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Dr. Murray's Baby Mama

I'm Ready for My Close-Up!!!!!

10/4/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

nicole alverez
There's no bigger stage for an aspiring actress than the Conrad Murray manslaughhter trial -- and today, the doc's 29-year-old baby mama is NAILING her biggest audition ever!!!

Nicole Alvarez
-- a former Vegas stripper Murray met in 2005 -- is flashing her BIG, GIANT, er, smile on the stand right now ... and during her testimony, she's proved she's got some serious emotional RANGE!!!

Just check out the pics below -- think she'll get a gig out of this???

nicole alverez expressions


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I jus*****ched the hissing witness. She was petrified poor thing.
Alvarez is a co-conspirator in this.
I wonder why Murray didn't just tell the truth I can't comprehend why he wouldn't.
NOthing he did was illegal- unmoral yes, un-ethical yes
but if he had just told the truth he would not be facing murder charges.
Why did you do it Murray?
Even finding MJ dead the truth would have set you free.
Fire your lawyers and go before the Judge and tell him how scared sheetles you were. The worse that would have happend is the Medical board at the worst would take your lic. But more than likely they would just slap your hands had you bee honest. You crossed the line when everyone was trying to save a mans life and you WOULDNT tell them what you gave him.
Also you set up an illegal medical (fake) practice in CA. And I hope the DEA goes after your girlfriend. I bet she sings like a canary when they want to send her to prison and take away her baby boy.

1053 days ago


WOW. This phoney bimba thought she was in a photo shoot the entire time. She played up her 15 minutes of shame. What a plastic smiling wannabe. OMG. "are my hair extensions distracting from my boobs? "WTF with all the exagerated Vogue gestures? FAKE!!!!! Dr Murray, baby's daddy, Michael Jackson killer. Does Conrad Murray have a death wish by displaying this trashy "actress"?

1053 days ago


jeez people, some of the things being said here are mean. She's just a witness...

1053 days ago

Mr NB    

MJ was dead at 10 a clock am ,He called all girlfriends to get an alibi,then he did a stunt when talking to Sadde by leaving the phone and put it in pocket,alibi.why didnt he drop the phone on the floor,,No Mj was dead at 10 clock and Murray was shocked

1053 days ago

prochoice with cheese    

Forget Farina, Where's the Asianish Gold Digger?

1053 days ago


Actress??? Although Nicole had the chance to come to court with the dignity of Elizabeth Taylor, the look of Audrey Hepburn, and the class of Diahann Carroll, she shows up looking like a low-class skank with no respect for the People or the Court. Dr. Murray should be convicted alone for consorting with such riff-raff.

1053 days ago



Just when you thought the lies and deception couldn't get any worse, LaToya and her business partners Global Live Events have done it again!

It was noticed that the Black Eyed Peas mysteriously disappeared from the list of performers on the offical MFT website. Several ticket buyers expressed their concern on the official tribute Facebook page, but their questions about whether the Peas were still on the bill were ignored. They also complained that MFT was no longer answering the phone. Finally one person managed to reach them, and they DENIED that the Peas were off and CONFIRMED that they were still on!!! Now we learn that the PEAS have indeed BAILED on this fake charity "tribute" due to, according to GLE, "unavoidable cir****tances." BUT, GLE hasn't removed a photo and other Peas info on their official Facebook page -- it's still there!! Here's what one poster had to say about it: "mft please remove the quote of from website and facebook as its not fair, you are giving people false hope and false advertising this concert."

Here's the offical statement from GLE on their "tribute" Facebook page:

"Michael Forever Tribute: Due to unavoidable cir****tances, the Black Eyed Peas will be unable to perform at this Saturday’s Michael Forever event. Chris Hunt, CEO Global Live Events, said: “It is with regret that we announce the removal of Black Eyed Peas from the Michael Forever bill, but I look forward to a great night with other earth ****tering artists. The event is really getting into gear and is going to be a fantastic evening for all”."

Tickets have now been slashed as low as $50, and fans are complaining that they've been reassigned seats that they didn't choose and they are essentially told "tough" by GLE -- there's nothing they can do about it.

GLE has confirmed that NO ADDITIONAL ARTISTS will be added to the lineup. Here's the final list of "earth ****tering artists" LOL!:


Various outlets are having "ticket giveaways" and are lying to people (probably at the promoters' instructions) telling them that the concert is completely sold out, when there are TONS of unsold tickets. They are probably doing this to create "buzz" so that everyone will purchase the pay-per-view on Facebook in over 100 countries for about $5 each. They are hoping that if people believe the concert is sold out, they'll want to check out this super-hot event. What a SCAM!!

