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Bristol Palin

I'm No Homophobe ...

I Was Just Defending My Mom

9/23/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923_Bristol_palin_2EXThere's nothing homophobic about Bristol Palin's heated exchange with a heckler last night -- according to her rep ... who claims Bristol was only defending her mom, Sarah Palin.

A rep for Bristol tells TMZ, she "was approached in a confrontational and inappropriate manner when two men aggressively shouted expletives aimed at her in reference to her mother. Bristol responded to the unprovoked verbal assault by calmly standing her ground and defending her family."

As we previously reported, Stephen Hanks yelled, "Your mother's a whore" -- prompting a face-to-face argument during which Bristol shouted at Hanks, "I just know you are" a homosexual.

The rep believes there was nothing bigoted about Bristol's words -- saying, "The situation ended with no incident, and accusing her of homophobia is completely unfounded and totally misstates her views."


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Harvey, Did TMZ plant this guy? You used 14 yr old Willow's FB posts after teens provoked her for an hour and pushed that Willow was a homophobia. This story reminds me of when Rosie O'Donnell screamed that Kellie Rippa was guilty of homophobia because Kelly did not want rude Clay Aiken putting his hand over her mouth.I have gay family members and I support gay rights but I do not approve of a 47 yr old man screaming filth at a 20 yr old girl. Bristol was merely asking him because so many gays have attacked her mother who was the first governor in AK to give partners of gay state employees health benefits etc. LOOK IT UP!

1095 days ago


Lets see she got pregnant out of wedlock so I guess that makes her and her dimwit mother w hoers.

1095 days ago


Some of the nasty low down disgusting words Stephen Hanks used to describe the Palins,…trash, homophobes, racists, media whores, bitch. Then Mr. Hanks had the audacity to condemn Bristol for the way she said the word “homosexual”. Good grief, the way she said “homosexual” is mild in comparison to all his ugly accusations. He accused the Palin’s for being media whores, and then goes on TMZ for publicity. He says that “she proved who she was last night” yet is too stupid to realize that he proved who was, as well. Usually people like Hanks lack the common sense and brains to even consider looking at themselves to see if they aren’t doing exactly what they condemn others of doing.

1095 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

The claim "she was approached in a confrontational and inappropriate manner" is erroneous. He was shouting (definitely inappropriate content) from the bar - SHE APPROACHED HIM. Not the brightest bulb in the box. The Palins are despised for many reasons of which Homophobia is just one. When she first landed on the scene I thought "who the hell is sarah palin?" I so wish she and her family would go back to obscurity. John McCain has much to answer for unleashing this monstrosity on the public. Blech!!!

1095 days ago


Surprising the crass vulgarity of the heckler gets little attention, only the comment Palin makes gets headlines. She accurately identified the heckler as a homosexual, probably based on his speech pattern (anyone that denies that there exists a "gay" speech affectation is an idiot) This is germaine becasue it shows the hecklers biggotry and prejudices. I am "social moderate" but I sure am getting tired of the media letting militant homosexuals have a free pass!!!

1095 days ago


If she were a man and just kicked the insulting ******** a$$, as he deserved, then I guess it would have been a hate crime or gay bashing. Your slant (narrow minded agenda) is doing a disservice to the gay community.

1095 days ago


Why do people think it's okay to rag on/attack Bristol Palin in public or to bug Kobe Bryant when he's in church?

-Okay, you're jealous of them, you're not doing so well.

...we get it/move on.

Church has a responsibility to protect Kobe so that Kobe doesn't have to address a jerk on his own.

The Bar/Shoot has a responsibility to send a Bodyguard or two so that Bristol doesn't risk a physical assault.

I love what they both did -

Bristol ripped him a new one - and it's hilarious.

1095 days ago


What is the difference between Sarah Palin's mouth and vaginia? Only 25% of what comes out of her vaginia is retarded.

1095 days ago


Harvey should have this bald dude in -

And to explain to the poor guy:

What a para-social relationship is.

1095 days ago


New Rule:

No aging, bitchy Queens around t.v. shoots featuring hot young famous babes.

Her riding that bull, by the way, was sexy as hell.

1095 days ago


The heckler is an idiot and a jerk. And, Bristol "I spread my legs & got pregnant, but you can't do what I did or you're evil" Palin is of course a homophobe; calling someone a homosexual to degrade them is the definition of homophobia. Her black man loving, coke snorting, holier than thou (unless no one's looking) mommy is history; nobody with 1/2 a brain will support her now, thanks to leg spread Bristol...

1095 days ago


Way to go, TMZ, for completely misrepresenting what happened. This guy started off yelling, "Did you ride Levi like that?" after she finished riding the mechanical bull, and then he started calling her mother "evil" and a "whore". How would you like it if someone called your mother those names? She asked if he was a homosexual because she knows that they hate her mom for not supporting gay rights.

1095 days ago


Freaking liberals are the biggest POS's in this country, When they cannot defend their policies they attack people WHO THEY KNOW is better than they are. People who defend what this person did shows not only a lack of commonsense but lack of intelligence as well. Disband your party libs, you're ruining this great country!!

1095 days ago


Wow she has nerve, how is she gonna say that in west Hollywood. Did she realize where she was at? She was messing with the wrong guy in the wrong glad nothing serious went down. Thankfully she wasn't at Abbeys down the street.

1095 days ago


F*cking leave the Palins ALONE already. I'm just sick of the media trashing them.

1095 days ago
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