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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Opening Statements

9/27/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Walgren -- Prosecutor's Opening Statement
Updated 9/27/11 at 9:35 AM

Prosecutor David Walgren delivered an opening statement, using a graphic of what appears to be Michael Jackson's body on a gurney.

* Michael Jackson trusted his life to the medical skills of Dr. Murray and it was "misplaced trust"
* The cause of death was an overdose of Propofol, administered by Dr. Murray
* We will prove Conrad Murray repeatedly acted with gross negligence and incompetence
* Walgren explained that Murray would obtain $150,000 a month, not the $5 million Murray demanded for the duration of the "This is It" tour.
* Murray made arrangements with a pharmacy to purchase very large quantities of Propofol on a regular basis
* Murray lied to the pharmacist by saying he had a clinic in Santa Monica when he did not
* On May 10, 2009, Murray made a voice recording on his iPhone ... the recording documents MJ highly under the influence of "unknown agents" with Murray sitting there.  It shows Murray knew Michael's state and what he was doing to the singer

* In the weeks before MJ died, he was cold, shivering, rambling but Murray kept giving him Propofol, and Kenny Ortega will testify MJ was clearly not well
* A meeting was held at Michael's house on May 20, 2009,  MJ died, with Kenny Ortega, Murray, MJ and others.  Murray scolded Ortega for expressing concerns about his health, saying he was the doctor, adding, "Michael is physically and emotionally fine.  I am the doctor."
* On the day MJ died, at 1 AM, MJ came home from rehearsal and Murray spent the night at the house -- as he did every night for the prior 2 1/2 months -- for the purpose of putting him to sleep with Propofol.


* Walgren acknowledged what TMZ has been reporting almost from the beginning ... that Michael died in his bed -- that he was clinically dead when paramedics arrived.
* Murray was texting and making phone calls while he sat by MJ.  He made 8 phone calls, the last at 11:51 to a girlfriend, and that's when Murray realized there was an emergency.
* Murray calls bodyguard Alberto Alvarez and says Michael Jackson had a "bad reaction."
* Murray instructs Alvarez to essentially hide the evidence in a blue bag ... putting, among other things, the Propofol bottle that was hanging on the IV stand -- Walgren is implying that's the bottle that had the fatal dose
* 911 was called at 12:20.  And, Walgren says, when paramedics arrived, MJ was dead
* Murray never told the EMTs he gave MJ Propofol, even though they asked what drugs Murray had administered
* Paramedics pronounced MJ dead, but Murray insisted he be transported to UCLA
* UCLA doctors asked Murray what drugs had he given MJ, but Murray never mentioned Propofol
* Two days after MJ's death, Murray met with LAPD detectives, and disclosed he was giving MJ nightly doses of Propofol everyday for more than 2 months to put him to sleep. This is the first time Murray fessed up.
* MJ told Murray at around 5 AM that he needed to sleep and they agreed Propofol was the answer.  Murray said he gave MJ 25 milligrams of Propofol, but that would only put him to sleep for minutes.  Prosecutors say much more Propofol was administered.

* Murray explained to cops he went to the bathroom to urinate, came back 2 minutes later to discover MJ wasn't breathing.  Prosecutors says that is called "ABANDONMENT," leaving a patient unattended is medical abandonment. 
* The prosecutor says Murray was on the phone for 45 minutes after giving MJ Propofol
* Conrad Murray acted with gross negligence and was not acting in MJ's best interests ... he was working for $150,000 a month.

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get it right    

VERIFIED LEGIT forensic analysis of the recording, and photo plz.

Murray started ordering and receiving mountains of Propofol - TO HIS G/F HOUSE, AND HIS OFFICE - in APRIL.

1. AEG goomba said hired Murray MAY 8th.

2. Goomba testifying instructed Murray to "get done what needs to be done."

3. "MJ Recording" was MAY 10th.

And, OF COURSE, DiLeo died a couple weeks ago, and the Vegas pharma dude moved to the other side of the world.

Hey Murray! With your condescending eyeball rolling f*ckfaced DEAL when Ortega was on the stand --- CHOKE ON THAT FAKE AZZ Booo hooo hooo BULL**** with the tissue during your BS PAID FOR praises by your "fans" MF'er.

That's all! For now. G'Nite :)

1089 days ago


That recording broke my heart.

1089 days ago





1089 days ago


why don't black folk change the batteries in the smoke detectors??? you ever wondered folk poor folk...its always beep...beep...beep...up in there houses!!! change your god damn batteries fools!!!

