Dr. Conrad Murray Shifts Blame MJ Never Mentioned Other Docs

10/11/2011 9:00 AM PDT

Dr. Conrad Murray Shifts the Blame -- Michael Jackson Never Mentioned Other Doctors

Dr. Conrad Murray told police ... he had no clue what medications Michael Jackson had been prescribed by other doctors -- and although he knew it was going on ... Murray says MJ never told him he was seeing other doctors.

In the police interview from June 27th 2009 -- two days after MJ died -- Murray cites Dr. Arnold Klein as one doctor who regularly prescribed MJ drugs behind Murray's back.

According to Murray, MJ's production team often complained about the singer's visits to Klein -- insisting Michael's worst days on set were after he had been to Dr. Klein's office ... about three times a week.

During the taped interview -- played in court today -- Murray told police ... "When [Michael] came back [from Klein's office], he was basically wasted and required 24 hours for recovery."

Murray claims the only evidence of doctor-shopping he saw was a smattering of prescription pill bottles by the singer's bedside, bearing other doctors' names.

But Murray insists ... Michael never spoke about it.