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Charlie Harper

Deader Than

A Doornail

9/20/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092011_two_men_v2_videoChuck Lorre, the creator of "Two and a Half Men," made damn sure Charlie Sheen was never coming back ... because as TMZ first reported, Charlie Harper was nothing more than exploding meat when the script was put to bed.

Here's the funeral scene, where Rose recounts Harper's demise ... a demise she clearly orchestrated.


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I did no*****ch , sounds like I did not miss anything. I will no*****ch without Charlie.

940 days ago


I never watched that show before because I could not abide that snaggletoothed, wrinkled old geezer. I watched last night and it was tacky, vulgar and dumb and I will watch it again, Ashton was cute. Good show, now that the decrepit old bastard is gone.

940 days ago


I never watched that show before because I could not abide that snaggletoothed, wrinkled old geezer. I watched last night and it was tacky, vulgar and dumb and I will watch it again, Ashton was cute. Good show, now that the decrepit old bastard is gone.

940 days ago


I will definitely watch again to give it another shot. After all the hype i was expecting to see the best thing i had ever seen on TV, but it was kind of weak. Ashton is pretty great looking, but resorting to have him walking around totally naked in front of complete strangers in a house that was a guest in was way over the top, and came off as desperate. If they wanted to show off his body, how about just having him wear a pair of shorts without a shirt? Like a normal man? Also, i get that he was sad about his girlfriend leaving him so he maybe wasn't too energetic, but COME ON!!! They didn't have to make him so dim and childish and lethargic. I will still try it again because i think that everyone did their best with a seriously crappy storyline. And please put some pants on Ashton, he doesn't need to be naked for us to like him.

940 days ago


that was the MOST EFFIN STUPID THING I HAVE EVER WATCHED....all should be ashamed..the funeral was stupid..the writing was stupid...the premise was charlie, no i come ABC...

940 days ago


Loved it. As usual, Jon Cryer does all the heavy lifting.

940 days ago

j c    

Two and a Half Men was horrible last night. I won'*****ch again.

940 days ago


Omg it was so boring. Bring Charlie back that is the only way the show will make it.

940 days ago


OMG this was the worst show ever! I cringed with every was just pathetic. Even the regular co-stars seemed to have a really hard time acting through these very unfunny scenes. Even they seemed to know it will never be the same without Charlie. Won't be watching again!!! Bring back Charlie!!! What they did was put a watered down version of Kelso on the show!!! I cannot help but think that Charlie got some kind of back end deal to help promote the new show.

940 days ago


House would have gone to Rose if she married Charlie - she's rich so why Ashton needed? Make the whole thing a dream sequence and bring back Charlie and somehow fit Ashton in too. Not as funny without Charlie. They all looked like they were trying too hard - didn't flow well.

940 days ago


What a waste of my time! I only tuned in to see if the show could go on....NOT!!! Ashton was horrible!! I think Lorne is an idiot and killed 2 1/2 men! Too bad cuz I LOVED that show...I will never watch it again...only repeats of when Charlie was there. RIP 2 1/2 Men...

940 days ago


If the producers decide to bring Charlie back after all, they can always retroactively turn his funeral and all subsequent events without him into someone's dream. Perhaps one day Charlie will suddenly stand there in the shower like Bobby Ewing.

940 days ago


I watched the show last night and it was like watching a train wreck!! I liked Ashton in the 70's show but this role wasn't made for him. I miss the witty banter of Charlie Sheen. Cryer and Sheen had a chemistry that was amazing together.

940 days ago


They brought back Jay Leno, bring back Charlie! The cast is too quick witted and all have strong personalities the new character (Ashton) just does not cut it. Love Ashton but this does not fit. Do everyone a favor and get Charlie back. The character just does not fit with this cast. Hes just dumb, not quick wit. Ashton do yourself a favor and go before this character ruins your career!! Chuck you should have let the show go on a year with Charlie gone away until you decided what the best thing to do. You cant try to show up Charlie Hes the best even through he made som BIG mistakes. Suck it up and pull a Jay Leno!!!

940 days ago


I’m not an Ashton Kutcher fan but I thought he did well with the role, such as it was. However, it was glaringly clear to me that the catalyst that made everyone on that show that much funnier was Sheen and his character. Without Sheen, it’s not Two and Half Men. The cheap shots at Sheen/Harper were obvious for what they were, Lorre being petty. One of the key dynamics that made this show work beyond Sheen was that the adventures of a wealthy, bumbling, womanizing, misanthropic and misogynistic middle aged man with his dork brother was funny. A pabulum consuming whiney Kutcher…. not so much. Bad news Lorre, the audience’s opinion is more important than your ego.

940 days ago
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