LaToya Jackson was the mastermind behind this entire event. It is NO SURPRISE that someone of her character -- a person who deals in lies and deceit -- would create this kind of an outcome. Character is destiny, LaToya!

1053 days ago


I beleive her because anyone that fake doesnt have to lie. It's all about her so she has no reason to care what the truth is. I cracked up laughing over her instrument comment . All anyone can do is pray for this lost soul LOL

1053 days ago


In the last picture she has those Casey Anthony bug eyes . You could just see it in Murrays eyes like oh no, that nitwit is on the stand.

1053 days ago


More fan comments on MFT concert Facebook page:

"I live near millennium stadium they are doing anything to sell tickets as it's far from sold out, that's the word on the streets"

"Earth ****tering isn't even close. You're just ****tering fans hopes of even going to cardiff. MJ would have never even dreamt of letting his fans down in such an appauling manner"

"If this was a real tribute they would have made sure they organised this event in true MJ style. But they've failed on every single level. I'm fed up of their poor excuses"

"I think people should stop moaning and go and enjoy a bloody good nite. Can understand the anger at getting crappy seats tho."

"I am a massive Michael Jackson fan and obviously that's the reason I am there but there are certain artists/bands I wanted to see there seeing as Michael himself isn't going to be there and for me black eyed peas were one of them, they were true headliners and I now feel that there aren't really any true true headliners for a gig as big as this"

"I am not saying I was just there for black eyed peas but for me they were one of the main artists I was looking forward too so I am sorry Im a bit gutted but I think we are entitled to be considering this has come literally 3 days before the concert"

"So is beyonce still video link? Or has she pulled out too! The fact that the BEPs haven't given a reason just goes to show it was for ticket sales!!"

"i agree chloe just to sell more tickets - 3 days prior to pull with no reason (that ive seen anyhow) just says they were a maybe and not confirmed to me but hey ho the whole thing seems to be a mess right from the start when the count down hit 0 and you still couldnt get tickets let alone they let you know who was performing - i still dont think they themselves know lol"

"Y annouce BEP's as 100% confirmed just to sell tickets? It's a disgrace. Hope they replace them. Sham"

"It says alot for a group like the black eyed peas to drop out. And the only reason they r even sold out or even close is because they dropped the number of seats being sold for this thing way down. So sad. Michael deserves much better than this organization. I saw clips from the cirque show from the other nite. Now that is a TRIBUTE. SIMPLY AMAZING."

"Well are we surprised??? Of course NOT! This is a joke Tribute! in and out! In and OUT!"

"If this would have been a tribute fit for a king, then you would not have to beg people to buy tickets, in the way it's done now. See that the ticket prices are now slashed from £55 down to £30. Also all the artists, including some of the family members would be honoured to be a part of it and not asking to be paid. Yet again people are doing what they can to squeeze money out of Michael, while his fans and the prosecution are trying to get justice for him in court."

1053 days ago


Really?! This woman has some serious problems if she can sit up there, laugh and act like a complete idiot in a murder trial! How embarrassing for Dr. Murray! There is an old saying "Show me who you walk with and I'll see who you are".

1053 days ago

SC Girl    

I am astounded with this woman. No other female name qualifies (i.e., lady). She was a stripper, and her friend sold his story to one news channel saying the day because of course, she works all night, she came home after meeting Conrad, that she hit the jackpot. Jackpot...who the heck considers a man who has 7 children with 6 different women (which you are one, too)? Being a doctor is not the jackpot. Patient confidentiality means nothing to this quack. She was seeing these women at the same time and she is staying with now because she is having her picture taken and is in the 15 minutes of fame stage. Who other than a trashy gold digger think being seen with a man whose malpractice caused the death of another human being would stick around? Wonder where the other women are? He will surely visit another strip joint and replace you Nicole, and I am sure he's not done have more children. At least your child will have plenty of siblings. You only got pregnant to sink your hooks further into your jackpot.

1052 days ago



1052 days ago


Who is this fame whore? Doesn't she know/care that her baby-daddy is seeing all other kinds of skank, too? He has seven children by how many women? At least two!

1052 days ago


when she said she has to maintain her instrument she really meant to say she maintains conrad murrays instrument lol

1051 days ago
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