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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

AEG Attorney Testifies

Murray Demanded CPR Machine

9/28/2011 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kathy Jorrie -- AEG Attorney Testifies
Updated 9/28/11 at 9:15 AM


attorney Kathy Jorrie took the stand this morning -- describing the contract she drafted between AEG, Dr. Murray, and Michael Jackson.

According to Jorrie, Murray had a laundry list of demands -- including $150,000 a month, even while "This Is It" was on hiatus.

Jorrie testified, Murray also demanded a CPR machine for MJ while he performed in London.

Jorrie claimed, when she asked Murray why he would need a CPR machine... Murray responded, he didn't want to take chances with MJ's age and the strenuous nature of the show.

* Jorrie says she spoke to Murray on June 24th. Murray told her he had seen Michael perform and that he was in "perfect health." This was a day before he died.
* She also said the contract was never signed by all parties, and no payment was ever made to Murray by AEG.


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Rogue Warrior    

What up all you emotionally illiterate, Nancy Disgrace following, irrational, rode wet, mental midgets? FYI, MJ was a drug addicted pedophile who suffered from an identity crisis and took it upon himself to OD!

1124 days ago


AEG has been circling the wagons to get every bit of their story straight since before the body even got cold.

1124 days ago


Who's following this trial??? I want to know the outcome but don't care about the trial. I went to a couple spots to see what's "Trending", not one mention of this trial anywhere!

1124 days ago


I must give you credit "OhWell" for being consistently predictable for the past two years.

1124 days ago


I’m not taking sides but My question is, Why did Conrad Murray order to destroy security camaras in Michael’s mansion that recorded everything that happened inside in Michael’s last moments? Also why did he clean and sanitize the death room before cops arrive and hide evidence? That’s all something is fishy.

1124 days ago


He was the Dr for 3 years?!?! Duh he was supposed to be doing no harm and apparently he knew MJ had a problem so why not rehab even if done privately. That type and amount of drugs is outragously too exessive!!!

1124 days ago


So Murray basically lied about why he needed a CPR machine for Michael. Conrad Murray is a s***bag.

1124 days ago


You can watch what Dr. Murray was doing on MJ's last day here:

1124 days ago


Was it ever explained how Murray was going to practice medicine in ANOTHER country?? His license wouldn't mean anything over there and he would have been practicing medicine if he was making himself available as MJ's doctor. He probably wanted that second doc as a scapegoat. And how would he have gotten Propofol mailed to him over there? Prosecuters said that he told the pharmacy he was getting it from that they were mailing it to his office in California when it was really being sent to his girlfriend's apartment. How was he going to explain the "new address". He would have had to find a source for the drug in the UK..not possible if he couldn't prove he had a UK license. Unless that "backup" doctor was going to used as the one requesting the drug. You know all of this had to have crossed his mind. He knew his gravy train was coming to a grinding halt. No wonder why he was so careless and killed MJ before they all went over there

1124 days ago

vanessa Sherlock    

He got paid more and was hired because he would give him what he was already taking. They need to get his Dr. before Murry to find out why he quit or was fired. It's sad that someone could get access to a drug they are not allowed to administer. humm what about the Co that filled that order for ONE client. A lot of people should be on trial right now.

1124 days ago


She wanted to make sure michael did not have a heart condition?????? Really? Good because the world knows michael did not have a heart condition. Her insinuation of concern is pathetic to say the least. all the concern in the world......and NOBODY took any action to help michael.

Especially murray as he went to the bathroom, talked on the phone, sent text messages and cleaned the crime scene...while watching michael die.....

1124 days ago


He got paid more and was hired because he would give him what he was already taking. They need to get his Dr. before Murry to find out why he quit or was fired.
HUH????? Why go and get a doctor who did not kill michael jackson to prove a point for murray? Nothing and no one can clear murray's actions.

1124 days ago


She also said the contract was never signed by all parties, and no payment was ever made to Murray by AEG.
This is the only concern AEG has in this matter.

The sentence should read: No traceble payment was ever made to murray.

AEG is paying attorney fees and whatever else murray needs in order for him to take the fall..........(JMO)

1124 days ago


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1124 days ago
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