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Charlie Harper

Deader Than

A Doornail

9/20/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092011_two_men_v2_videoChuck Lorre, the creator of "Two and a Half Men," made damn sure Charlie Sheen was never coming back ... because as TMZ first reported, Charlie Harper was nothing more than exploding meat when the script was put to bed.

Here's the funeral scene, where Rose recounts Harper's demise ... a demise she clearly orchestrated.


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Very disappointed with this show!!! The first fifteen minutes (with commercials) were well thought out, fast paced, creative, and well executed, even if predictable. However, the second fifteen minute block seemed as though I was watching something entirely different, and lackluster, to say the least. I have only watched one film in which Ashton's acting was truly on par with expectations, and that was in "Texas Rangers" (so many years ago). The performance shown in "The Butterfly Effect" was "fair" in my humble opinion. I really don't think that this new version of 2 and a half will capture any "new" additional lasting members to their viewing audience. Many people watched the first episode out of curiosity, and while the first half of that very episode captured interest, the second half was rough enough to leave a poor impression. P*nis jokes will only take you along for so many minutes. New material and direction is needed, and Ashton needs a tune up on his skills. Sorry, . . . truth hurts sometimes.

1075 days ago


He is not Dead, they made a deal for him to show up at the end of the season for a visit, Rose lied! Part of the settlement agreement, also he is not allowed to make disparging remarks about the show and he will make money off it, if they do well still. he will sing the praises of the enemy!

1075 days ago

Jodi can tell the show last night was good by reading the comments on here. Oh I'm sure SOME of the comments are from genuine lovers of Charlie Sheen who want him back but the majority are from people Charlie probably paid to come on here and say the show was bad.

Get over it folks, the show was good and will get better as time goes on just like it did when 2 1/2 Men first made its debut on TV. Charlie is not coming back and as bad as he talked about Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. he shouldn't want to.

Isn't he going to develop his own sitcom from the Anger Management movie on cable TV and make even more money than he did on "Men". Why would he want to come back?

1075 days ago


The ONLY reason I watched the show last night was to see how they sent Charlie packing. Will no*****ch again...I miss Charlie Harper!

1075 days ago

Ya Mon    

Sheen Roast was oTT funny, Chuck LORRE is a douche bag this show with ASHTON's performance was shaky.. watch a rerun with Charlie right after,already missed it, I think the new 2 1/2 men has already "jumped the shark!"

1075 days ago


Oh .. and having Ashton parade around naked and fuzzed out ... They JUMPED THE SHARK with that.

1075 days ago


Ashton stunk. Sorry, but it's true. He was KELSO the whole time. Jon Cryer carried the show, but it didn't work because he didn't have Charlie to play off. The only way this show will work now ... have Charlie Harper back as a ghost or as an hallucination by Rose ....

ASHTON = KELSO ... can't act.

1075 days ago


We thought it was terrible at my house. My husband wanted to turn it after 10 minutes but I made him suffer the whole 30 minutes. All of a sudden Charlies ex g-friends have diseases & hes broke? The show I watched for several years the women loved Charlie and couldn't get enough of him & he had money, thats why Allen & Jake went to stay with him after Allens divorce. The show last night was not funny and very predictable. As soon as I seen the delivery guy at the door It was obvious the ashes would be spilled. Not funny if you can see the punch line before the joke! Ashtons character is nothing more then an older version of Kelso. I think the jokes on Chuck this show is dead!!

1075 days ago


You know what i thought the show was actually pretty funny. Idk I mean great first show well see.

1075 days ago


Then we're mostly agreed...this show, as well as Charlie Harper, is dead. I really expected more from Lorre on this one since you only get one chance to make a first impression. It was The '70s Show meets 2½ Men. And as an added Jewish's two episodes. Really, you want me to waste another half hour next Monday night.

On the other hand; The Roast of Charlie Sheen was a lot better. Comedy Central roasts are always killer. I miss Greg Geraldo...RIP.

1075 days ago

Crew Wife    

Wow. That was a big disappointment you guys. I'm not a professional writer but even I can see that you completely threw away the most important aspect of the show. The "Odd Couple" dynamic.
You don't need Charlie Sheen, you need to write an anchor character that everybody else revolves around. Charlie Harper's character had that kind of pull. Last night's episode just kind of floundered. There was no anchor. Jon Cryer's character should NOT be the center - he's the side kick. Jon is a great comedic talent, but you've already made his character the side kick. Having him be the one to show Ashton Kutcher's character how to pick up a girl is just SO completely out of character for him and viewers notice these things.
No Yin and Yang. No Black and White. No Oscar and Felix. You guys are great writers, stick with the formula you've been working with since the beginning and you still might be able to pull it off.

1075 days ago


Not very good! Wanders up off the beach and is a billionaire??? I think my idea was much better >The Mom had another son she never told anybody about...its more believable.

1075 days ago


Watched... Didnt like. One more year. Two tops.

1075 days ago


From the bottom of my heart I can say I have never been able to watch any episode of this so-called show for more than two, maybe three minutes. And I certainly have never been able (and have never been willing) to watch an entire episode.

1075 days ago


RamHead: about a minute ago

From the bottom of my heart I can say I have never been able to watch any episode of this so-called show for more than two, maybe three minutes. And I certainly have never been able (and have never been willing) to watch an entire episode.

...which makes this comment a collosal waste of your time and mine for reading it...

1075 days ago
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