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People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

Cardiologist Testifies:

Dr. Murray Messed Up Big Time

10/12/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cardiologist -- Dr. Alon Steinberg Testifies
Updated 10/12/11 at 08:45 AM

1012_cardiologist Dr. Alon Steinberg -- one of the leading cardiologists for the California Medical Board -- just told the jury ... Dr. Conrad Murray demonstrated an "extreme deviation" from standard practices in his care for Michael Jackson.

* Dr. Steinberg made it clear he is a cardiologist... not an anesthesiologist.
* Steinberg testified he reviewed Murray's case relying solely on transcripts from his police interview because he wanted "to judge Dr. Murray on his very own words."
* He found 6 separate and distinct deviations of standard of care – each one amounting to "gross negligence."
* Steinberg said Propofol should only be used for procedures in a hospital and should never be used for sleep.
* According to Steinberg, Murray lacked basic equipment to keep the singer alive in case of emergency.
* Murray should have had an assistant at all times.
* Murray should have called 911 immediately. 

* Steinberg said after calling 911, Murray should have given bagged him with an ambu bag, then administered Flumazenil ... Instead, Murray went for chest compressions,  which MJ wouldn't have needed if he was still breathing.
* When Murray did finally call for help, he phoned MJ's assistant ... which caused further delay.
* Steinberg told the jury that "for every minute of delay there's less and less chance the patient will survive."
* Steinberg called Murray's behavior "bizarre."
* Murray did not take notes. This is important, not only for insurance and legal purposes, but also to make sure everything is documented so that no mistakes are made.
* Steinberg said Murray's breeches in care "directly contributed to the untimely death of Michael Jackson."
* Steinberg condemned Murray for leaving the singer alone unsupervised, saying "it's like leaving a baby that's sleeping on your kitchen countertop,"
* He said, according to the transcripts, Murray gave MJ a drip of Propofol the night he died ... in ADDITION to the 25 mg. he gave him initially.
(during cross-examination, Murray's lawyer argued Murray never mentioned when describing the night of June 25th. After an long back-and-forth, Steinberg shrugged, "Can we agree to disagree?")
* Murray's lawyers asked Steinberg if it was possible Murray left the room for more than two minutes ... suggesting the doc may have had his timetable confused.
* Dr. Steinberg made it clear ... MJ would be alive today if Murray had simply called 911 right away.


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LIVE STREAM: Dr. Conrad Murray On Trial In Michael Jackson’s Death – Watch It Here LiveLIVE STREAM: Dr. Conrad Murray On Trial In Michael Jackson’s Death – Watch It Here Live
Posted on Oct 12, 2011 @ 11:00AM print it send it
Sipa Press/WENNby Radar Staff

The explosive trial of Dr. Conrad Murray -- charged in the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson -- continues today in Los Angeles, and is once again live streaming the proceedings, starting at 8:45 am PT/11:45 am ET.

The prosecution is starting to wind down its case by calling its three final witnesses -- a cardiologist, a sleep expert, and an anesthesiologist -- all of whom will slam Dr. Conrad Murray for using Propofol as a sleep aid for Jackson. The D.A. will likely rest its case this week; then it will be the defense’s turn.

Michael Jackson Slurring His Words Recording Played At Trial: ‘I Didn’t Have A Childhood’

Murray -- Jackson’s live-in physician at the time of his death in June, 2009 -- is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the King of Pop’s death for allegedly giving him a deadly dose of the powerful anesthetic Propofol.

Conrad Murray Trial Recap: Chef Was Told By Dr. Murray To Get Prince; Not Call 911

If convicted, Murray could face up to four years behind bars.

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Michael Jackson Slurring His Words Recording Played At Trial: ‘I Didn’t Have A Childhood’
Michael was sedated......of course his words would be slurred..................This is SO NOT a defence.....

Sorry no more drama about his childhood........please it's over and it's not a defense for murray's actions.

