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Lindsay Lohan

Good Sam Returns

Cell Phone Containing "Photos"

9/18/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan almost made a hacker's dream too easy when she lost her cell phone last week ... but luckily for her the person who found it couldn't care less about her personal stuff ... some of which was pretty incriminating.

Lindsay lost the phone in New York City, as she left the V magazine party at the Boom Boom Room. We're told our Good Samaritan, who worked next door to the venue, spotted the lost phone and took it home.

According to our sources, the screen read "LINDSAY LOHAN'S PHONE" when he plugged it into his computer. He somehow figured out how to contact Lindsay's people and then returned it  ... without even asking for a reward.  And you guessed it ... she didn't give him one.

We're told Lindsay was ecstatic  ... the phone contained lots of important phone numbers and emails, as well as personal photos and "a lot of stuff" that she wouldn’t want published.

Bullet dodged.


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I would have backed up the data and put her on blast.
I can't stand her or the Kardashians.

1132 days ago


It was nice of that guy to return Lindsay's phone. But still, it would have been nice if he saved all the naughty pics and shared them with the world.

1132 days ago

Good riddance!    

No reward for a good deed and more of her illegal antics remain hidden. Another day in Loserhanville.

1132 days ago


This losing your phone thing will be the best way to get publicity in the future. Got a movie coming out....lose your phone with some risque photos. Got an album coming out....lose your phone with risque photos. Haven't been heard from in a while, not getting any attention......lose your phone with photos or a movie on it.

1132 days ago


Wait a minute,are you serious,not like she doesnt have huge pics of herself in her house,her screen on phone says lindsay lohans phone???...vanity and ego are one thing,but this takes it to another level

1132 days ago


Come on TMZ, you've been running stories on phone hacking for weeks now none of which contained anything about Lindsay Lohan. So Lindsay loses her phone, its returned and you say it contains embarrassing information, pics, etc? really? You have no evidence of this at all unless the guy who found the phone checked her private info and told you. If thats true he doesn't deserve a reward, you have already paid him.

Its Lindsay Lohan's private property so basically TMZ you are no better than the hackers.

1132 days ago


What a nasty b***h, a kind person nicely gave her back her phone which had private stuff on it which he could of sold to the highest bidder and she didnt even give him a reward, she is such a vile person and a pathetic loser, her career is over and she is a laughing stock around the world, she just needs go away stupid w***e.You aint nothing special love.

1132 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Wow. Didn't give the person a reward? What a b*tch. No wonder her career has gone down the toilet. She's a completely worthless human being.

Dear Hackers,
Please hack this whore's phone and put everything out there that she doesn't want to be seen. It's not like people don't know her ugly ass isn't a screw up anyway. Why people still talk about her is beyond me. She looks like she's in her late-40's now.

1132 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Of course she didn't give a reward, because she's a broke product of Dilo! And the hatred for her continues to escalate!

1132 days ago


hahahaaha so who told you about the phone and its contents TMZ? the guy who found it? how much did you pay him? This guy has had his reward, what a douche for running to TMZ

1132 days ago


Smells like a set-up for more publicity to keep her relevant. How did this person know where to return the phone? Why didn't she offer a reward? Most decent people would.

1132 days ago


the guy who found the phone has already been TMZ. No good samaritan would run to a gossip website.

1132 days ago


She was SOOOOOOO hoping these pics would be put online. Dude that found them, saw them and said...."Uhhhhhhhh,, yeah, let's just give this back to her." Her plan backfired. You know she's PISSED.

1132 days ago


Give me a break,he had to figure it out,all he had to do,was go to sent calls and see "mommy"

1132 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Too bad Lindsays career wasn't contained within the phone that was "returned"!!!

1132 days ago
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