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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Kenny Ortega:

"Something Was Wrong" With MJ

9/27/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kenny Ortega -- Michael Jackson's Choreographer Testifies
Updated 9/27/11 at 1:50 PM

Michael Jackson's friend and choreographer, Kenny Ortega, just took the stand for the prosecution -- claiming Michael was ill in the days leading to his death ... and Dr. Murray berated him when he expressed concern.

* Ortega -- creator and director of "This Is It" -- says Michael was "very excited" about the show.
* Ortega said in mid to late June, 2009 Michael missed several rehearsals.
* On Friday June 19th, Ortega noticed Michael "wasn't right" and that something was going on. Ortega said it "troubled him." He said Michael seemed lost and was "incoherent."
* Ortega says he sat with Michael as he watched the rehearsals -- rubbing Michael's feet because the singer was freezing cold. Michael left early that day.
* Ortega says he was so worried about Michael, he sent an email to AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips (below) -- saying Michael needed psychological help. 


*Ortega says he was confronted by Murray during a meeting at Michael's home on June 20th. Murray  told him he was upset Ortega didn't let him rehearse, berating him for acting like a doctor (video below).
* Ortega says on June 23, barely 4 days after Michael was sick, he came to rehearsals full of energy. Ortega said "it was a different Michael."
* On June 25th, Ortega got a phone call from AEG Live Co-CEO Paul Gongaware saying an ambulance had taken Michael to the hospital. Paul called later and told Ortega, "we lost him."
* During cross examination, Ortega told defense attorney Ed Chernoff, Murray was in charge of Michael's schedule leading up to his death.
* When asked whether he thought Michael was abusing drugs, Ortega said yes.
* Ortega said right before June 19th, Michael "went missing for about a week."
* Ortega stepped down subject to recall.


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Love And Prayers Is All We Need During This Time Of Trial And Tribulations... Of Course, The Truth Will Be Twisted And Corrupted Through Out This Entire Process But Please, Look Within Your Heart And See Not "Michael Jackson", But A Human Being Who... Was Killed... :(

1090 days ago


weather or not Michael administered the fatal dose himself which i doubt as anyone knows who has been put under when waking up you are so out of it some times not knowing where you are at first he would have had to have been awake for a least 15-20 mins before being able to move around let alone to be able to administer anything to himself it would have been impossible to be able to open the vile as your muscles are weak and would have felt heavy murray said he was gone for how long? any way if Michael had woken up he would have called out for murray or for some assistance Michael was not used to doing for himself he always had people on hand for that purpose the buck stops with you murray for enabling and supplying and knowing full well of the danger involved he know what he was doing thing is why? who stood to gain another thing why? would murray record Michael when he was so drugged up was this his get out of jail free card
was it some kind of insurance or blackmail being hatched?
there more to this than meets the eye, murray is is a murderer and played a big part in Michael's demise others AEG who knew Michael could not and did not want to do fifty shows, all the money and time they had invested they where not going to let go SO IN CAME HIT MAN MURRAY as they say "MONEY" the route to all EVIL

1090 days ago


"Kenny Ortega -- Michael Jackson's Choreographer Testifies"

Travis Payne was the Choregrapher of the show... Kenny Ortega explained in detail what his job was - TMZ you better start listening to the testimonies and doing your homework.

1090 days ago


Anyone coming out of meds for major surgery is disoriented and confused, it's amazing Michael Jackson was able to walk a little lone sing and dance. The bottom line, Dr. Murray had an agreement w/ Jackson to provide his services as Michael's private physician, which included administering legal and illegal drugs, per Michaels request, Murray agreed for the right price. Under Murray's care, Michael died from an overdose. A slap on the wrist, such as taking his medical license away for life is too light a sentence, he should do 'some' time,but how much time?

1090 days ago


It is all about the money....
How sad it is to learn that a person who had personal doctor, personal, assistant, personal chef and personal body guards.....had no one to take care of his condition.... From what Kenny Ortega says it is clear everyone around MJ knew there was something off as early as at least two weeks prior to his death. Kenny admitted MJ had already been skipping rehersals before 19th of July....

Another thing, what reason whould it be for a personal doctor to tape his client showing signs of being medicated or drunk ? To prove a point ? To keep a proof ? To humiliate him ? To brag and mock with his friends ? To extort ? Aren't doctors suppose to be descreet ? What is the use of the recording if it may get into undesired hands ?

1090 days ago



1090 days ago

Marilyn M    

It probably doesn't matter that the Dr Murray could be called a "dead beat dad", but it could show the true character of this so called, loving & caring man, if they looked back into his past before he came to the states.

1090 days ago


* Ortega says on June 23, barely 4 days after Michael was sick, he came to rehearsals full of energy. Ortega said "it was a different Michael."

