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Dr. Conrad Murray Shifts Blame

MJ Never Mentioned Other Docs

10/11/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray told police ... he had no clue what medications Michael Jackson had been prescribed by other doctors -- and although he knew it was going on ... Murray says MJ never told him he was seeing other doctors.

In the police interview from June 27th 2009 -- two days after MJ died -- Murray cites Dr. Arnold Klein as one doctor who regularly prescribed MJ drugs behind Murray's back.

According to Murray, MJ's production team often complained about the singer's visits to Klein -- insisting Michael's worst days on set were after he had been to Dr. Klein's office ... about three times a week.

During the taped interview -- played in court today -- Murray told police ... "When [Michael] came back [from Klein's office], he was basically wasted and required 24 hours for recovery."

Murray claims the only evidence of doctor-shopping he saw was a smattering of prescription pill bottles by the singer's bedside, bearing other doctors' names.

But Murray insists ... Michael never spoke about it.


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But he saw the pill bottles, so he knew very well...

1111 days ago


A $99.00 drug test would have told him everything MJ was taking. He said he emptied his piss jugs every night, he had plenty of samples. He's resorting to the "Dog ate my homework" excuses.

1111 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What up all you emotionally illiterate, Nancy Disgrace following, irrational, rode wet, mental midgets? FYI, MJ was a drug addicted pedophile who suffered from an identity crisis and AIDS, and took it upon himself to OD!MJ really should have been prescribed medical marijuana, having AIDS and all...... Propofol was OVERKILL, no pun intended.......

On the other hand, the honorable Dr. Murray is a good man who did the world & MJ a favorby being a pedophile slayer Just imagine if any other average Joe had little boys over to his house for sleep overs in his bed and at the entrance of the room there were cameras to alert this average Joe of intruders.
You have to be one emotional douchebag or douchebagette to think his sleep overs were "innocent"!!

1111 days ago


Or was it Murrary prescribing drugs behind Klein's back? Conrad - you had a fiduciary responsibility. You violated that responsibility. You let your greed dictate your decisions. Now there are going to be some rough cir****tances.

1111 days ago


Not sure why it matters who else prescribed what and when? No doubt there were plenty of irresponsible doctors involved with Michael in his lifetime. From everything I've seen and heard, only Murray was feeding Jackson meds the night Michael died. Sorry, Conrad. Nice try. Unless you had imaginary friends with you, it was only YOU who gave him multiple sedatives and surgical anaesthesia at home. It was only YOU who left him unattended. And only YOU who didn't have the professional integrity to call 911 immediately.

1111 days ago



1111 days ago


All the staff at tmz need to get off the Yankees meat,like any team from California made the playoffs at all.

1111 days ago


I think the idea that Dr Murray didn't know MJ was abusing medicine because he never mentioned it is absurd. I think most people would work that out from the number of pill bottles, unless someone was seriously or chronically ill, and a doctor probably has no excuse. I think Murray was starstruck and financially dependent on MJ - so overlooked it and played along like other doctors did. I think MJ knew the dangers of propofol, MJ was eccentric but not stupid, MJ asked for propofol, however Dr Murray is still guilty because he should have known better. I do wonder that had the deceased not been famous whether it would have been a medical malpractice case, because you do not hear of many doctors being tried for manslaughter.

1111 days ago


It's worth saying again: Murray had a simple way of knowing what meds Michael was taking. He could have/should have gotten a lab test done (frequently) to determine opiods, benzos, etc. in the blood. If MJ refused, that would be the time to quit. Sure, it's hard to give up all that money, but it's better than being in the situation Murray (and MJ) are now in.

1111 days ago

get it right    

I wasn't able to watch the trial today.

Did the prosecution not make a point of highlighting that screaming obvious truth that amongst that utter bullchit blah blah blah speil about MJ not directly telling him (so he says) he was seeing Klein "behind his back"... THAT JUST THE SAME - MURRAY KNEW.

Dog chits in the middle of my floor, I don't need anyone including the dog to TELL me. The pile of **** speaks for itself.

Damn straight pun intended.

Oh, and btw: What's up with not listing this article ALSO under MJ's header. Notice the TYPE of articles about Consh*ts articles which ALL involve MJ, are methodically chosen to keep separate from MJ's "side" of viewers of the SONY OWNED TMZ pile of chit in the middle of the floor. Combined with how STOOPID any staff of TMZ is? ........ it makes sense.

Germx, n fabreeze plz.


1110 days ago


During the taped interview -- played in court today -- Murray told police ... "When [Michael] came back [from Klein's office], he was basically wasted and required 24 hours for recovery."

Murray claims the only evidence of doctor-shopping he saw was a smattering of prescription pill bottles by the singer's bedside, bearing other doctors' names.

Didn't STUPID murray know that Klein was Michael's dermatologist for many years,so due to his vitiligo he HAD to go to Klein to treat it but that fact remains that Michael walked out of Klein's office and was NEVER SENT to a hospital.

As for the pill bottles if what murray states is true then why not call the other doctors and make them testify why Michael would need "these pills" prescribed by them?

How do i know that murray didn't "plant" those pill bottles afterall we know he ordered a shipload of sedatives and propofol?

1110 days ago


I know several people that worked for Klein and they all said the same thing. That Klein would put prescriptions for MJ in his employees names and that they would have to carry MJ to the car after his "visits" to Klein. I think many were responsible for MJ's death, beginning with himself for his bad decisions. All the doctors that gave him pain killers were responsible as well. I hope Murray gets slap on the wrist but I don't think he should do time because it was a group effort. The family shouldn't be complaining because they are making all that money and that's all they've ever cared about.

1094 days ago

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