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Steve Jobs' Estranged Father

Clings to His Son's Legacy

10/10/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1010_jobs_father_npg_ex_wmSteve Jobs' biological father -- the man who put the former Apple CEO up for adoption as a baby -- can't let go of his son's memory ... gripping his iPhone 4 today outside a casino in Nevada.

80-year-old Abdulfattah "John" Jandali -- general manager at Boomtown Casino in Reno -- has claimed he wanted to keep Jobs when he was born ... but his soon-to-be wife (a student) couldn't handle it.


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Leave the man alone and let him grieve however he chooses! People back then were forced alot to give up their children by parents. Sad but true. Breaks my heart that these two never found their way back to each other. Unfortunately that happens alot as well.

1078 days ago


The rich always want more- Jandali is a gold-digging attention whore. Leave Jobs alone he had a "real mom and dad" take care of him. Not this unknown guy.

1078 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Hand job`s & ********`s idied Who cares Apple sucks.Now that`s (PC).He made our kids fat and lazy.

1078 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

surely, he can stuff that 'hole' in his heart with a hundred dollar bill.....that'a make him happier again.

1078 days ago

Reading an awful lot into the dude carrying his iPhone? I guess it's time for him to move on and buy an Android.

1078 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

go figure, forgeiners...always poppin' out countless unwanted children, and then expect the rest of us to take care of them. was he a close friend of osama's?? with that name!

1078 days ago

Mary Bailey    

Terrible "story" TMZ. The guy is just walking around with an iPhone in his hand, what's the big frigging deal? But this *is* TMZ, and there's nothing more you guys like than baseless speculation and exaggerations.

1078 days ago


WOW....what hatred for a man you do not know. What does it matter whose decision it was to put Steve up for adoption. What does matter is that he was adopted by 2 loving people who wanted him and devoted their lives to raising him (blood or not blood relation). I wish more parents today would do the many children being raised by immature people. Too many adults today act childish and selfish....too busy trying to be their kids' best friend instead of their parent. In my household I always remind my children that I'm their parent first and only that. When they are well functioning adults then maybe we can be friends, but I'll always be a parent to them first. And, as for going out and partying with them when they are older, WELL never. Social drinking (glass of wine) is the most I'll ever do with them. SO, people on this board who are blasting this poor 80-year old man....SHAME ON YOU!!! He did what was best for the child 56 years ago.

1078 days ago


Keep these types of articles off TMZ.

1078 days ago


this article is thin on facts. steve's mama's family were not into the inter-racial/ inter-faith relationship and ordered the daughter to return to california to have the baby in secret and put him up for adoption. this has been widely reported. to say that "baby mama couldn't handle it" is speculative and also places the blame squarely upon her when none of us can really know what pressure she was under or what obstacles she faced.

just zip it. who gives a rat's behind. she could have had an abortion. wrap your i-pad around that, folks.

1078 days ago

PRO US    

So this is the kind of tie that a VP of a Reno casino wears.

1078 days ago

Oh well    

Go crawl back under your rock dude, being Mr. Jobs wanted nothing to do with you speaks for itself.

1078 days ago


HE does have parents- The ones that loved him, took care of him and helped shape him into the man he was. Giving birth doesnt make you a parent....If you don't believe me just look up your local foster parent agency in your area.

1078 days ago

weird al yankovich    

TMZ ease up fam.. Steve just died......... no need to bring anymore negativity towards this time

Leave that fool alone for now



1078 days ago

Karen Grace    

Since Steve died I have been doing alot of reading and look forward to see what Steve allowed to be written about him. Steve was very much in control of his life. When he was young he was beaten up in school and demanded his parents to move to another school. That move resulted in meeting the other Steve Woz. Steve could did not build the first PC it was Woz. Woz asked HP if they wanted to build it and they said no. Steve saw potential and they got funding and went public. Steve forgot to provide Apple shares. He gave up nothing and Woz gave the other Apple people his shares. Then at 23 his girlfriend is having a baby. Steve said not my baby. When Steve dad left his natural mom his Dad was 23. He wanted to marry and have the first baby but her parents said no. Latter they were OK but maybe the damage was done. There is a big difference with adoption and deny your are the father. Joanne the mom may have poisoned Mona against her dad John. But Mona had a reallationship with her Dad John and Steve. She could have brought the family together but she did no maybe she did not want to share the limited time she spent with Steve. This is a very said story when a parent has to deal with death of their child. Steve said he wrote this pending book for his kids because he did not always spend time with his kids. His Dad had to sit around hoping for a call or his sister to set meenting. It must be hard on his dad that Steve paid a PI to find his sister and mom but not him. Think different? The pain his dad has be through being left out may have been greater then anything Steve been through including death. He had the option to meet his Dad if he wanted to. Maybe that meeting would have made Steve get the operation instead of waiting 9 months. That delay must have been hard on his wife, kids, and Apple staff could not understand why Steve would want to try Eastern medicine and wait. He had the best doctors in the world and he waited. That must have but hard on the Doctors. How long did Steve want to make his dad wait. Now his dad will have to deal with this pain till the day he dies. Have respect for everybody. Respect you parents and make sure all your family realationships are good because when they are gone you will be wondering what could have been done but no time. Let's all stop writing e-mails, and texing. Have a coversation.

1078 days ago
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