1089 days ago


It doesnt matter if micheal was a junkie and it doesnt even matter if he was a pedo as far as Dr Murray is concerned. I am NOT an M.J. fan, but the Dr had a job to do, he was getting paid an insane amount of money, and he took an oath. He knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew better. This is gross negligence and must not be tolerated in Dr's. We all deserve better then that.

1089 days ago


Remember in the world of celebrities,they know money talks and there's always someone waiting to take it, no matter what the consequences.That is michael on the voice recording, but I'm wondering why his voice was recorded to begin with. Could it be that it would have used as extortion? Hopefully the truth will come out.

1089 days ago


I wonder when his sleeping problems actually began? I'm not trying to mean here, but he admitted he slept with kids, so I wonder if his sleeping habits were good up until he was no longer allowed to sleep with little boys? Did his sleep habits change once he was arrested and the trial began? Maybe there is some correlation to his sleep problems and not being surrounded by those little boys.
One would have to assume prior to his arrest he wasn't on IV drips in his bedroom with those little boys in his bed. And who was the first doctor to introduce MJ to the propofol? Regular people normally don't request anesthesia to help them sleep. Regular people don't even know the names of the drugs doctor's use when having a surgical procedure, and have very limited knowledge of what the sedatives are. Someone gave him this drug long before Dr. Murray wound up administering it to MJ at his home.
I think it's a tragedy all the way around for everyone involved.

1089 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Michaels death photo is on the front page of every newspaper in the UK this morning. The public are shocked to see it. The voice recording is being played on every station. It's simply heartbreaking.

I expected this from the defence, but from the prosecution? No way. I think they've made a massive mistake doing this. I sense the attitude of the public changed upon hearing that recording. They are falling into the old routine of starting to judge MJ, and absolving Murray in the process. It's very worrying.

I'm beginning to wonder if four years for Murray is actually worth all this criticism and villification of Michael.

Meanwhile, many fans still refuse to acknowledge that MJ was addicted. This has always been the wrong tactic in my opinion. Whilst their loyalty may be admirable, I think it is misplaced and could actually harm MJs case.

1089 days ago


where did he get the Med when its under lock and key in a hosptial no one can get it why dont thay ask about that where did Dr, Conard get it from he killed M,J and we all no he went to the bath room and was in thier 45 min and M,J would never take that by him self shame on you this Dr, had no money and lided to the LAPD,my god he shouldnt have that drug in his hands WHERE DID HE GET IT ASK HIM WHAT HOSPTAIL GAVE IT TO HIM. ITS DAM LIE,S IF HE WALK,S GOD HELP YOU ALL AM GLAD I DONT LIVE IN CA.HE TOOK MONEY OFF OF M,J NOW HES PAYING PPL TO LIE FOR HIM IT MAKS ME SICK ALL OF YOUS DOWN THIER M,J WAS A GOOD MAN AND FATHER AND YOU TOOK M,J AWAY FROM US GET REAL.

1089 days ago


Shame on you tmz. You wouldn't have shown a buckra in a similar photograph!

1089 days ago

Brigha from UK    

The jury were entitled to see this photograph.
But not the whole world.

1089 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Yesterday we were treated to Michael Jackson's best recording in decades.

1089 days ago


I wonder who he is saying GO to...makes me wonder if one of his kids was in the room while he was talking and he was shooing them away....In my opinion Michael was an extremely talented individual...tarnished and broken by years of abuse by his father...but a complete whack job and pedophile...his family knew he was a waste but thanks to years of constant cash flow and notoriety did little to prevent the inevitable. They are accessories before, during and after the fact....Katherine Jackson needs her face slapped for allowing her husband to belittle, abuse and molest his she sits in the courtroom overlooking these proceedings like the concerned mother....seriously....Gah!

1089 days ago


As a health care professional my take on it is: the fact that Dr. Murray would even administer this drug in this venue and for the reasons he gross negligence. Add to that no monitoring equipment etc. That phone call? OMG.....what the hell? That just adds to his knowing that Michael was in big trouble and he did NOTHING to put an end to it....continued with the charade and didn't take precautions to keep the man safe while he was unconscious and couldn't fend for himself.

The guy's guilty period. He traded his professional standards to be around a star and make big bucks. The stars dead, the doctor is no longer a doctor and should be found guilty.

Sad story all the way around.

1089 days ago


I had always heard that Michael Jackson's high-pitched voice was not real, that his real voice was much deeper, and when he got angry it was VERY deep. Listing to that slurred recording, that would tell me it's true. That is not the voice he used in public. It kind of gives me the creeps.

1088 days ago
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