1073 days ago


ALL PARTIES including Michael Jackson knew that he should not have been given Propofol as a "sleep aid" to begin with.
There's no proof Michael wanted Propofol to help me sleep. Some of those psychotropic meds he used for stress and anxiety will regulate one's sleep. All we have is murray's claim that he was giving michael propofol for six weeks.....there's no proof of this. no fake medical records of murray giving michael propofol. no surveillance no phone records for calls in or out of holmby hills for Michael Jackson. It's as if everything was shut down or turned off for about 8-10 hours on that fateful day at holmby hills.

1073 days ago


HOW STUPID can ppl be when they COMMENT on this?? 1: There IS NO Medicine to REVERSE PROPOFOL!! It DONT EXIST ! 2: Phedophile case.. HE WAS FOUND INNOCENT ON ALL != ACCOUNTS! Remember!!And has NOTHING to do w. this!

1073 days ago


OMG!!! Dr. Aron Steinberg kicked Murray & his lawyers in every way today! He is SO smart, explained everything in terms the jury SHOULD be able to follow (but I am losing faith in jurors) as he talked to them, & he wasn't a windbag as he HAD to explain what the Defense was saying to him. The defense was only trying to confuse the jury & he wasn't going to let that happen when he has all that knowledge. I also learned a lot myself too. jennyc is correct on the antidote for the benzo's but you must not have heard him say the Propofol was not in him or it it was on a drip it could have been turned off. It is a very short lived drug. I just had it last week for a procedure and it worked so fast and good I would always prefer this over all the rest. Dr. Steinberg is a Cardiologist for the CA. Medical Board & works in Malibu. He said this is what he mainly does in his job. Would you want Murray to be YOUR Dr.? He is so stupid & everything he did was wrong & then he did't even have the equipment needed either. But, he sure ordered a LOT of Propofol & then had it to sent to another of his baby Mama's home! Wonder where his wife is? He only wanted that money. I'll take Dr. Steinberg anytime but he would give me a heart attack to look up and see him. LOL! Darn! He just blew me away. I read he is married to a Dr. and has 2 girls. I wish they had ended the day or the trial with him as the next Dr. was so goofy & he is the type to lose the jury ... heck I have a problem sleeping but that 2nd Dr. put me right to sleep for real. I don't usually get this carried away but he had it all going for him. He even used an easy to follow anology about the baby being left on the counter top. Plus, think how many small children can dial 911! I never have missed any of this trial but I especially watched as I was panting in LOVE with Dr. Aron Steinberg's handsome face, cute lil' smile, and his extreme knowledge & then he used all of the interview of exactly what Murray said. I think I would have a heart attack myself if Steinberg was my Dr. LOL! Wow! But, jennyc you are wrong on the antidote as you are right for it being for Benzos but that is what was left as the Propofol is such a short acting drug. Plus, he named all the other drugs he should have had for any problems. The Benzos never should have been used together. Well, off to bed with sweet dreams of HOT Dr. Steinberg. Kudo's to him!

1073 days ago


It's infuriating! Even a first year med student knows that the very first thing u do is call the ambulance!!!! I completely agree with Dr. steinberg! Propofol is something that is only used in an ICU setting and if u are insane enough to admister a drug like that at home u should never leave the patient alone! And another thing, dr murray told his girlfriends that MJ was his patient??!!! A complete lack of integrity. I could go on about this, it only gets me more angry about this guy! I am happy dr steinberg explained in very clear way to people without a medical backgroud what happend there and how many mistakes were made. I hope this man will never be able to prescribe medication again!

1073 days ago


To say that Michael Jackson is some how at fault for his death is just plainly a lack of common sense.
If you or I had paid anyone 150,000 a month to care for us,we would have an expectation of not dying. or are we are some strung out junkie who does not care about our health? The fact that he paid good money for the highest quality of care tells me he was not an addict or he would be spending that money on the drug itself, or the high if you will. there are plenty of ways to buy downers on the street. And to think a man who was the greatest entertainer and very savvy business man could attain that being an addict for years?
And maybe this drug allowed him to feel rested, it appears as though he tried everything else with no results. A person having this many medications does not always mean they are taking them in fact just the opposite. they get the prescription but if it does not work we usually just stop taking it and have a pharmacy in our bathrooms. Because if he was taking all these pills i am sure there would have been signs of it in his liver and his brain. addicts just like alcoholics show signs of abuse in the brain, liver, teeth etc. Michael Jackson is no different when the autopsy is done. Common sense
tells you if he has been a drug addict for years he could not hide that from a coroner.

