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Chaz Bono

Far From the STIFFEST Dude

In "DWTS" Debut

9/20/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Checkout Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer's long awaited "Dancing With the Stars" debut -- a Cha cha cha that earned them a standing ovation.

Chaz wasn't exactly light on his feet, but still scored 17 out of 30 ... which was better than two other guys -- Metta World Peace (aka Ron Artest) and Rob Kardashian.



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I don'*****ch this show usually but I did last night. Chas got a standing ovation when he was through. He did great! It takes a lot of heart to get out there with so many nasty, hateful people who have to rip people apart just because they are different. To all of you who have to call Chaz names and who hate him for absolutely no reason - go look in the mirror and try to figure out who you REALLY hate. Rob Kardashian sucked! I was amazed he even stuck with it because he's a big quitter. The show was really good.

1096 days ago


C'mon, lighten up on Bono. Would any of us want to go through that hell. Your brain says your a boy your physical body is a girl or vice versa...Brain doesn't match the body. No one knows why this happens, nobodys fault, it just does.

1096 days ago


Chaz did great! It was fun and he was quick and light on his feet surprisingly. Rob Kardashian was the worst.

1096 days ago


2 girls dancing together....WOW

1096 days ago


I'm sorry but the dance "SHE" did was not impressive at all. While it wasn't the worse dance of the night I believe she's getting more praise then she deserves on grounds that in today's society if your living a normal life your an outcast. It takes being gay/FAKE to be accepted! Just Saying...

1096 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

DWTS I have never seen the show but I guess it is fun and ok for those who like it.It is football for me this time of year.As far as Chaz goes who cares what she does and she has the right to be on the show and do her best to win.I mean people we have alot more going on in the world that we need to take care of than spending our time hateing someone because they are gay. GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

1096 days ago


Rob Kardashian, my god what a douche. He's the classic spoiled little mamma's boy. Once again, proof positive, despite having money the Kardashians have not one ounce of class. Always been true all the money can't buy you class.

1096 days ago


I thought Chaz was terrible, he had no musicality at all and didn't even know the dance moves, I thought Rob did a better job even though he was stiff as a board I thought Rob deserved better scores then that.

1096 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Chaz only got sympathy votes. Let's not kid ourselves.. that shim is too fat to dance.

1096 days ago


I adore Chaz. He danced 100% better than I could have ever done. For those of you who are writing mean and hateful things, I bet all of you consider yourself good Christians, huh?

1096 days ago


I have to admit I was a little nervous for him at first. I wanted him to succeed, and he did! I thought he did a great job. Proud of you Chaz!

1096 days ago


Vote for Chaz. The guy has another 95lbs to lose.
The show is stupid but dancing may save his life.

1096 days ago


I think he did a great job, good for him! I love it!

1096 days ago


Chaz was born a She and will always be a she.

1096 days ago

Jace Luttman    

I won'*****ch the show until IT is gone. First time my wife and I have missed it since it started! God Bless!

1096 days ago
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