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Kate Major Wins 'Anti-Wacking'

Protection from Michael Lohan

10/3/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major Michael Lohan
Kate Major has got pull with a judge in Florida, because she convinced him Michael Lohan is a threat -- and apparently the judge believes allegedly threatening to "whack" Kate's dad constitutes a threat.

Kate filed the petition for a protective order in Sarasota -- alleging Lohan has also been harassing her with incessant phone calls and texts, threatening to "ruin her career."

A judge issued the temporarily order Wednesday, ordering Michael to stay at least 500 feet away from Kate.  The judge also ordered that Michael can't have Kate or her father followed by hired muscle.  He also is prohibited from phoning or texting her.

Michael tells TMZ, "This is just another way of Kate trying to make money."


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1115 days ago


This guy is THE most massive loser on the planet.
Ladies- stay FAR FAR away from this creep.
He does every rotten thing any psycho boyfriend thinks of doing in order to blackmail the girl at some point in the relationship.
What does he have going for him?
He sponges off his daughter's fame.
He is ugly as sin.
He is not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.
He is a liar and a fraud.
Beware of this awful excuse for a human being.
He is nothing but trouble and misery.
Going out with this loon will only lower your self worth by leaps and bounds.
People will lose all respect for you being seen with this creepy guy.

1115 days ago

DW Wood    

Not so sure then men in her life are the problem. She is a publicity whore dating the likes of Jon Goslin and Micheal Lohan for nothing more than trying to land a reality tv series. She has no talent so she makes a living off of "C" class celeb losers and then takes scale pay to tell her story on morning shows.

She is a big a loser as the men she dates.

1115 days ago


This man is a con-artist. He doesn't pay his bills and frauds people out of money. He is a sick, perverted man who has a bad coke and sex addiction problem. He makes promises and then takes off and is always on the run from the law or threatens people so he doesnt have to pay them back. Women BEWARE my friend ended up getting beaten so badly he would then buy concealer and ice to cover wounds. He belongs in jail and btw his kid*****e him and he uses lindsay as his meal ticket, or food stamp in his case. im glad this girl got away finally. he preaches about god but he is a devil who just couldnt walk away and leave his exes alone as he lives his fake lifestyle and doesnt pay for his kids

1115 days ago


And he knows best about using someones name to make money!!

1115 days ago


not surprising. this is his second from kate and his 12th or 13th restraing order overall and always the small pattern. dina, his kids, erin and kate have all described the same type of behavior over the years.

the guy is a complete psycho that can't deal with rejection. this is the type of guy to do a murder suicide because someone is sick of his abuse and wants out.

1115 days ago


I have no idea what went on here, but how would obtaining a restraining order against him make her any money? Doesnt' make any sense.

However, if the poster who compared the 12 or 13 restraining orders and they were all similiar was accurate, then this guy probably is a threat.

1115 days ago


It takes two! Michael, have no contact and let this b!tch fade away.

1115 days ago


Temporarily? Come on TMZ, you can do better than that. In that particular sentence, it would be TEMPORARY. Back to school for all of you......

1115 days ago


This joker is addicted to his phone! Did anyone watch him on Celebrity Rehab? He makes one call right after the other -- he's obsessed with the phone and the power it appears to give him. He never should have been let out of prison.

1115 days ago


What career! She got known for being with Lohan who in turn got known for Lindsay. LOSERS!

1115 days ago


Her "career?".......I don't even need to ask...hahahahaha as much as I revile these two, it is sorta funny now. Now that Lohan is BFF's with that Salahi character I am sure we will have daily tidbits that go on forever!!God, my life has reallty gone down the toilet and so much for the "golden years."LOL!

1115 days ago

Cathy J    

HAHAHAHAHHA her "career?????"As much as I revile these two, it is getting kinda funny. Michael, Michael, Michael...what's next?

1115 days ago


Funny how the only time you here about Kate is when she's trying to protect herself from the psycho MiLo. He accuses her of trying to make money off him. Please tell me how? He's the fame whore who makes money off his daughter, doesn't have a job, leads a high flying jet setting lifestyle while he sponges off LiLo. Plus he's a lying s***bag. What a useless POS!

1115 days ago


yet she continues to go back to him time and time again, who's the real loser?

1115 days ago
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