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Ashton Kutcher

Demi Is Wrapped

Around My Finger

9/30/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher wedding ringAshton Kutcher's anniversary celebration sans Demi Moore was no big deal -- and to prove it, Ashton ventured out near a Hollywood motorcycle dealer yesterday ... proudly displaying his wedding ring.

Silver lining.



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OK, in his favor, Ashton Kutcher is youngish, tall, not fat and apparently not bipolar like Chucky Sheen or on so much drugs like Chucky. However, his major claim to fame was acting like an egotistical dummy on That 70's show and now he's acting like an egotistical dummy on 2 and a half men. His range in acting is the full range from A to B.

He's reportedly cheated repeatedly on his wife. His wife is obviously on to his extra-curricular sexual activities according to many websites tracking them.

In short, Ashton is a lout. If the 2 and a half men with its canned (recorded laugh tracks) is a hit, great, but he has very little talent and not much morality or credibility.

I wish them the best. They're not terrible people but Ashton is not a role model for America either.

Of course, Chucky Lorre would hire someone like Ashton to take over from Chucky Sheen.

Lorre likes louts, being one himself, and found a replacement lout for Charley Sheen in lout Ashton Kutcher. Sheen wasn't much but he was a better actor and funnier than Kutcher but neither had to act since they just played louts.

Anyone disagree with this opinion and analysis? Let us know why and in which way? Have a great Friday!

1085 days ago


Ashton ... who taught you how to dress yourself? Buddy ... put some clothing on that fits .. pull up the pants ... get a hair cut ... grow up.

1085 days ago


Why does he dress and look like a starving artist? TAKE A SHOWER N SHAVE!!!!!!!!! He looks like a high school kid trying to be cool by grow a beard.

1085 days ago


Can't believe all the jealous people in here. Leave him alone, it's not his fault he's got money and you don't.

1085 days ago


This is the fate of nearly all cougars.

1085 days ago


Roman .. buddy .. NO ONE is jealous of Ashton. He hasn't got talent and he can't even dress himself or shower. His 'new' character is nothing more than Kelso Mark 2. I wouldn't trade my life for his for anything.

Ashton ... Kelso belongs at 'That 70s Show' .. not 2 1/2 men. Do you have ANY range in acting abilities? I think you've been promoted past your ability level. Sorry. Enjoy the big $$ while you can ... but seriously ... the show is doomed.

1085 days ago


Sorry... where there is SMOKE... there is FIRE... PERIOD.

1085 days ago


"Hey, look at me, I'm a no talent loser married to a post-menapausal ho."

1085 days ago


The boys who comment on here are going to be very lonely since they hate women so much. Guess what boys? All women get older and so do you. Maybe they are gay? I bet that's it!

1085 days ago


Of course Ashton is going to leave her eventually. He had mentioned in several interviews that he would like to have children of his own someday. That ship has done sailed with Demi. Her babymaker is officially out of commission at this point. He should have married someone he could grow old WITH, not someone he can watch grow old.

1085 days ago


Demi is not going to let Ashton get away so easily. Catch a clue, people: they have an OPEN marriage (she is obviously okay with him screwing around -- that agreement was probably what convinced Ashton to tie the knot w/ someone old enough to be his teen mom.)

1085 days ago


It must be cold there this time of year? Nice hat tool.

1085 days ago


He can have me wrapped around his finger anytime! ;)

1085 days ago


Country Girl - Demi looks the way she does because of major plastic surgery.

1085 days ago


The hot older woman works much better for fooling around than it does for marriages. Once the novelty wears off you're stuck with someone old enough to be a gran while you're still feeling young. Ashton should the smart thing and leave soon before dragging this mess out any longer. And he should go younger this next time around, MUCH younger!

1085 days ago
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