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Michael Jackson

Bedside Lined with Pill Bottles

10/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson propofol bottles
If it wasn't obvious Michael Jackson had a drug problem before -- this oughta do the trick ...

According to an investigator for the L.A. County Coroner's office, Michael Jackson's bedside table was lined with a pharmacy's worth of prescription pill bottles.

Investigator Elissa Fleak just testified -- she inspected MJ's bedroom the day he died, and found the above collection of pill bottles beside the singer's bed.

Among the pills -- a collection of sedatives Diazepam, Lorazepam, Temazepam ... the list goes on.

Fleak says she also found a blue bag full of Propofol vials -- the same bag MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez claims he packed on Murray's orders ... before calling 911.


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Conrad is going to hell. Bastard should never have a license to distribute medicine's even in a controlled place or a pharmacy. ROT IN HELL CONRAD, YOU SON OF A BITCH. Enjoy prison & hope you get done up the rear end & become some prison dudes bitch.

1057 days ago


this is misleading ..they were not all by the bedside..murray appeared to be stashing them for later use..he was stockpiling them..font you think the paramedics and alvarez would hav noticed all these by a bedside..there was a few on the side table and a couple of propaful bottles on the floor..

1057 days ago


There appears to have been enough medication in that house to stock a small hospital.

1057 days ago


I made a FB for a Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital at Neverland Valley - I would appreciate it if you could support it and spread the word!

1057 days ago


This whole story just becomes more and more tragic, he clearly had a serious drug habit.

1057 days ago


You`re giving false information was not at his bedside,the most of it was in a kabinet in the bags where the security-man told about before.
You make it look like he used it all in one night.
A great example of false information given by the media...again!
For once, try to keep to the isn`t that difficult,really.

1057 days ago


You are all blaming Murray and we don't even know if any other doctor's names are on these pill bottles.

1057 days ago


Ok , now I think Conrad belongs in jail for a long long time. If he didnt kill MJ he sure did enable him.

1057 days ago


*wtf?* The doctor may be culpable in some way-certainly not of murder-this photo is shocking, truly what the silly acronym *WTF* was designed for.
repeat. play~

1057 days ago


lol MJ is the druggie yet you bash murray for giving them to delusional MJ nut huggers will never learn.he was a ******* dope head pedo get over it.

1057 days ago


Only the drugs Dr. Murray gave to Michael Jackson were found in his body. The media is trying to convince the public that Michael was a sick junkie who killed himself with drugs but the jury I hope is sticking to the fact that Michael was killed by his doctor.

1057 days ago

I am Spartacus    

The doctor was just a pawn. If it wasn't Murray it would have just been some other doctor. Michael Jackson clearly had an addiction problem and if Conrad Murray wasn't his doctors he'd just be getting them from some other doctor.

1057 days ago


MJ might of been an addict - certainly seems like he was - but unless he got these drugs on the black market, someone had to prescribe them to him. That person was clearly enabling this addiction and fueling it full force (all the way to the patient's death), which would be against basic medical ethics... From what I've heard so far, Conrad Murray can say bye bye to medical practice for good...

1057 days ago
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