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Bristol Palin

I'm No Homophobe ...

I Was Just Defending My Mom

9/23/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923_Bristol_palin_2EXThere's nothing homophobic about Bristol Palin's heated exchange with a heckler last night -- according to her rep ... who claims Bristol was only defending her mom, Sarah Palin.

A rep for Bristol tells TMZ, she "was approached in a confrontational and inappropriate manner when two men aggressively shouted expletives aimed at her in reference to her mother. Bristol responded to the unprovoked verbal assault by calmly standing her ground and defending her family."

As we previously reported, Stephen Hanks yelled, "Your mother's a whore" -- prompting a face-to-face argument during which Bristol shouted at Hanks, "I just know you are" a homosexual.

The rep believes there was nothing bigoted about Bristol's words -- saying, "The situation ended with no incident, and accusing her of homophobia is completely unfounded and totally misstates her views."


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that bold headed ugly freak of nature , is disgusting . Looking at that big mouth of his I thought something was going to crawl out of it, UGLY!

1091 days ago


That ho mule sexual was racist with the Glen Rice derogatory comment. Just a fact. H

1091 days ago


TMZ staff - you need to shut your pie hole about this homophobic crap already. It's getting really old, you look silly and here's a little newsflash for you - NOT EVERYONE HAS TO LOVE GAYS.

And since the douchebag in the video is the one who started the altercation with Bristol, he deserved anything she dished out to him. What a s*** he is.

1091 days ago


It's interesting how Mr. Maggot-Mouth is so completely and helplessly dependent on Sarah Palin's opinion of him, as he perceives it. Palin, and no doubt anybody else, can, at will, wind up this little weasel like a toy top and send him spinning into the meltdown wall. Even if just for amusement.

Nothing like giving away all of your self control to the rest of the world.

1091 days ago


Me thinks the gay community just lost some credibility with the actions of this loser. I do have plenty of friends that are gay. Some are cool and some are TOTAL FRIGGIN QUEENS that I lose my patience with at times.

I don't think that just because you are gay, you get the free pass on losing control, and are allowed to act like an idiot as this guy did. I also believe that Bristol asked him if he was homosexual as a means of finding out why he hates her mom, not as a diss on gays. She was trying to figure out his reason for hatred.

I'm all for equal rights but it appears that this guy is looking to have more rights than everybody else is entitled too.

1091 days ago


What bothers me is that normally she walks away from situations like that and brushes them off. Why now did she engage that guy in dialogue. The only difference I see is that she was taping that show and had the camera and crew with her. In essence she had a forum. Maybe she felt courag knowing she had all eyes on her, maybe it was for ratings because honestly nothing about her would make me want to watch a 30 min show about her commings and goings, maybe she was simply defending her family the best way she knew how....but in the end...walking away from that guy would have been taking the high road!

1091 days ago


those who yell for tolerance are the most hate filled intolerant people of all.

1091 days ago


To ALL the IGNORANT LIBERALS commenting. She made the comment because gay ppl are brainwashed to believe that Sarah Palin hates gays. If he is OBVIOUSLY gay then she assumed he hates her mom because he is one of those idiots that believe Sarah hates gays. Im sure he also thinks Obama is the greatest President ever!!!

1091 days ago

william legge    

If there were any men of virtue there,that guy would of had a good beating to correct his behavior.

1091 days ago


If women wish to have equality, they should be able to take it like a man. They can't have it both ways.

As for this Bristol thing, I think the bull must have been scared of her.

1091 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Stephen Hanks, Who Viciously Heckled Bristol Palin, Attempts to Justify His Cowardice.
Posted on September 24, 2011 by Redbaiter

Readers- please understand this is not about Bristol Palin. This is about the state of politics in the US. What this video shows is the spiritual degradation of those who are the core opposition to Sarah Palin. It also shows that the hatred that is directed at her comes from one central political group, and that is the Progressive movement. Because she rejects their world view, they hate her. Hate her with the intensity of animals.

So readers, when you see what’s going on in US politics, you can see its not about Sarah Palin. Its about the totalitarianism of the progressives and the social liberals who dictate that no matter what, there will be no going back on the changes to our traditional social mores that they have so enthusiastically and successfully promoted over the last few decades.

Stephen Hanks is a 47-year old L.A. consultant who would not tell TMZ, who conducted this interview, what he consults on. He did, however, tell them that the argument at the bar was not a setup. Here he is pathetically trying to justify his cowardly behaviour.

The funny thing is he strongly criticizes Bristol for calling him a “homosexual”. Even if that truism does offend him, it occurred sometime after he had, in the company of his homosexual friends at the bar, called Bristol’s mother a whore. Watch the video only if you’ve got a strong resistance to puking.

1091 days ago

Jason Hundley    

Why do you say that bristol shouted at hanks " I just know you are" a homo sexual. She said why do you call my mom a whore, is it because you are a homosexual, can you explain why you cant put quotations around a whole quote and not at words after the quote to make it seem more controversial. I really don't understand, and would like an answer. Maybe I'm wrong, but i don't get it.

1091 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Bristol Palin Defends Mother Against Cowardly Homosexual Bar Room Attack
Posted on September 24, 2011 by Redbaiter

Let’s get one thing straight. Not all homosexuals behave like the cowardly POS in this video. Maligning and denigrating Sarah Palin to her daughter’s face in a bar with a crowd of his gay boy friends. (Examples-”Your mother is a whore,” “Did you ride Levi like that,” and “Your mother is a ******* devil.”) Too many of them do though, and if they want the respect of society, they need to earn it rather than demand it.

The liberals are using this to attack Bristol Palin. (and by inference her mother)

In the kind of stark reversal of reality the progressives are so good at, Bristol is the one under fire for identifying the coward as a homosexual. Someone should have just knocked that cowardly queer’s teeth down his ignorant throat.

1091 days ago


I know nothing about Sarah Palin or Bristal and her family or any thing she satnds for but When someone calls your mom a whore why in the hell would you ask "Do you hate my mom because your a homosexual?" Really? If you dont want anyone to find out your familie*****efull little secret try not to blame gays for the reason your mom i*****ed!

1091 days ago


Never have we had such low life running for the presidency or pretending to run.It is known that Palin does not like Gays or dark skinned people.If that is not homophobic and prejudiced, nothing is.And of course the daughter is not too different from the mother.She has used her promiscuity to build a career. What trashy people to be on the public agenda for the presidency.And the battery of people who support these people are just as bad.Pretty disgusting. Ihope the people see soon how stupid these people are and that they do not deserve one thought about being president.

1091 days ago
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