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Conrad Murray Trial

You Be the Judge!

9/27/2011 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


You heard the opening statements -- now as the testimony fires up, we gotta ask ...


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money is the driving force here someone made money off of Micheal Jacksons death you will never be able to convince me otherwise . Dr Murray is a murderer 4 years is a joke

1121 days ago


The initial rumor after Michael's death was this. Then when Kai was asked about the rumors of national T.V., she said it was true. Then pretrial info started coming out again and I went hmmm. Did she lie? Well, here the guard states that the children were upstairs. Why did Kai fib. Harvy Levin said the first day, there is a mystery as if something was missing. I've always thought so. None of the theories that rattle around in my head gel. Just can't put my finger on it.

1121 days ago


Doctor is guilty: I work health care. You do not use that drug anywhere but in a surgical setting. We have a minimum of 3 people in the room with constant full vital sign monitoring and charting. Crash cart and emergency air way equipment and supplies on hand. Patient is never left in room alone. Once medication is on board the doctor never leaves the room.
At the very least the man in guilty of malpractice resulting in death

1121 days ago


This was a horrible accident. No one is to blame.
Michael would not want this.

1121 days ago

S Marshall    

MJ was self medicating, and his entourage knew it! His family also knew that he had drug issues maybe not the extent of it but they knew that something was wrong. As far as Dr. Murray is concerned I don't believe that he meant to kill MJ but he definitely assisted him in being able to abuse drugs. I feel like he should have reached out to his family and let them know that he had drug ISSUES. It has been said that the family tried to do a intervention with MJ but they weren't successful. It is just a SAD situation.

1120 days ago


no not really, it can take three seconds it a fast acting anesthetic, this is why murray is on trial. he did not put it in the pump,he gave the dose immediatly, and michael died within threee seconds, there is a case of propofol before and they dont take sixteen minutes if put inmmediatly.

then it makes sense why murray is on trial

1120 days ago


So Murray does not wear a watch and cant be certain of time. He did use a cell phone. What cell phones don't have time. Why has he not been challenged on this.

1108 days ago

What A Shame    

This is very very sad - Michael was obviously addicted and unfortunately there were too many "yes" men around him. He was asking people to get him drugs. If Conrad Murray was more concerned with his patient and less concerned with his pay check he would have stopped the insanity and placed Michael in a care facility where he could get help. Doctor's take an oath of "first do no harm" - and he did nothing but harm Michael on a continous drip. He needs to lose his license and should go to prison for a while.

1102 days ago


It pains me that this guy will get only four years and could walk after 2years.

1090 days ago
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