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Sleep Medicine Expert

Dr. Murray Experimented on MJ

10/13/2011 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sleep expert Dr. Nadar Kamangar -- who called Dr. Conrad Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson "inconceivable" -- told prosecutors today ... Murray used MJ as his own personal guinea pig for dangerous medical experiments.

Kamangar -- an adviser for the CA Medical Board -- testified that Propofol was never approved for use as a sleep aid when Murray used it to treat MJ's insomnia ... claiming Murray's treatment amounted to "an experiment."

Murray's attorney J. Michael Flanagan cited a Taiwan research study today from 2010, in which 64 patients with insomnia were successfully treated with Propofol -- but Kamangar pointed out ... the study took place after MJ's death ... in a safe hospital setting.


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Kamangar -- an adviser for the CA Medical Board -- testified that Propofol was never approved for use as a sleep aid when Murray used it to treat MJ's insomnia ... claiming Murray's treatment amounted to "an experiment."

Does murray's team still claim that he involuntarily killed Michael? The expert claims the exact opposite.

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Here's a dirty little secret that may have been exposed by the defense's horrible, horrible treatment of pharmacy, medicine and human intelligence in general a few days ago: doctors, especially general practictioners, are accepting us as experimental subjects every time we ask them to give us a drug that they don't actually know too much about. If we die, we might get the dignity and proof we existed of becoming permanently written into the literature as an unsuccessful case report.

We accept this every day whether it's a conscious consent or not, and in some cases we actually choose to lie and deceive in order to sign up for it, often after we've already conducted thorough self-research by our own means. Does that absolve Murray? No, of course it doesn't, but Michael Jackson at the same time unquestionably used Murray to get the drugs he wanted, and which of them failed Michael Jackson the most is tough to say.

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Katherine Jackson Says Dr. Murray Is A LiarKatherine Jackson Says Dr. Murray Is A Liar
Posted on Oct 14, 2011 @ 01:30PM print it send it
WENNBy Jen Heger
Radar Legal Editor

Katherine Jackson is “livid” that Dr. Conrad Murray told cops two days after her beloved son, Michael Jackson died, that he provided solace to her and the singer's three children after the tragic death.

In fact, far from it, says the Jackson family matriarch, who claims that the embattled cardiologist made the whole thing up, is exclusively reporting.

Katherine Jackson called Deputy District Attorney David Walgren on Monday night, and told him that she was outraged that Dr. Murray made up such a preposterous tale.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

"Katherine was almost beside herself with anger after she heard Dr. Murray telling cops that he comforted her and the grandchildren after her son was declared dead. it just never happened, Dr. Murray made the whole thing up. She is disgusted and outraged at Dr. Murray for even daring to suggest that he was there for her," a Jackson family insider tells

Katherine Jackson's nephew, Trent Jackson told CNN's Alan Duke, that Michael's oldest son, Prince also says Dr. Murray never even spoke to the children.

According to Trent, the children were kept in an SUV outside of the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center and it was Michael's manger, Frank DiLeo that escorted the children into the emergency room after their grandmother arrived.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Inside Michael Jackson's Mansion On The Day Of His Death

According to the official interview that Murray did with cops:

Dr. Murray: So we -- they brought her into a room down the hall. And I went in there with the emergency room physician who was treating him, whom I was with all the time through his code, and they broke the news to Mrs. Jackson. So the doctor started to tell that, you know her son came in and he was having difficulty breathing and they tried everything. And she said, "well how is he? He's not dead is he?" and the doctor said "yes," and she broke down. It was very -- and weeping. We stayed there, held her hand."

Dr. Murray then talked about how he went to another room where Jackson's three children were, and told them their father had died.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

Transcript from the interview:

Dr. Murray: They asked questions, and the children found out that daddy wasn't doing well, that he had passed away. And then they were weeping, really weeping...after they cried and cried and then his daughter uttered a lot of words of unhappiness, and you know she will live alone without her dad and she didn't want to be an orphan...She cried and was very stark. And then she asked to see him. And then that was another thing. How do you let children see him? I asked them to prepare Mr. Jackson's body, make it as presentable as possible, because I recommended an autopsy be performed, so that the children would be able to view their daddy and have them say good-bye to him at this time."