When asked whether he thought Michael was abusing drugs,Ortega said yes.

Do i detect contradiction in K.Ortega's words?

What exactly did he mean by saying that Michael seemed lost and incoherent? That he lost it and suddenly on the 23 of June Michael miraculously was ok and of sound mind?
Something here is wrong.

1090 days ago


he knew jackson would destroy him with no pay so he recorded him. the psychopathic transvestite was difficult and threatening to damage murray's reputation if he hadn't stocked up propofol. no evidence exists to prove that murray SAW MJ'S SECRET prescription drug USE. mj drugged up and barely woke up in a london hotel in 2001. he was so upset and belligerent toward the people who helped him, but he tried to pass himself off as a charity event role model for kids.

1090 days ago


Kenny Ortega, imo is a reliable credible witness and not only that he had evidence to back up his statement that he tried to help and get Michael help where others has totally ignored him and Michael danger.

That is one strong piece of evidence against Murray selfishness, incompetent and greed. Murray wasn't there to doctor Michael, he was there to feed MJ illness and get paid for it. That sicken me!

You haters can say what you want, but it's so written on the wall that Murray is guilty of greed and contributing to Michael's death by providing the propofol that took MJ life. Drugs that wouldn't have been in the house if wasn't for Murray, keep that in mind. Murray was his private doctor, Murray knew he never should have ordered or gave Michael illegal drugs that never should have been administure out of the hospital, never mind the fact that Murray was not specialized in that field of medicine. Murray was in it for the money and that's all he wanted, he broke an oath and so many other criminal laws. He's guilty and if he was a man, he would admit and own up to it.

Doesn't matter if other doctors provideded MJ with medical drugs in the past, what matters is Michael died on Murray's watch, something that wouldn't have happened if Murray was a real doctor who actually gave a damn about his profession, about his patient and about having respect for another humanbeing life and saw when they were in trouble and got them professional health. One last fact everybody is ignoring, when Murry took over the job and knew Michael's down fall, why didn't he walked away? Or get Michael help? Because he was broke and needed MJ money, that's why! UGH! Guilty, guilty, guilty!

1090 days ago


I watch proceedings of the first day. So what did NOT come up the first day?

1. Karen Faye's impression that Michael did not feel in control, and that he didn't know who called for the cameras to record rehearsals. Ortega says the opposite. (And I'm not interested in drivel about KF.)

2. Cherylyn Lees testimony that she was called on June 19 (she was not in town) because Michael was "cold in half the body, hot in the other". She recommended he be taken to the hospital. None of the first witnesses (as far as I can tell) were asked if they heard about this.

Reflection on audio tape with slurred talk: First – why did Murray record this AT ALL?
Secondly - since Murray witnessed this, he must EITHER know Michael had drugs from elsewhere (****tering his defense "I didn't know"), OR Michael was sleepy because of drugs Murray himself gave him. The second alternative is the most likely, since Murray was at the scene. This recording does NOT prove "Michael was a drug addict".

Walgren was calm, collected, and had brilliantly put together material. Chernoff was off, didn't know where to go with his questions (confusing both judge, witnesses, and prosecution – and me), and had cardboards on a stand - and stumbled over them. Much of the time, he seemed to talk just to keep talking.

Walgren in his first statement did not bring up that Michael seemed to be still shopping for a proper doctor om April 19 (Lee), while Murray had his first shipment of propofol on the 6th. Did Michael not really trust Murray?

1090 days ago


sarah : 7 hours ago

Well, Michael Jackson became a living corpse when he underwent the change from black to white, disrespectful to his family and the black population. He must have needed all those drugs to keep him alive, so if anyone is to blame it was his family for letting him change colour in the first place, and the doctors who operated him...

Idiot. He had vitiligo, a disease which kills the colour of the skin. How can ANYONE not know that by now?

And FYI, Dr Murray did NOT "just do his job". He did just about everything wrong from the moment he entered Carolwood Drive, and his actions are shocking to all professionals.

1090 days ago


Michael didn't kill himslef that's bs! what the jury should do is trow murray to jail! #justice4mj

1090 days ago

PRO US    

So he was "lost and incoherent"? Michael was perfectly fine, just a little tired because he couldn't sleep. That's why Dr. Feelgood Murray had to pump him full with 40 gallons of propofol and give him some happy pills so he could sleep. It worked. He's sleeping now. Is Dr. Murray still getting paid for his good work? Who's going to hire Dr. Murray now to help them sleep? Dr. Murray - Sleep Therapist.

1090 days ago

PRO US    

Maybe when Dr. Murray is sentenced and imprisoned, he can then put many of his fellow inmates to sleep? The state can pay him his standard fee, $150,000 a month.

1090 days ago
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