The only reason this doctor said yes was a 150,000. not because it was Michael Jackson. He called this an opportunity of a life time. One opportunity. was worth dropping all those patients you said you cared so much about..
The minute he found MJ he immediately went into saving his own ass by omitting on the day of his death all that he had gave, but he could recall in detail 2 days later, how much, how many times, what time is was, everything. The fact that it was Michael Jackson has nothing to do with his failure to provide adequate health care. He choose to provide MJ a personal physician, he choose not to wait until he had everything he needed, WHY because in the two months prior to his death he was securing himself a pay check of 300,000.00. so he gave the drug to him with no thought Because there is noway in hell he could have got this drug overseas, so perhaps he would not be needed on tour after all. so weaning him off of it after providing it for sixty days would be a good idea right before departure. This do not
not take a jury to figure out who is responsible, it would have taken a ethical person to just admit he is wrong and take what he had coming. Only a coward blames the victim, but look at what it's costing him, was it worth it?

1073 days ago


PETA Slams Dr. Conrad Murray For Testing Harmful Drug Propofol On Beagle DogsPETA Slams Dr. Conrad Murray For Testing Harmful Drug Propofol On Beagle Dogs
Posted on Oct 13, 2011 @ 07:00PM print it send it
Splash NewsBy Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Senior Reporter

Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team has earned another enemy – the animal right’s group PETA - for their testing of the powerful anesthetic Propofol on beagles.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, President Ingrid Newkirk exclusively talked to and slammed the doctor, who is accused of killing Michael Jackson.

“Dr. Conrad Murray and his defense team should do time for this act alone. Poisoning and killing dogs will not change what is already known about propofol—its hazards are well do***ented,” she said.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

As exclusively reported, as source close to Dr. Murray revealed that Beagle dogs had been used to test the drug as attorneys tried to build their defense of the beleaguered physician.

“A study was done on Beagle dogs to determine how much Propofol would have to be orally consumed to cause death. The only other study that had been done on the oral ingestion of Propofol was on pigs rectums. The study definitely involved more than two dogs. It's unknown if the dogs died, or suffered any harm," the source said.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

PETA said this action would have horrified the former King of Pop, who tragically passed away from a propofol overdose in 2009.

“This would have greatly upset Michael, who was known to be a huge animal lover,” the organization told “This was obviously a cruel attempt to drag out this trial and confuse the jurors, adding more victims to the death toll in this sad case.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Kids Star In Tribute Concert

Dr. Conrad Murray is being tried for the involuntary manslaughter death of Michael Jackson in Los Angeles and faces four years in federal prison if convicted.

You can watch the trial live, here on

1072 days ago


RADAR LIVE: Michael Jackson Death Trial — Talkback, News & Opinion LiveRADAR LIVE: Michael Jackson Death Trial — Talkback, News & Opinion Live
Posted on Oct 13, 2011 @ 04:45AM print it send it
Splash News/Getty ImagesBy Radar Staff will be broadcasting a LIVE pod-cast at 12:30 p.m. PT/3:30 p.m. ET to provide up-to-the minute news, analysis and commentary about what’s been dubbed the Trial of the Century -- the People Vs. Dr. Conrad Murray.

Radar Live's special guest on Thursday, October 13, 2011 will be Dr. Charles Sophy, a board certified psychiatrist specializing in adolescence. Dr. Sophy will be addressing the possibility of Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince, being called by the prosecution as a rebuttal witness.

Radar Legal Editor Jen Heger will be joined by Star’s Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard for RADAR LIVE.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

You too can take a stand on the issues discussed by our panel as we take your calls about the trial, as all the drama unfolds.