The source says that when Katherine apprised Prince of what had happened in court on Monday, he was more steadfast and determined than ever to take the stand for the prosecution.

"Katherine tells Michael's two oldest children, Prince and Paris what has happened in court everyday. Blanket is just too young to comprehend it, and doesn't ask questions. Prince was mortified when Katherine apprised him of what happened,” the Jackson insider told “He is begging his grandmother to let him take the stand. The decision will be up to David Walgren though.

“Right now, its a 50/50 chance that Prince could take the stand. Prince doesn't want the jurors to feel sympathy for Dr. Murray, and felt that was the reason he made up the entire story about what happened at the hospital. The DA will assess the need to put Prince on the stand, after the defense rests it's case.”

Testimony will resume in the trial on Monday. If convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Murray could face up to four years in state prison.

You can watch the trial live, here on

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everyone blamimg Murray yep he is at fault in one way, for accepting where AIG they the one paying How did he got all those medicine and brought it to MJ.MJ is was old enough to understand, Murray as a Doctor accepted but where is AIG or whatever that company or Insurance that was promoting Money talk too they wanted to make millions off the concert and took advantage of MJ that was so addicted to drugs.. AIG is the first one to be blame big time

1083 days ago


This is the hospital Michael was going to build at his beloved Neverland. It was where he was going to fly in experts from around the world. It was where he built an outdoor theater across from where the plans showed a complex with huge bay windows so that children who woke up frightened and depressed could be rejuvenated by cartoons and children’s films.

It was the place where the hospital rooms were condos so that families could live together and restore their child to health with love—the great healer. Michael knew about vibrational medicine—that disease cannot take hold where the environment is happy and loving. Disease spreads easily and takes over when the mind is depressed and the body is toxic by association. Michael had read the books, studied Patch Adams, he piped in music for the flowers that responded with stunning growth and beauty—why would it be any different for other living things? Michael knew because Michael was a healer.

After hearing the tape of Michael, obviously under the influence of something, and slurring his speech, Jane Velez Mitchell and others stopped momentarily and reflected. There was a collective realization that something important had just been revealed. They understood that here was a man under the influence of some kind of intoxicant or mood altering substance and he was talking about children, building a children’s hospital and the healing of children. His musings were unscripted; he did not know he was being recorded and there was no one to impress with his philanthropic musings. It was Michael Jackson raw, vulnerable and human.

Jane Velez almost immediately quipped “this is what the fans have been saying all along. They have been saying that Michael Jackson cared about children, that he lived for them. During the 2005 trial they painted Neverland Ranch as this place that attracted children like flypaper, for nefarious purposes. And here we see a real and vulnerable Michael Jackson talking about building a children’s hospital. This is a stunning revelation. This is a vindication.”

I stood up and applauded. I heard a high pitched chuckle in my mind and “saw” a wink from heaven. Vindicated by his own words! So yesterday afternoon the meme changed forever. The correspondents all said that the Michael Jackson fans in the courtroom were holding their heads in their hands and wiping eyes with tissues.

That’s because this vindication comes a little late. The man had to die for you all to finally know who he was. The fans knew. They knew all along. And he told you before in his own words—you chose not to believe him. He said his changing color was Vitiligo, he said most of his surgeries were medically indicated; he said Neverland Ranch was for children. For the child in all of us.

He said “I hurt” not just because of a lost childhood but because of a lost home, a lost dream, a lost career, a lost country, a lost opportunity for contribution to heal the world. And yes, a lost life. Michael Jackson lost his life long before he died. The world that learned to hate him, fueled by the screaming media, took his life from him a long time ago. He retreated to Bahrain, not out of shame but out of despair having lost the country of his birth, its rights and the freedoms that he fought so hard for in his music and lyrics.

