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Rob Zombie

How I Want to Die ...

9/27/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Metal legend and horror maven Rob Zombie already knows exactly how he wants to croak -- and no surprise ... his ideal death involves dismemberment, a wild animal, and a whole lot of blood.

Check out the video for the gory details -- if you dare.


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Icebaby... is back dude    

This guy can't direct for a s__t. His music, shamefully I was a fan as a teen. Still, rather jam to old school White Zombie than any of the crap the mainstream offers today. Nah, kidding Zomb. Horror might be dead, but you're better than the rest of gore, gore, gore directors.

1125 days ago


Ooooh, so shocking!

1125 days ago


I wouldn't exactly call Rob Zombie a "metal LEGEND." I mean...I think Rob Halford or Ronnie James Dio (were he not dead) might have something to say about that...among others.

1125 days ago


So being swallowed whole by a shark and suffocating to death while slowly being digested by stomach acids = good?

Meanwhile getting chomped on by a smaller shark and bleeding out in seconds = bad?

1125 days ago


grow up- what a jerk !

1125 days ago

Gsharon 710    

SMDH till I'm whipping my hair....with a buzz hair style.

1125 days ago


Im so old i remember when he used to be good (black sunshine, thunderkiss 65). Now he's and irrelevant ****. Not a metal legend.

1125 days ago


So geniuses, who are today's "metal legends"? If someone was an excellent pro athlete years ago but is now an arthritic stump in a lil rascal scooter, we don't discount his former successes, do we? Just like the Sly Stone comments on this crap shak -- both of these cats filled huge venues during their days and certainly made more than we most likely ever will -- so again all of you MENSA elite, who the freak is a metal legend? Gene Simmons? Ozzy? Rob Halford? Def Leppard???????? C'mon, the term could apply to anyone....Al Jourgensen? Trent Reznor? Blow yourselves and get over the guy's polite answering to TMZ's celeb stalking...what, you'd rather them cover more on Journey and Turbo Salami? Hell, he didn't deem himself a legend, that was the uneducated "writers" at TMZ, dbags.

1125 days ago


I'll bet if I strapped him to a chair and started slowly pulling his fingernails out with needle nosed pliers he would sing a different tune. Pshh... what an idiot this guy is.

1125 days ago


What a bunch of fake ass metal fans on this board making comments! and non metal ******* that have no clue who Zombie is. Go back to listening to ur Justin Bieber morons.

1125 days ago


As if it's funny that anyone in this world has to die this way, this ugly piece of crap is nothing but a sicko who makes his money off of torture movies and music only a Neanderthal could enjoy, I hope you get your wish you sick freak.

1125 days ago


Say what you want about the man but he puts on as bad ass concert.

1124 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Hey Motha ****a, who do you love?

1124 days ago

D. Kase    

This Guy is a sick individual.I would like to doe 'in the saddle"

1124 days ago

i want his wife Sherri Moon.

1124 days ago
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