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"L-Word" Star

Southwest Airlines Booted Me

... Because I'm Gay!

9/26/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Leisha Hailey -- who starred in "The L-Word" -- says Southwest Airlines hates gay people ... and claims that's the reason she got kicked off a flight today.

Leisha just unleashed a flurry of tweets to her thousands of followers -- claiming a flight attendant booted Leisha and her GF for kissing on the plane ... because SW is a "family" airline.

Leisha is now demanding a public apology from Southwest -- calling for her fans, and gay people everywhere, to boycott the airline for its "homophobic" policies, writing, "They don't like us."

A rep for Southwest tweeted her back with a quick apology -- asking for Leisha to contact the company privately so they can sort out a solution. So far, no official word from Southwest.



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Just Me    

Hey, here's an idea. Why not wait for the details before jumping to conclusions. Not particulary wise to show the world how bigoted you are with out any substance to back up your view.

1091 days ago


Is there more to this story? Booted for a kiss? Was the kiss dry or wet? Was it a simple public exchange of affection, or something more. It is an inappropriate public display, blatant and meant to send a signal..I would not even take note unless it was an over the top type of thing in which case_--- we need an update on this before deciding who to side with???

1091 days ago

Patti Tucker    

depending on the length of the kissing would be the problem. Are you sure she isnt looking for publicity?? Just forget it and go on.What's the big deal? Just because your gay the world stops.Grow up.We all encounter some sort of discrimination.To make it sooo public,is publicity.

1091 days ago

Cathy Sikes    

That's not true! I work for SWA and probably 1/2 of our flight attendants are gay. There has got to be more to this story than what Ms. Hailey is stating.

1091 days ago


I don't want to see people making out when I get on a plane. There is a time and place for everything, and I have two admit seeing the same gender kiss in public is pretty weird....sorry!

1091 days ago


Makes me want to go buy a ticket on Southwest EVERY DAY for life!!! Way to go SW Airlines! It is RIDICULOUS the way the GLT MINORITY of society feels the need to PUBLICLY show affection to each other in places where they just need to quit shoving it down everyone else's throat and just do your thing privately. If you are GLT then fine, whatever you want, but I'm not going around forcing my "strait" lifestyle on you and your kids...OH, that's right, gay people can't have kids because it's impossible to have children wihtout a NORMAL MALE FEMALE RELATIONSHIP!!! If the whole world was gay, the world would die off in one generation! That should tell you something!! Stupid!! If you CHOOSE to be gay, then to each their own, but QUIT USING YOUR sexual PREFERENCE to force the rest of the world to have to watch you be publicly trying to "show all the homophobes" that they are bad people. Leave the kissy face to appropriate places..not in front of my family!!!

1091 days ago


Based on what I've read about SW in the past, this seems to be an airline that wants ALL passengers to enjoy their flight and is not letting anyone (gay, straight, fat, ill-dressed) cause any problems. Now, I'm going to assume that the flight attendant asked her and her girlfriend to stop their inappropriate behavior and they objected with much volume and coarse langauge. Hence, they were CORRECTLY booted as you are to listen to the flight attendants.

1091 days ago


what do they say
there is no such thing as bad publicity

1091 days ago


This doesn't surprise me how often the gay card likes to be thrown around. When something doesn't go their way it's oh gay card. Wow just wow, own up to your mistakes, is that so hard? And you wonder why gays are not taken more serious. Because they love to throw that card up when they have a fit. You were making out on a plan with family's that could take offense to it, and it's not that gays were kissing, even straight people. See the difference? We don't go all our and disgust other people we are proper when in suck area's like an airplane. I'm sure others in the past were thrown off a plane for PDA being straight but you don't hear about it because we don't abuse our card, LOL.

1091 days ago

maria caples    

i don't like seeing straight people kissing in public let alone gays kissing in public. i think its offensive to people who happen to be in the vicinity. if you want to kiss do it in private.

1091 days ago

Diane Fortenberry    

Thank God somebody has some morals left in this dfay and age.! YEAH FOR SOUTHWEST!!!!

1091 days ago


Proud of them and I'll keep flying them for just that reason. I think they will pick up just as many passengers as they will lose.
I love Southwest!

1091 days ago


Really a gay issue?? Maybe your behavior was just wrong on the plane. Nobody should be doing that on a plane gay or not. You did the wrong thing now I guess you need to rally all your gay friends get a life.

1091 days ago

Frank Steward    

This should come as no surprise to anyone when considering SouthWest is a "Republican" leaning company that donates large amounts to the GOP and not the Democrats. They are only reflecting the majority thinking of the GOP and "Right Wingers" everywhere when it comes to bigotry. Sad .... very very sad !!!

1091 days ago


Ever read the fine print on your ticket--airlines can put your ass off for almost anything--so they have the right(agree or disagree)--plus, bags fly free!

1091 days ago
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