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Chaz Bono

Goes Topless

9/20/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Before scoring a 17 out of 30 doing the Cha cha cha with Lacey Schwimmer on "Dancing with the Stars" last night, Chaz Bono showed off his bare chest while leaving rehearsals shirtless on Monday.

He's pretty smooth on and off the dance floor.


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There is so much undeserved hate here it’s not funny.. people are really mean and spiteful species.. surely, she has messed-up mental equipment, but she’s never done anyone any major wrong to blast her to smithereens like most do on these boards

1038 days ago


Am i the only that thought this was CG Eric Cartman or the fat bastard (austin powers)IJS

1038 days ago


Any one know where I can get one of those (Men in Black) Memory eraser pen??

1038 days ago


even his nipples are like *.*

1038 days ago


It is really a shame such a young person is in such poor shape.Chaz should have been more concerned with eating right and exercising than going through all this surgery first....

1038 days ago


Please pass the eye bleach!!!

1038 days ago


The nipples are waaay to close together.

1036 days ago


If you check the DNA on this person, it will show that this person is a female. You can do all the surgery and hormones you want. However, you DNA will always bae the same. This person is still a female no matter the appearance.

1036 days ago


Ok, I figured out y she became a he; it's because that was easier than losing the weight. But ya know, come on, cover it up, NOBODY wants 2 see it! Come on! Oh, btw, that statement goes 4 the rest of u "stud muffins" cover it up! Oh, and Chaz, PLEASE don't start wearing u're pants hangin. Thank you.

1015 days ago


There needs to be more kindness in this world for people who are not physically perfect. As a pretty woman, but moderatelty overweight for most of my life, I have had several mean comments directed at me. I have heard mean comments about women who men considered "ugly." Is a person only of value if they are considered attractive physically? It seems women receive most of the verbal abuse from men if they are not considered the right size, right prettiness, right age, etc. Why not show all people, straight, gay bisexual, ugly, fat, old, disabled, etc. kindness? What is wrong with being kind to everyone?

1014 days ago


gross. just what we want to see. a picture of a fat SLOB anywhere! and a transgender slob that can't dance.... even less!

1010 days ago


Personally.. I find you all pathetic... He.. is a HE. a transman like myself. Grow the **** up. Obviously most of you are to dumb to understand what being transgender is, but that's okay. We have to have retards for a reason. Who else would we laugh at in this world. :) For the record, a transman is more of a man than any cis-man alive. You all make us REAL men look like ********. Grow the **** up. Everyone is the same. We hurt the same, bleed the same, cry the same, love the same. That is a MANS chest. Nothing less. People are so pathetic and immature. The transgender community is made up of the strongest people I know. We aren't afraid to be who we are. We have the strength to admit and be our true selves. We stand out and are different and proud of it. You all need to grow a set of balls and man up and stop thinking it's cool to make fun of others for who they are. Honestly.

930 days ago
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