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Lindsay Lohan Sued

No Free Ride for Her

10/8/2011 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0916_lilo_EX_01Lindsay Lohan is being sued for not paying her limo bill ... but here's the fun part.  She racked up a $90,000 bill!

Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services claims Lindsay rode with them from February 2009 to May 2009. Elite claims Lindsay also booked limos for her friends and family.Some of the payments show a $6,000 an hour rate, which also includes security.

As for payments ... well, Elite says she pulled a Lindsay.  And with penalties and late charges, the $33,978 bill has now swelled to $90,585.79.

That's how she rolls.


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The Love Sponge    

First You Sissies

1110 days ago


who cares if you are 1st NO ONE!

AS FOR lohan she just thinks im a star it should be free lol dumb a$$ blonde!

1110 days ago


HA! I can only imagine the condition of the limos after a night of her and her friends on the town. Smokes and cig burns on the ceilings, alcohol spilled all over, stains on the carpets, ceilings and tears in the seats,. resin/residue all over the windows, floors, a nasty stained bra/panty set shoved in the cushions, etc. Thsi stupid ho is done for in this town and its about time that TMZ stop giving her attention! Ugh!!!

1110 days ago


Yup; that's how she rolls. She's an arrogant, self centered little tw*t who only cares about herself. Period. Anyone who thinks that serving her is going to be good for business is sadly mistaken; no one cares what she does and she won't pay. What a chisler...

1110 days ago

Cheryl A.    

If that was you or me we would have a warrent out for us.

1110 days ago


Can someone please stick her in a limo and drive it off an effing cliff?! Thanks in advance.

1110 days ago


Move that limo bill! I'm Lindsay Lohan!

1110 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

hahaha Pitbull and the company she sued for using the milkaholic baby named Lindsay, must be having a laugh.

1110 days ago


I can't stand Lohan, but $6k an hour. Come on! That's ridiculous!!! You just got $90K n free advertising with this story, so f-off now.

1110 days ago


$60...00 an hour????? get outta here! extortion!!!! Don't hire this company of crooks!

1110 days ago

help this young woman    

DUIna is predictably furious. Now she can't get into Manhattan for her "supplies". "I already have my hands full starving Ali and trying to get her to stop wearing her bra - all long-distance", coughed DUIna. "Now Cody?Krissy is threatening to burn the house down if I don't get the limo back. Those people are greedy. We give them publicity". Linds was - as always - oblivious to all of this; 1/2-price day at Ginger's Celebrity Seafood Buffet. Linds is too busy to be bothered.

1110 days ago

AGENT smith    

Radar posted that Lindsay bought a $80,000 Porsche today in LA.

1110 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

time to start takin the bus!!!!

1110 days ago


$60...00 an hour? that is pure greed.

1110 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Dammit! Charges, lawsuits, jail time, accidents, & she keeps coming back like frigging herpes! Please someone send her to a prison in Siberia! We can all chip in, it shouldn't be that expensive since she'll gladly trade sexual favors for room & board. We only have to pay the 1-way tik!

1110 days ago
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