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Steve Jobs

Zen Center Holds Memorial

In His iHonor

10/9/2011 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apple stores across the country were not the only places people went to mourn the passing of the great Steve Jobs -- a Zen Center in San Francisco held a memorial service to honor the genius,

Jobs was a Buddhist and even had his 1991 wedding presided over by a Buddhist monk named Kobun Chino Otogawa. His passing was felt in the Buddhist community in Northern California, so the San Francisco Zen Center decided to hold a brief memorial on Friday night.

A rep for the center says the memorial service included chanting a traditional Zen chant for those who have died -- and it also included an English section with a dedication specifically to Jobs. It read:

For our great, abiding friend Steve Jobs
And for all those who have passed beyond this life
Into the heart of Buddha.


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Shady's Lady    

Dude was not hot in the traditional sense but with all the intelligence goiing on in his eyes I thought he was smokin. A true Icon for the information age. Rest in Zen ole boy.

1075 days ago


For a buddhist he was a major douchebag in person.

1075 days ago

Charlie Sheen    

Steve Jobs was no Thomas Edison...

1075 days ago



1075 days ago


Zen is so '95

1075 days ago


I don't really get all the praise this guy is getting. I accept he was very intelligent and made some items that lots of people use.... but then so did Bill Gates and I just can't imagine him getting this respect that borders on worship.

1075 days ago


About the media going on and on about Steve Jobs. I have a problem with that, because there hasn't been enough mention of his dark side. The man was known for being a tyrant, and he praised employees for working not only days, but also nights, weekends, and holidays such as Christmas, neglecting their own families. What got little coverage is that a number of his employees became estranged from their spouses and children because of the work hours they were putting in for Jobs, which he apparently demanded. Also, by his own admission, Jobs spent little time with his own children. He even authorized a biography for his children so that "they would understand" why he spent so little time with them. He also did very little in the way of philanthropy, despite his tremendous financial success. So he's getting a lot of praise for being a visionary.

Then here we have another visionary, Michael Jackson, who also changed the world, getting battered in the media, and this is not only a man who lavished time and attention on his own children their entire lives, but did so on a lot of other people's children as well. In addition, he gave a few hundred million dollars to charity during his lifetime, and left 20% of his estate to charity.

So I ask people, who is the better man? And where is the media praise for him?

1075 days ago


Wish our buddhist brother, Steve jobs attain nirvana...your time with us is treasured n there is no attachment required, u will b in better destination.

1075 days ago


FYI "Zen" is just the gimmicky Japanese pronunciation of the movement. In Korea its "Seon", China "Chan" but it started in India as dhyāna'.

All these two-bit Westernised "Buddhists" piss me off. They think of the Dalai Lama as the Buddhist "king" and know nothing of their own supposed religion.

1075 days ago


The Amazon Kindle eBook entitled "STEVE JOBS DEATH MOTIVATION SECRETS" was rather enlightening in its discussion of Steve Jobs' Zen-driven life philosophy.

Yeah, he was a true Buddhist and it showed.RIP Steve!

1075 days ago


So what if - after the bio comes out, Steve's kids say, I understand, but I still wish you would chosen to play with me.

1075 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy was no visionary and making products from other peoples' patents does not make you a true inventor. He made a brand popular and a few devices...but that does not make him bigger than the light-bulb or automobile which totally changed the world and economies and governmnets. Apple products changed a few devices making them easier to use. That is all.

1075 days ago


Geez - you would think this guy cured polio or cancer or something useful to mankind.

1075 days ago


It must be geeks worshipping this guy. I don't think he's all that. They will forget all about him by next year when someone invents a new cool phone or computer. Give me a break!

1075 days ago

chaz lane    

All these people hating on the attention this man is getting...just because they'll never do anything useful with their life.

1075 days ago
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