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'Simpsons' Actor

I'll Take a MASSIVE Paycut,

But I Want ...

10/7/2011 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harry Shearer -- who voices Smithers, Mr. Burns and several other major characters on "The Simpsons" -- says he is willing to take an even BIGGER pay cut than FOX wants him to ... but he has a demand of his own.

Shearer and the rest of the cast have been asked to take a 45% reduction in salary in order for the show to continue. Shearer says he's willing to cut his salary a whopping 70% -- but he wants a percentage of the show's profits ... something he says the cast has been denied for years.

Shearer says his reps approached FOX with the idea ... but we're told there are "simply no circumstances under which the network would consider allowing me or any of the actors to share in the show’s success."

Ironically, Mr. Burns would probably have the same answer.

FOX has no comment.


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Nobody watches the show because of the actors doing the voices, get over yourself.

1111 days ago

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seems fair

1111 days ago


This is funny, kinda. This is exactly the same line they used back in the 70's to weaken and then totally destroy the unions but the Screen Actors Guild was to big and too strong and they needed them for distraction.

Now, feeling their dirty work is almost done, looks like they want to bust the actors down to size in a phony effort "to save the show". Say no, always say no. It's easier to get a good-paying job in show bizness as long as there are good paying jobs. When you start voluntarily cutting your own wages they go scott free for cutting your throats.

Just my 2 cents worth.

1111 days ago


I spoke to an inside source at Fox a while back (before any of this latest stuff started) who said that the Simpsons is now a money loser for the network, but they've kept it around because it is their flagship program and has been around since the network first launched (if you count the Tracy Ulman Show shorts).

So I think the cost cutting is needed, but there is no reason they can't give the actors a cut on the back end.

1111 days ago


The program could end tonight and I wouldn't less. Stopped watching it when it began to get preachy.

1111 days ago

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1111 days ago


They've just announced that this will be the last season.
Murdoch is losing too much money on bad shows and unethical journalists, so unless no one gets paid anything anymore on The Simpsons, this will be it.

1111 days ago


William McDougal (Groundskeeper Willie) was asked if he'd take a pay cut. Willie remarked, "No fookin' way, you fookin' fooks!"

1111 days ago


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1111 days ago


If the network made its position on back-end profits clear years ago, why'd he think its position has changed? I think his counteroffer was hollow as he knew they wouldn't agree.

1111 days ago

Jack Venturo    

Pay me what ever you want I can do 2 of the voices from the show! Krusty and Homer! CALL ME!!!

1111 days ago


Corporate greed isn't exclusive to financial institutions.

1111 days ago


23 years is a good run. Let it end. FOX will not suffer either way. The actors would also be able to move on to other, better paying projects. The Simpsons have run its course.

1111 days ago


Seriuosly??? I love the Simpsons been watching for almost 20 years (sad I know) but geez Fox pay these people and give them the royalties already, they kept you afloat for all those years. Cheap @ss network, no wonder why Fox gets made fun of all the time. Seth McFarland will just add another show in the Simpons place.

1111 days ago


When the original writers left, The Simpsons went downhill. It used to be funny and entertaining, now it's like a commercial for Greepeace. Every other episode is about Lisa and plots have no direction. It's like two kids wrote two different episodes and they smash them together without knowing what they're doing. It's time for this show to die.

1111 days ago
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