Yet here was this skinny little man, fifty years old, coming back one more time to remind the world that it could heal itself. To take the millions of dollars he would make from This Is It to build a children’s hospital. Here was a man that was so traumatized that he couldn’t sleep. Here was a man whose world had become so painful that he had to put himself into a coma at night, to not just escape the world in sleep but to render himself unconscious. Here was a man so bullied by the world that there was no redemption until his death. Here was a man willing to give us one more chance to make it right. Will we?

Michael Jackson is still giving to the world. Once again, he just presented us with an opportunity to change the world not just with his redemption, but with our own. There is a great lesson to be learned here, a sincere and sweeping revision of how we do things and how we treat people who happen to be larger than life because God gave them something to share with the rest of us.

Already the media has started backpeddling. But there is truly no way to spin it. There is no other way to tell it but to tell the truth. Michael Jackson was telling the truth; the world wasn’t. Conrad Murray is not the only one who killed Michael Jackson. The world has blood on its hands. We all need to wash and come clean. Me first.

Thank you, Michael for this one last gift. You gave me your life, then you gave your life. I didn’t love you as much as you loved me. I am sorry.

The hope is in this next sentence: “I promise I will never do that again to anyone. Ever.”

1082 days ago


""As the morbid image of a lifeless Jackson laying on a hospital gurney and labeled "Homicide," spread virally around the world, it became burned into the public's consciousness and will never be forgotten. Understandably sickening to many, the dreary image also serves as an extremely powerful symbol and stark reminder that in Michael Jackson's valiant attempt to save the lives of others, this wounded messenger unnecessarily lost his own bright future. Finally, the voices of justice are saying that this should have never happened to such a man." -Matt Semino"

1082 days ago



Here's Dr. Drew talking about the meds given by MJ by ConMan Murray:

Dr. Drew: ...he actually was given the night he died, a massive dose of...lorezepam which some people know as Ativan...He got it intravenously. He got enough Ativan to put you and me to sleep for the next 36 hours.

That in of itself should be a "wow" for everybody. But I'll tell you, the thing that was the most disturbing part of this for me is that propofol is a barbiturate. Ativan is a benzodiazepine. On paper, you are never supposed to use those together. Together they cause respiratory suppression. They cause people to stop breathing.

So in my world once somebody has received an Ativan-like drug, you just don't give a barbiturate for at least 24 to 48 hours. You just don't do it. And here was a guy getting massive doses of both. To me, outrageous.

That, as an addictionologist, you know we take people off the benzodiazepine drugs, the Ativan, the Xanax, and we use the barbiturates to take them off. But we don't even administer the barb until they've had at least 24 hours. They just don't even overlap. You never let those two things occur in the body together.


1081 days ago


Ethical complaints against Jose Baez move forward
Posted: 12:23 PM ET

While this blog is dedicated to coverage of the Conrad Murray trial, we know many In Session and HLN viewers have been closely following the Casey Anthony case and wanted to be sure to include this important update on that story.

The Florida Bar will continue to pursue two complaints filed against Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez. The details of what sparked these complaints have not been disclosed to the public, but it’s widely speculated they stem from Baez’s representation of Casey Anthony.

The complaints will to go to a grievance committee, which is comparable to a grand jury. The grievance committee will rule on whether to bring charges against Baez.

In August, Baez told CNN, "I am looking forward to the Bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints. It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular case."

If the 10-member committee - made up of attorneys and non-attorneys from the Orlando area - believes the investigation’s findings establish probable cause, the complaints would then go the Florida Supreme Court, which could then discipline Baez.

Posted by: In Session's Graham Winch
Filed under: Casey and Caylee Anthony

1080 days ago


Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray Delayed After Medical Expert's Father DiesTrial Of Dr. Conrad Murray Delayed After Medical Expert's Father Dies
Posted on Oct 17, 2011 @ 02:00AM print it send it
Getty/WENNBy Radar Staff

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson will be delayed Monday, as a witness for the prosecution, anesthesiology expert Dr. Steven Shafer, will not be able to testify because of the death of his father.

"Resumption of the trial will be announced when further information is available," the court said in a statement Sunday.