Want to be on air? Call (877) 604-2496 during the show!

1072 days ago


According to the( California Penal Code Section 190.2 )

The penalty for a defendant who is founded quilty of murdering "

Michael Jackson"...(1) "INTENTIONALLY and Carrying out the Murder for FINANCIAL GAIN"- $150,000...,this proves that "Conrat Murray" really should've been charged by the DA's Office with (Murder in the First Degree)!!! and not be undercharged with "Involuntary Manslaughter" (IMO)

1072 days ago


* Steinberg said Murray's breeches in care "directly contributed to the untimely death of Michael Jackson."


1072 days ago


Katherine Jackson Says Dr. Murray Is A LiarKatherine Jackson Says Dr. Murray Is A Liar
Posted on Oct 14, 2011 @ 01:30PM print it send it
WENNBy Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

Katherine Jackson is “livid” that Dr. Conrad Murray told cops two days after her beloved son, Michael Jackson died, that he provided solace to her and the singer's three children after the tragic death.

In fact, far from it, says the Jackson family matriarch, who claims that the embattled cardiologist made the whole thing up, is exclusively reporting.

Katherine Jackson called Deputy District Attorney David Walgren on Monday night, and told him that she was outraged that Dr. Murray made up such a preposterous tale.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

"Katherine was almost beside herself with anger after she heard Dr. Murray telling cops that he comforted her and the grandchildren after her son was declared dead. it just never happened, Dr. Murray made the whole thing up. She is disgusted and outraged at Dr. Murray for even daring to suggest that he was there for her," a Jackson family insider tells

Katherine Jackson's nephew, Trent Jackson told CNN's Alan Duke, that Michael's oldest son, Prince also says Dr. Murray never even spoke to the children.

According to Trent, the children were kept in an SUV outside of the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center and it was Michael's manger, Frank DiLeo that escorted the children into the emergency room after their grandmother arrived.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Inside Michael Jackson's Mansion On The Day Of His Death

According to the official interview that Murray did with cops:

Dr. Murray: So we -- they brought her into a room down the hall. And I went in there with the emergency room physician who was treating him, whom I was with all the time through his code, and they broke the news to Mrs. Jackson. So the doctor started to tell that, you know her son came in and he was having difficulty breathing and they tried everything. And she said, "well how is he? He's not dead is he?" and the doctor said "yes," and she broke down. It was very -- and weeping. We stayed there, held her hand."

Dr. Murray then talked about how he went to another room where Jackson's three children were, and told them their father had died.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

Transcript from the interview:

Dr. Murray: They asked questions, and the children found out that daddy wasn't doing well, that he had passed away. And then they were weeping, really weeping...after they cried and cried and then his daughter uttered a lot of words of unhappiness, and you know she will live alone without her dad and she didn't want to be an orphan...She cried and was very stark. And then she asked to see him. And then that was another thing. How do you let children see him? I asked them to prepare Mr. Jackson's body, make it as presentable as possible, because I recommended an autopsy be performed, so that the children would be able to view their daddy and have them say good-bye to him at this time."

The source says that when Katherine apprised Prince of what had happened in court on Monday, he was more steadfast and determined than ever to take the stand for the prosecution.

"Katherine tells Michael's two oldest children, Prince and Paris what has happened in court everyday. Blanket is just too young to comprehend it, and doesn't ask questions. Prince was mortified when Katherine apprised him of what happened,” the Jackson insider told “He is begging his grandmother to let him take the stand. The decision will be up to David Walgren though.

“Right now, its a 50/50 chance that Prince could take the stand. Prince doesn't want the jurors to feel sympathy for Dr. Murray, and felt that was the reason he made up the entire story about what happened at the hospital. The DA will assess the need to put Prince on the stand, after the defense rests it's case.”

Testimony will resume in the trial on Monday. If convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Murray could face up to four years in state prison.

You can watch the trial live, here on

1071 days ago


qu on le bute... pour moi pas d autre solution.. il commis un meurtre.

