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Amanda Knox

SPEAKS at Tearful Homecoming

10/4/2011 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Knox broke down in tears ... as she spoke to the public for the first time during an emotional homecoming in Seattle moments ago.

Amanda stepped to a podium setup for her at the airport, and said ... through tears, "I'm really overwhelmed right now."

Amanda thanked her supporters and also joked about remembering to speak in English after spending four years incarcerated in Italy.


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Rotten Puppets    

What a lowlife. I hope she sees her dead friend in her nightmares for the rest of her days. Murderer.

1012 days ago


Knock. Knock.
Amanda: Who's there?
- OJ
Amanda: OJ who?
- OJ stab you in the neck!
OJ: Nah, just kidding girl...we have something in common now. We're both murderers who got away with it.

1012 days ago


Wow.... Amanda Knox is up for an Academy Award !!!! The Movie isn't out yet!!!
Innocent my a**.. Maybe she didn't kill her, but she had something to do with it!

1012 days ago


Amanda, welcome home honey. I'm very, very happy and relieved for you. God Bless.

1012 days ago

The Real JJ    

Knox and her boyfriend go free but Rudy Guede still locked up. This case was shady from the start and just because you American don't make you innocent. Yeah Rudy confessed but in a case with horrible DNA evidence and shady prosecutors, that confession could have easily been coerced by police. SO Rudy Guede deserves a retrial too.

1012 days ago


I love you Amanda! I have never stopped believing in you for one moment! You were always in my thoughts. What a horrible experience...but you have grown from it and now you will go on to do amazing things with your life. Congrats - enjoy the time with your family and friends. I am so happy for you!! ;) Staceygirl

1012 days ago


You two have hit the nail on the head!

Sociopaths are Sad:  about an hour ago
This woman is a classic sociopath. Which is actually quite rare for a woman which makes Amanda even more dangerous. Her tears are for HERSELF. She has no remorse for Meredith at all. Amanda is either flat out lying or she truly believes that she is not to blame. Either because Meredith "deserved it" or because, although Amanda was there, she did not physically slit Meredith's throat - someone else did. Amanda was there. After the murder, someone showed remorse...."someone" tried to stop the bleeding with a couple of white towels but it was too late. Then "someone" covered the body with a comforter in a show of respect. It's said that the first time a sociopath kills is the hardest for them. That they feel remorse for a short time. Then they get over it. And when they kill again it gets easier and easier and more and more enjoyable. Amanda is a sociopath. A classic sociopath. She feels no emotion or empathy for anyone. And gemini81 - feel free to call me an idiot, you idiot. Because you are the biggest idiot of all. In complete and total denial, like her family. Maybe you are her family. Can you imagine, though? Her family is living with a murderous sociopath. Edda has a murderous sociopath for a daughter. Amanda reminds me of Karla Homolka. Except worse than Karla Homolka since Karla went along with a sociopath. And I get the impression that the others went along with Amanda - that it was Amanda's idea to begin with. Rough, high, kinky sex. Foxy Knoxy will do it again. For sure. There is no way that Foxy Knoxy, having tasted rough, high, kinky murderous sex will be able to let it go. And, being in jail for 4 years, she's most likely learned how to cover her tracks better so she's not so sloppy the next time. And there will be a next time. But, of course, like Karla's family initially was....Amanda's family is in COMPLETE DENIAL.

Beatrix Kiddo: 54 minutes ago
I agree. Immediately after the murder, she was outside the murder scene (this is videotaped by the media)"consoling" her lover by sucking face with him, over and over. Really? While your room mate had just been BUTURED and RAPED???!! She is a classic Sociopath. What she will do in the near future will show her true colors. Wait and see. She's Guilty.

1012 days ago


Hey TMZ, Why don't you get one of your experts to analyze her voice, gestures, facial movements to see if she is telling the truth?!

1012 days ago


She was a self-centered hippie girl who acted foolishly at the police station (cartwheels) but there is zero evidence that she is a killer. What motive?.... Payback for Louise Woodward?.... Nah, too remote. The guy that did it (it only takes one guy to rape and kill a girl) is still in prison. Glad she;s home, sorry for the Kercher's loss. Brits out of Eire

1012 days ago



1012 days ago


I'm always really overwhelmed too when I get away with murder.

1012 days ago


The dirty whore was doing drugs & getting pounded in the a s s the night her roomie was killed. Her boyfriend was a huge creep. I have no doubt that she was there when he raped & murdered Meredith. Amanda is a terrible person.

1012 days ago


She got away free from murder due to pressure by US government forcing the Italians to give her a not guilty verdict. I do not believe for a second that she is innocent. Now she is going to earn millions for murder while the victims family NEVER GOT JUSTICE.

Way to go obama!

1012 days ago


There WAS DNA evidence, but it was refuted by the defense. She did lie & accuse her boss. She did not have an alibi. The murderer implicated her & boyfriend, saying they were all high. Her behaviour during interrogation was odd...doing somersaults, sitting on BF's lap & kissing with him. Do you do that when your friend has just been murdered? She also went out afterwards to buy a g-string & promised her BF wild sex. She admitted to being at the murder scene, listening to the victim screaming & then recanted. Forensics showed that the victim was most likely held down by 2 people. Check out London Daily Mail.

1012 days ago


I believe that nobody knows if she did it or not. The italian system works as I understand the italian CSI did it all wrong , or they wanted to push the lack of evidence too much in the first trial and the judge bought it ... anyway if the evidence is not sufficient then noone should be proven guilty: that's how it should work, here in the US as well. Bravo to the Italians and good luck to Amanda. (but the italians may prepare a third and final trial... just saying...)

1012 days ago
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