Shafer, who briefly testified before Thursday’s session was concluded, was slated to testify Monday that Murray's use of propofol was negligent in his care of the late King of Pop, using scientific explanations to support his idea.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

When Shafer returns from his father's funeral, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said, his testimony will last a day.

After Shafer testifies, defense lawyer Nareg Gourjian said, the defense will begin their presentation.

Murray is standing trial in Jackson‘s death at 50 from acute intoxication of a powerful anesthetic complicated by other sedatives. If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison, as well as losing his medical license.

1080 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Will Resume WednesdayDr. Conrad Murray Trial Will Resume Wednesday
Posted on Oct 17, 2011 @ 01:30PM print it send it
AP/WENNBy Radar Staff

Dr. Conrad Murray's trial in connection with Michael Jackson's death will resume on Wednesday, is reporting.

Los Angeles Judge Michael Pastor made the announcement Monday morning at a hearing attended by the District Attorney and the cardiologist's lawyers; the jury wasn't present.

Today's session of the trial was canceled after the father of the prosecution's final witness died this weekend, but Judge Pastor ordered the delay of one more day so that Murray's defense team can get more details from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office test results of Lorazepam levels in Jackson's body at the time he died.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

As previously reported Dr. Murray's lawyers are going to mount a defense based on the theory that Lorazepam killed Jackson, and not acute Propofol intoxication, as Jackson's cause of death.

"This case isn't about Propofol, Michael Jackson didn't die from that. He died because of an extremely high level of Lorazepam found in his body," a source close to Dr. Murray tells

"The defense whole heartedly disagrees with the findings of the coroner that Michael Jackson died of acute Propofol intoxication. Michael Jackson's death certificate lists acute Propofol intoxication as the official cause of death, with other contributing factors of death: benzodiazepine effect. The benzodiazepine is Lorazepam," the source adds.

PHOTOS: The Jackson Family Arrives To Dr. Conrad Murray’s Trial

Dr. Mark Shafer, a prosecution expert witness about Propfol will resume his testimony on Wednesday morning.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

1080 days ago


Kamangar -- an adviser for the CA Medical Board -- testified that Propofol was never approved for use as a sleep aid when Murray used it to treat MJ's insomnia ... claiming Murray's treatment amounted to "an experiment."
Just drop it! This was no experiment. This was a case of premeditated murder.

An experiment is a methodical procedure carried out with the goal of verifying, falsifying, or establishing the validity of a hypothesis.

1080 days ago


Michael Jackson has been used and abused since he was a child. First by his greedy father Joe Jackson who pushed him to stardom without his consent,


Here we go again. Your statement is a lie. Your post is yet another recycled topic. It was never Joe's intent for Michael to be in the group at all. Only the three eldest sons. It was only after Michael's solo performance for an event at school, that Joe took notice that Michael really had talent.

The Chandler /Arvizo era is like soooooooo over! No matter how many times it's rehashed those names are not synonymous with Michael Jackson. Wackijacko the so called "catch phrase" was uncool from the jump!......Black America defines style, trends, and fads of popular culture. Wacko Jackco was just too lame for acceptance or usage by Michael's culture....and it still is.
The conservatorship..........gee where have we heard this word before, danger baby. Comparing Michael to britney LOL spears! If her family was so smart they would have kept Kfed out of her life. Her family couldn't K-fed from grinding on his baby mama Shar, fathering a second child while married to Britany! If The spears got a conservatorship it's because the court recognized that Brit was in no condition 2 take care of herself while going through all that BS with her soon to be ex husband.

Everybody knows that Brit went of the deep end because she was heartbroken over a cheating spouse. I could only imagine how she must have felt because she dropped JT for a fotslob nobody like KFed. Embarrassing and humiliating.

Her father was right to obtain a POA to protect her fortune. I wonder how much KFed was paid not to talk about the divorce and his affair with Shar....? Every man has his price. Murray and KFed found theirs.

1079 days ago


Sometimes I don't know which side I should trust, maybe I will let the public decide.

1073 days ago
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