1071 days ago

dr.john mcgarry    

dr.elon steinburg said dr murray recorded the pulse rate of mj to be 122. 122 is not divisable by 4. the convention when manually taking the pulse rate is to note it for 15 seconds then multiply by 4 again,122 isnot divisable by4 so dr murray is guilty of a terminological inexactitude(W.Churchil)

1071 days ago


This is the hospital Michael was going to build at his beloved Neverland. It was where he was going to fly in experts from around the world. It was where he built an outdoor theater across from where the plans showed a complex with huge bay windows so that children who woke up frightened and depressed could be rejuvenated by cartoons and children’s films.

It was the place where the hospital rooms were condos so that families could live together and restore their child to health with love—the great healer. Michael knew about vibrational medicine—that disease cannot take hold where the environment is happy and loving. Disease spreads easily and takes over when the mind is depressed and the body is toxic by association. Michael had read the books, studied Patch Adams, he piped in music for the flowers that responded with stunning growth and beauty—why would it be any different for other living things? Michael knew because Michael was a healer.

After hearing the tape of Michael, obviously under the influence of something, and slurring his speech, Jane Velez Mitchell and others stopped momentarily and reflected. There was a collective realization that something important had just been revealed. They understood that here was a man under the influence of some kind of intoxicant or mood altering substance and he was talking about children, building a children’s hospital and the healing of children. His musings were unscripted; he did not know he was being recorded and there was no one to impress with his philanthropic musings. It was Michael Jackson raw, vulnerable and human.

Jane Velez almost immediately quipped “this is what the fans have been saying all along. They have been saying that Michael Jackson cared about children, that he lived for them. During the 2005 trial they painted Neverland Ranch as this place that attracted children like flypaper, for nefarious purposes. And here we see a real and vulnerable Michael Jackson talking about building a children’s hospital. This is a stunning revelation. This is a vindication.”

I stood up and applauded. I heard a high pitched chuckle in my mind and “saw” a wink from heaven. Vindicated by his own words! So yesterday afternoon the meme changed forever. The correspondents all said that the Michael Jackson fans in the courtroom were holding their heads in their hands and wiping eyes with tissues.

That’s because this vindication comes a little late. The man had to die for you all to finally know who he was. The fans knew. They knew all along. And he told you before in his own words—you chose not to believe him. He said his changing color was Vitiligo, he said most of his surgeries were medically indicated; he said Neverland Ranch was for children. For the child in all of us.

He said “I hurt” not just because of a lost childhood but because of a lost home, a lost dream, a lost career, a lost country, a lost opportunity for contribution to heal the world. And yes, a lost life. Michael Jackson lost his life long before he died. The world that learned to hate him, fueled by the screaming media, took his life from him a long time ago. He retreated to Bahrain, not out of shame but out of despair having lost the country of his birth, its rights and the freedoms that he fought so hard for in his music and lyrics.

Yet here was this skinny little man, fifty years old, coming back one more time to remind the world that it could heal itself. To take the millions of dollars he would make from This Is It to build a children’s hospital. Here was a man that was so traumatized that he couldn’t sleep. Here was a man whose world had become so painful that he had to put himself into a coma at night, to not just escape the world in sleep but to render himself unconscious. Here was a man so bullied by the world that there was no redemption until his death. Here was a man willing to give us one more chance to make it right. Will we?

Michael Jackson is still giving to the world. Once again, he just presented us with an opportunity to change the world not just with his redemption, but with our own. There is a great lesson to be learned here, a sincere and sweeping revision of how we do things and how we treat people who happen to be larger than life because God gave them something to share with the rest of us.

Already the media has started backpeddling. But there is truly no way to spin it. There is no other way to tell it but to tell the truth. Michael Jackson was telling the truth; the world wasn’t. Conrad Murray is not the only one who killed Michael Jackson. The world has blood on its hands. We all need to wash and come clean. Me first.

Thank you, Michael for this one last gift. You gave me your life, then you gave your life. I didn’t love you as much as you loved me. I am sorry.

The hope is in this next sentence: “I promise I will never do that again to anyone. Ever.”

1070 days ago
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