions to another person instead of taking the time to listen and learn from what is being said. You may want to blame it all as part of the game, but the majority see it differently. It is the fans and viewers who support these shows, it is their right to speak up when things have gone to far, especially when there are younger viewers who would be affected.

1132 days ago


Shelly is a d-bag. How embarrassing for her family.

1132 days ago


It is just a game though she played it badly.

I have to say her and her husband seem like a closeted couple.

1132 days ago
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